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Emma Brown Biography

Emma Brown is a 50 years old dating coach who sees her life's mission to help as many lonely and family-seeking people as possible, making their lives more fulfilling, love-filled, and harmonious. She is also the author of four top-rated psychology books, translated into 9 languages. Four years ago she became a member of Yourbride's team as a contributing editor and relationship expert. With years of great practice and knowledge, Emma does all her best to share her dating and relationships tips with people who need them. She helps them to release all the limiting beliefs and gain clarity about what a good romance looks like for them.

Emma Brown never stops developing as a dating expert and writer, trying to follow modern dating trends and behavior problems. Today, she currently lives in New York with her Chinese husband and two kids. Her personal experience also helps her in terms of international online dating and coaching.

Areas of Expertise

Emma can boast a wide area of knowledge which makes her one of the best dating coaches and relationship experts. All her guides and articles are based on confirmed facts and trustworthy contemporary statistics data. What is the main focus of her works and practice? Emma Brown's expertise includes the next branches:

  • online dating communication
  • relationship conflicts
  • family or parenting struggles
  • personal behavior change
  • international marriage and its barriers

Emma Brown is an extremely experienced dating expert who knows everything about international connections, language, and cultural barriers, and possible complications which people often face. She's worked with tens of problematic couples who were very close to separation, but Emma has helped them find a common ground and forget about unpleasant situations.


Emma Brown studied family therapy for four years at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine's Family Studies Section. She was one of the most successful female students who were into psychology and mental health. Also, Emma attended numerous lectures and workshops on creative writing, dealing with difficult couples, and transforming relationships. All this knowledge she uses at her work and the articles she writes for us. We consider her articles to be an invaluable contribution to the development of our platform and dating services.


Emma Brown worked in New York as a therapist, family consultant, and administrator of an international marriage agency. Her experience includes a wide range of businesses, psychiatric settings, and private practice. She has become a renowned consultant in international romantic relationships and editor for NY magazines. Such a marvelous mix of dating expertise across profoundly different settings has caused her masterpieces to be cited in different popular publications and dating platforms.

Today, Emma Brown maintains a private practice in New York, working with couples online and offline. Also, she writes for YourBrideGlobal profound and professional articles helping people who had problems in previous relationships to overcome their inner problems and get acquainted with compatible partners from abroad.

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