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Today, international marriages are not unusual anymore and mail order bride services are not perceived as exotic. Indeed, with the help of the Internet, men and women worldwide have a chance to find their love overseas and to live happily. Although there are numerous examples of couples that met online and fell in love, some skeptical commentaries can still be heard: people tend to treat mail order bride services as not reliable enough and to suspect them of a fraud. In order to contradict this statement, we want to introduce a few men who are ready to share their stories. Michael
At some point, I started to think that marriage, children, and happy family life are not about me. I had some relationships but all of them were far from what I really needed and I was ready to leave the idea of marriage. By that moment I have already heard about mail order brides services but I have never thought that they worked. How is it possible to fall in love with a girl from abroad who you have never seen face-to-face? Eventually, I decide to give it a try and registered on a few sites. Perhaps, it would sound not realistic enough but I am already married! It took me less than three months to understand that Olga is the girl I am ready to spend my life with! You may say that it is unbelievable and that love does not work this way. Well, for me it is hard to explain how it happened. But we are together for a year and I have never been that happy in my entire life!
I am really into Chinese girls. In my mind, they are the most tender and admirable women. But I live in a small town – my family is here, I have my own business here. And, to be honest, there are no Chinese ladies in my town. I thought that I would meet some local girl, fall in love with her and live happily. But every time something was wrong, that is why I dared to search for a wife online. No one supported me as my friends and parents thought I was crazy and that mail order brides services were trying to fool me and to take as much of my money as possible. But when I came back home from China and brought Xiulan with me no one said anything – they saw she was perfect! It is almost three years since we married and they were unforgettable! Not a single time I regretted that decided to follow my dream and to wait until I find my petite girl in China!
Dating websites were my hobby for a long time. I just enjoyed chatting with random women from all over the planet, flirting with them, sending them gifts. And marriage with a foreign girl has never been my priority. Thus when I met Kseniya I had some doubts: I knew I loved her but I worried that she was from Russia, I didn’t speak Russian, her English was far from advanced, and the cultural differences were disturbing me. But I have to emphasize again – I knew I loved her. Hence, I traveled to Moscow to meet her and in half a year we got married. It took pretty long to issue all the documents but, eventually, we managed. I should confess that I have never treated mail order bride services and dating sites seriously until I met Kseniya. And I am really happy that I was wrong and that your love can wait for you thousands of miles away! Apparently, three stories cannot prove that the mail order bride services are trustworthy and that every man would find his destiny online. However, a brief glance through the Internet would bring hundreds and thousands of similar stories: with the help of decent services and with a tiny bit of luck, it is possible to meet your love on the Web. It would be silly to think that all the girls have sincere intentions, that all the websites take care of their clients, and that nothing disappointing would ever happen when you date someone online. But positive experiences of other men should encourage you to give it a try. You would never know whether your potential wife was waiting for you somewhere on the Web until you come to look for her!
Captain Dave

Captain Dave is a senior associate editor and writer at YourbrideGlobal specializing in international marriages and mail-order bride services. Before joining YourbrideGlobal, Dave Greenberg has been a professional dating coach who stands behind 20+ successful marriages. Being an experienced couple counselor, Dave continues helping singles find their matches all over the world.