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Our main goal is to provide detailed reviews on dating websites and let you take a quick and considered decision. Read YourbrideGlobal dating guides and find a foreign girlfriend or even bride. We explore both mail order brides and general online dating services. Read our reviews carefully to find what you need.

Is it possible to find a wife with mail order brides services?

Men tried to find a wife abroad even hundreds of years ago. But now it became definitely much easier because of the Internet. It unites people and makes communication  accessible aceross the globe. In contrast, poeple can be confused by tons of open information available. That’s where will help you. We conduct researches, collect information about best mail order brides from different countries, and create reviews on top dating platforms. So, if you don’t know where to start your internet bride search and which mail order bride website to choose, you are in the right place.

Who are mail order brides?

Foreign mail order brides are single women from developing countries who register on international dating resources to get acquainted with western men. 

This way of searching for a life partner has already proved its effectiveness. Thousands of happy families were started due to mail order brides websites where people meet each other. Why is this way of searching for a spouse on the Internet so effective? First of all, you have a big choice of foreign women for marriage. When you scroll through a mail order brides catalog, you’re sure all of these ladies want to find a husband. Secondly, communication channels are diverse: phone and video calls, emailing, instant messaging.

It is important to note that you can’t actually order or buy a mail order bride. It’s a misconception created because of the name of a service. In fact, you date a girl just like you’d do it offline. The only difference is that you start dating online. You communicate, get to know each other closer, and only then decide whether or not you want to meet in the real life. After that, you continue your relationship the way you want, continue dating, move together or get married.

How to decide which is the best mail order bride site for you?

Familiarize with the reviews

On YourBrideGlobal, you’ll find reviews on different international dating platforms. Our team has done an in-depth and thorough research to collect all the necessary information you need before starting to use one of the services. For instance, you’ll see data on features, members, quality of profiles, support team, costs and prices, and many more. It’s always better to compare a few sites before pick the one that suits you the most.

Give it a try

You’ll never know if you don’t try. No matter how many reviews you read, they never give you the impression of what online dating really is. You know, seeing once is better than hearing twice. There’re so many nuances and pitfalls on every platform. The good news is that many websites have short subscriptions or small packages of credits. So, if you still aren’t sure about what platform to use - pay a few for a short period, compare and decide.

How much can you spend on mail order brides website?

No one can tell you precise figures of mail order bride costs. There are so many dating sites and all of them have very different pricing policies. For example, you can use an absolutely free resource with foreign ladies for marriage and in the end, it wouldn't cost you anything. Or you’ll spend some money on presents or trips if you decide to meet a girl.

Another possible scenario is to use a premium platform with a huge mail bride order catalog (which is usually safer and more reliable). A monthly membership may cost $100 on one site, and $250 on another. One more peyment option is usually credits instead of paying for subscriptions. Thus, the amount of money you spend depends on what services you’re using and their prices.

Basic safety tips while searching overseas brides

Online dating is effective and safe if you take it seriously. Thousands of happy couples are a perfect example of this. Stick to the following rules and you’ll have no trouble dating online and avoid mail order brides scams while looking for a foreign bride:

  • Use a reliable mail order bride website.
  • Never share your personal info like address or passwords with any user.
  • Don’t send money to people you barely know. They might trick you by saying it's an emergency, but it’s better to check with the support team first.
  • Use video calls to make sure a person you see in the pictures is the same as on the video.
  • In case you suspect your safety is at risk - contact the website's support team.

Pros and cons of using mail order brides websites


  • You have a chance to choose one perfect woman among hundreds or even thousands.
  • You can communicate with many mail order wives at once rather than going out with each of them every evening.
  • You’re able to find a woman from any country.
  • You have similar plans and values with mail order brides. They also want to create a family.


  • You need to pay. Though some sites are free, fee-based services are more reliable. Still, it’s cheaper than traveling around the world looking for a foreign mail order wife.
  • If you’re new at online dating, it might be confusing at first. But it’ll get easier and more clear in time.

Some facts to know before getting a mail order bride:

The truths about mail order girls are vital to realizing your dream of marrying them. Have you ever wondered why mail order marriages last longer than traditional ones? Well, we got you answered!

The success rates of mail order marriages are very high. These girls are dedicated to establishing long relationships. She will avoid anything that may lead to disagreements between you at all costs. Whenever an issue of concern arises, these girls deal with it prudently.

They love exotic relationships. They want to escape boring cultures and traditions. They are willing to enter into cross-cultural relationships and experience a different environment. Men marry them testify that they adapt quickly to new cultures.

Foreign brides are willing to relocate to any area that the potential husbands choose. This complements their love for cross-cultural marriages. As long as your intentions for marrying her are genuine, she will leave with you to whichever destination you choose.

Mail order brides are ususally more traditional spouses. Scrutiny reveals that apart from their dedication to building meaningful relationships, they are super caring. They will take care of the entire family including your parents.

They also make good mothers. Your children will have a best friend. They will sacrifice their busy schedules to take their kids to recreational facilities. Mail order brides are good cooks. Your family will always be treated to delicious meals.

Overseas brides want a reliable man. Even though money can't buy love, these girls have an affinity for financially stable men. Prove that you can offer her a good life and she will be a loving partner. We can't blame it on them. Its because they have been through hard lives back at home.

Powerful tips you need to know when dating a mail order wife

Before deciding to date anyone, it's always good to know what she expects from you. It will positively boost your strategies when approaching her. Here is what you should know when dating mail order brides:

  • If you are a foreigner, you stand the best chances of marrying these girls. They love dating men from other regions. They believe that such men are capable of protecting them and providing for their families.
  • Having a stable income is good. These girls want someone who will constantly satisfy their needs. They come from poverty-stricken zones. Therefore, you should uplift them to better living standards.
  • For you to date them, you should consider knowing their way of life. They will be convinced that your desire for them is genuine. Show a little effort, otherwise, they are rooted in their cultures and you should behave accordingly at different times.
  • Create an attractive dating profile. You should clearly indicate the characteristics and looks of the lady you are wishing to marry. They are not all similar in personalities. A good description will give you perfect match.
  • These dates prefer a man with good looks and the right personalities. Behave accordingly with them. Treat her respectfuly and appropriately. She will be left wishing that the next date comes sooner. If your traits fascinate her, she will organize for the next date and contact you.

Getting a mail order bride is not hard. The family is also a key factor in their dates, impress the family, and they will advise the girl to keep you forever! Learn the tips above and stand a better chance of marrying a mail order wife.The information here is enough to help you impress and convince them to start a meaningful relationship with you!

As you see, there’re so many foreign women for marriage that you have all chances to find the one you’ll feel the happiest with. It’s an easy, accessible, and affordable way to start relationships with a woman who has similar values and beliefs. So, don’t hesitate, read a few reviews, choose the best platform, and start your online dating.

Shopper's guide to mail order brides catalogue

Mail order bride services are gaining popularity rapidly. Finally, men and women understood that their destiny might wait for them far away: your future wife does not necessarily live in the same block and visit the same gym. With the help of the Internet, horizons expand and people do not need to limit themselves anymore. However, new opportunities bring new hazards: you should be cautious when you start your pursuit of love online. Indeed, you are expected to know how to deal with the mail order bride services. The very concept of such services might be misleading: you do not order a bride as you do not pay for her. The only thing you order is a virtual space and tools for communication with ladies. Hence, to find a foreign wife you have to be ready to deal with disappointments and obstacles. A few simple recommendations will help you to save your time and to succeed:

  • Decide on the nationality of the girl you want to meet. As there are numerous websites offering mail order bride services you have to limit the scope of search;
  • Do a research on the market and find a decent website that has a good reputation. Your decision should be based on the reviews of clients and experts. It is advisable to test free subscription options before paying for a membership – you should check if the site is convenient for you, if you like the selection of women, if services provided satisfy you;
  • Fill in your profile in details. If you have a decent profile the matchmaking algorithm would provide you with a better selection of your potential matches;
  • Be attentive when looking through the profiles of the ladies: pay attention to language, to photos, to basic facts. If a girl has some videos posted on her page you should not miss a chance to watch them;
  • Check her photos and messages to make sure they are authentic. Today it is easy to find out if the message is unique and if the photo was not used by somebody else. Unfortunately, some ladies utilize photos that do not depict them and send identical messages to multiple men;
  • Use different means of communication – chat, emails, phone, video calls – in order to make sure you communicate with the same woman all the time. In addition, you will get to know a lady better if you do not just exchange emails once a week;
  • Do not buy tickets for a woman who suggests visiting you. It is better to travel to her hometown and to meet face-to-face there.

5 main steps to find a foreign bride online

  1. Define the goals. Before you start, make it clear for yourself what lady you’re looking for and why you need her. Is it marriage or just flirting? What country should she come from? Answers to these questions will make your search efficient and fast.
  2. Choose a reliable trustworthy mail order bride site. You can take our quiz to get help with it.
  3. Create a profile and make it detailed. Fill in you personal information and upload nice pictures. Empty boring accounts aren’t red-hot among foreign wives.
  4. Be active online. Don’t wait until a woman you like messages you first. Be initiative, it’s the quickest way to find the best girl among hundreds.
  5. Invite a woman to a real date. After some online communication it is great to meet in person and get closer to each other.

These steps are supposed to lead you until you find a girl who conquers your heart. Before it happens you should be critical and suspicious to some extent. You are not asked to be paranoid and to wait when a girl deceives you but you should realize that online dating market is not always fair. Hence, in order to minimize the risks and to build productive relations with a foreign woman you have to pass three steps:

  1. You have to make sure that the woman is real;
  2. You have to make sure she is not trying to fool you, steal your money, etc.;
  3. You have to make sure that she is sincerely interested in you.

If you have any doubts on any of these stages then you should better terminate your relations. But if you see that the lady is faithful and if you can easily imagine your future together then it is time to act! A girl needs to feel your interest and your respect especially if you have serious intentions and want to marry her. Thus, you are expected to:

  • Stay in touch with her all the time and communicate as often as possible;
  • Send her gifts to show your admiration;
  • Visit the girl to get acquainted with her and with her family and friends;
  • Introduce her to your family and friends to show that you are serious;
  • Find out about her country and learn basics of her language to show that you respect her background and want to understand her better.

These hints are pretty easy to follow and they will help you to ensure a woman that you love her and that you want to spend your life with her. Mail order wife services give you a great opportunity to make your life perfect with a perfect woman. But it is exclusively your responsibility to use the chance given properly.

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