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YourBrideGlobal.com was established in 2015. It is an online platform that helps men worldwide choose the right dating website. As the selection of dating platforms is pretty extended today, it might be challenging to check out all of them and make a final decision based on a personal experience. YourBrideGlobal makes this task easier: it offers overall rankings of the websites and gives insights into opinions and life stories of the customers. After getting acquainted with the information posted on the site, a potential client would know how easy the site is in exploitation, how many members it unites, what kind of scam protection it utilizes, which services it offers, and what the cost of the services is.

Dave Greenberg
Popular Dating Expert, Senior Editor and Writer
Dave Greenberg is a senior associate editor and writer at Yourbride specializing in international marriages and mail-order bride services. Before joining Yourbride, Dave Greenberg has been a professional dating coach who stands behind 20+ successful marriages. Being an experienced couple counselor, Dave continues helping singles find their matches all over the world.
Emma Brown
Renowned Dating Coach and Author
Emma has been working in online dating and matchmaking industry for over 25 years. Two years ago she joined YourBride as a contributing editor and relationship expert. Today Emma shows singles the way to find true love by sharing her dating and relationship tips.
Taylor Thompson
Executive Writer and Dating Coach
Taylor is a senior writer at YourbrideGlobal covering online dating, relationship, and international marriage. Since 2010, Taylor has become hooked on online dating and changed his entire career to working in this industry. Being a talented matchmaking expert, he continues his career path and helps an increasing number of singles to develop their dating skills both online and offline.

The rankings are based on the opinions of real customers who wish to share their attitude towards and impression of a particular dating website. As clients vary in their experiences we welcome both – positive and negative – commentaries as they provide potential customers with the holistic picture of pros and cons inherent to dating venues.

What do we do

Start from constructing in your mind an image of the girl you want to marry. She might be one of the Chinese women, East European beauties, or whoever else. There are plenty of services that focus on ladies of a certain nationality instead of adopting an international approach. If you have a clear vision of who you want to meet it will be easier for you to narrow the selection and to choose one of the sites that deal primarily with the type of beauty that attracts you.

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As of now, we offer reviews of over 100 online dating websites – international and oriented on particular regions (Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, etc.). Currently, online dating sites constitute our primary focus but, in the nearest future, we plan to expand our horizons and to concentrate on the other dimensions of dating, namely – on local dating sites, dating agencies, dating tours, and other services.

Men interested in international dating and mail order bride services can confidently consult with Your Bride Global: we do our best in selecting the top-rated, effective and trustworthy dating sites. The rankings which we offer are the result of a collective evaluation of every website. To ascribe a certain rank to a site we take into account feedback from multiple reviewers. We pay attention to the commentaries of experts but the basis for our assessment is an array of reviews written by the customers – current and former. As they have personal experience with the exploitation of the websites and using their services, customers have lots of stories to share. In-depth insights into clients’ experience (both – positive and negative) help those men who still hesitate make a justified and conscious decision.

How do we make reviews

To ascribe rankings to the dating websites we follow a clear algorithm. At first, we select the most popular dating websites according to multiple top lists that are already available online and then do our own research. We analyze the site on our own and take into account reviews of experts and clients – current and former.

To decide on a total score characterizing a selected website we pay attention to the following criteria:

1) An overall number of reviews considering a certain site

2) An average rating inherent to a site. Our team evaluates each site according to 6 basic categories and gives them scores from 1 to 10. 1 star corresponds 2 score points, i.e. websites with the score 10 get 5 stars; score 8.5-9.9 corresponds 4.5 stars; score 8.0 corresponds 4 stars; scores in the range 6.0-7.9 correspond 3 stars; score from 4.0 to 5.9 corresponds 2 stars; score from 2.0 to 3.9 equals 1 star; sites with the rating lower than 2.0 don’t get any star.

  • Ease of Use We test websites interface and usability.
  • Customer Service How fast and friendly customer support is.
  • Number of Members We evaluate how big a number of members is comparing to other similar websites.
  • Quality of Profiles How good the photos and descriptions in the profiles are.
  • Safety & Anti-Scam We try to evaluate how much effort does the website take to detect scam activities on the website.
  • Value for Money Our personal evaluation of websites services and features quality and their cost comparing to other similar websites.

3) An age of a review: reviews posted lately have more weight than older commentaries.

Also, we check not only quantitative dimensions but qualitative too: we read all the reviews to make sure that they are relevant and refer to a particular dating site as we do not need abstract commentaries considering online dating, in general.

When the analysis is finished we get a list of websites with ascribed total scores. According to the evaluation results, we make an overall ranking and select the top-10 international dating websites. In addition, we make top lists for separate regions – Russia, Ukraine, Asia, etc.