10 Types of Women Who Make Bad Wives

10 Types of Women That Men Do Not Want to Marry

Updated on: by Emma Brown

Unfortunately, it is the most difficult thing to see your own flaws and change for better. So here are 10 types of women that men are reluctant to marry. If you find yourself here, try to change your behavior and habits to enter a healthy relationship.

1. “High-handed” Women

Women who behave like “bossypants” are the horror of every man. And please, don't confuse the “bossypants” woman with a real lady-boss. The “high-handed” woman is bad at being a true leader. Instead, she likes commanding and telling everybody around what to do.

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2. Drama queens

Some foreign women think that by playing dramas and playing with the heart of their chosen man can strengthen their ties with this person – far from it. At first, a man may think such a lady is very emotional and cute but the time will tell him to run away from her tricks and intrigues.

3. Women who try to change their partners

They usually say: “I love you the way you are,” but indeed step-by-step they penetrate the private space of a man trying to change everything in him from his wardrobe to the way he thinks.

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4. Jealous ladies

It is OK to be jealous, but it is not OK to be jealous of every tree that the man passes. Being overly jealous shows how much these women do not trust their partners and it is upsetting for guys as tryst is the core of any relationship.

5. Tethered girls

This type of women has nothing else to do apart from waiting for their boyfriends/husbands near the door. Come on, ladies! Dedicate your time to job, hobbies and other friends, men aren’t your end in itself.

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6. Women looking for dads

Some girls might have had issues with their dads when they were little (their fathers ignored them or left them completely), and some men might be happy to protect such ladies in a relationship. But men also need equal partners, so marrying an infantile lady with her “daddy issues” is not an option for them.


7. Gossip-girls

These are just terrible for marrying. Why? Because, once again, you can never trust gossipers because today they gossip about their colleagues, tomorrow they gossip about their husbands behind their backs. And moreover, it can be annoying for men to listen to this much of rumors.

8. Ladies trying to keep up with others

They don’t live their own lives. They always compare themselves to their neighbors, friends and try to be better than them. It can piss a man off.

9. “I’m on a diet”-girls

Women who all the time say: “I don’t eat,” are less likely to find a soulmate among men. Damn, men love eating! So they need partners who would share with them the joy of food consuming and who won’t roll their eyes up when men order another portion of chorizos.

10. Women, tied to their moms

Ladies who talk with their moms on the phone all the time won’t make good wives, men believe. That’s because they can’t even make a step without the advice of their mothers. Also, men are scared of such women because they know that later or earlier their mother-in-law will start nosing around in their relationship. So no, thanks.

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