Editorial Guidelines

Our group of professional editors and dating experts takes great pride in the quality of our services and supplies us with accurate, meaningful, and up-to-date content. All the reviews and dating guides are free of misinformation, ethical concerns, and gender inequality. We profoundly learn and check out all the recommended information to provide only trustful and reliable data for users interested in dating. After professional research, our experts offer lists of the top-rated dating websites and materials users can rely on.

Our team follows all the updates and modern dating tendencies when it comes to refreshing content to keep it accurate and helpful. Our experts have their fingers on the pulse in terms of contemporary dating websites, communication options, prime solutions, and the dating preferences of modern couples. They make it a point to use recommendations from the most reputable platforms and statistics that provide high-level client service and fresh data.

All the reviews we offer are objective and independent as they're based on an actual site's testing. We don't cooperate with dating sites, so our motivation is to deliver trustful and actual information about popular dating websites. Our team doesn't get any profit from sites.


Before starting to write articles or guides, our dating experts join a particular website to gather all the information and details about it. They analyze the website's layout, joining process, availability of options, the number of accounts, and active users. We check the site out in terms of client support, suspicious links, ads, account settings, and search facilities.

Additionally, we consult various qualified sites to ensure we create relevant content with actual data. Our staff editor reviews and checks all new articles to evaluate for relevance, accuracy, and timeliness. So, we publish only materials with a high rate that were approved by our skilled editors.


Our editorial group does all its best to correct all possible mistakes. If readers notice some issues, they may contact us via email, and our writers will check the data out and update the provided information. We correct errors and illogical facts as quickly as possible. Our articles usually contain the date of publishing and updating. It lets our readers make sure that the content they're going to read is accurate and up-to-date.


Our content creators adhere to certain article sourcing standards. They use only reputable primary sources, including popular American newspapers and magazines, dating expert interviews, academic institutions, statistics, and much more. All the facts are backed up by at least one trustworthy site. We don't rely on other reviews' data, random sites, or irrelevant sources.

We avoid using anonymous or unnamed sourcing not to erode transparency and readers' trust. In the rare cases when we take the information from an unnamed source, we list the reason behind the anonymity and add the necessary context. In any case, our team of enthusiastic authors and dating experts works hard to create really great and helpful articles.

We focus on professional online dating research to provide all the materials which an average user needs for finding a compatible dating partner and getting success. With our well-tried guides and reviews, everyone learns how to choose the best dating website, customize his profile, look for a soulmate, and avoid scam or dating mistakes. Read us to know everything about this industry before joining!

Dave Greenberg
Popular Dating Expert, Senior Editor and Writer
Dave Greenberg is a senior associate editor and writer at Yourbride specializing in international marriages and mail-order bride services. Before joining Yourbride, Dave Greenberg has been a professional dating coach who stands behind 20+ successful marriages. Being an experienced couple counselor, Dave continues helping singles find their matches all over the world.
Emma Brown
Renowned Dating Coach and Author
Emma has been working in online dating and matchmaking industry for over 25 years. Two years ago she joined YourBride as a contributing editor and relationship expert. Today Emma shows singles the way to find true love by sharing her dating and relationship tips.
Taylor Thompson
Executive Writer and Dating Coach
Taylor is a senior writer at YourbrideGlobal covering online dating, relationship, and international marriage. Since 2010, Taylor has become hooked on online dating and changed his entire career to working in this industry. Being a talented matchmaking expert, he continues his career path and helps an increasing number of singles to develop their dating skills both online and offline.