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The feature books and movies about the mail order bride

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Nobody will argue that the mail order bride is a widely common way to find the real love. If you ask your friends about the stories of their acquaintances, we are sure that you will get to know that at least the half of them have found each other on the Internet. And it is no wonder as almost everybody uses the social nets nowadays. It is a great problem in our days because people spend hours there. However, they are very popular. There are numerous dating sites and other resources for looking for a partner. If you are keen on reading and watching movies, you might be interested in ones about the mail order bride. To say more, there is really a lot them, so we took a decision to tell you about some of them.

«Loneliness in the net»

books-and-movies-mail-order-bride-image-2«Loneliness in the net» is the most renowned book written by Yanush Vishnewsky. Moreover, it is his first book which brought him the popularity. The actions take place at the end of the 20th century. The main heroes come from different countries and converse on the Internet. This book tells about people who were fallen in love on the Internet but nobody knew what they would feel in the reality. Then we get to know what happens after their date in Paris. It seems to us that it is really interesting what happens with people after all they had on the Internet as to some extent they miss something but at the same time it can be an advantage for numerous people. If you get the positive impressions from this book, you can also watch a movie based on this book.

«Meet Prince Charming»

books-and-movies-mail-order-bride-image-3If you like the light comedies, this movie will be for you. The main hero, Samantha gets acquainted with the nice and kind boy, whom she can trust on the Internet. The problem is that she has no slightest idea of the fact that this nice boy is her neighbor who she just hates. This movie is very romantic and will be perfect for the Sunday evening.

«Must Love Dogs»

books-and-movies-mail-order-bride-image-4This is also a romantic movie about the acquaintance on the dating website. The story is about Sarah Nolan and Jake Anderson who are both trying to recover from their divorces. They do not know each other and by a lucky accident, Sarah’s sister takes a decision to register Sarah on the dating website. But the most interesting thing is that she writes in the requirements «Must love dogs». We suggest you watch this comedy and to get to know what happened later.

«Christmas in Boston»

books-and-movies-mail-order-bride-image-5The main characters of the movie «Christmas in Boston» are Gina and Seth. They were friends during 13 years. But the problem is that they were pen-friends and have never seen each other. After many years of communication, they got the opportunity to see each other, but they both feel unassured and are not sure if they have to do it as in sober fact, sometimes it is really better not to change anything. But a major challenge is that being unsure of themselves they sent each other the photos of their more beautiful friends. To resolve it, the main characters take the decision to send their friends to the date. But what if these friends will also like each other?


books-and-movies-mail-order-bride-image-6«Loyalty» is a very intriguing book written by Rainbow Rowell. This is not an ordinary story which is usually the basis of all the books and movies about love. It tells about two women, Bet and Jennifer who are working in the «Courier» newspaper. Of course, they are aware of the fact that their whole correspondence is always looked through. However, they write each other every day, pick their colleagues to pieces, and share their life problems with each other. Reading the another people’s letters is the job of Lincoln, who works in the Internet-security department. He is bound to stop any usage of the e-mail for personal ends. But he cannot hold himself in check to follow the girls’ chatting. Finally, he falls in love with Bet but cannot utter his feeling as he acted in bad faith.All in all, we will admit that there are numerous breathtaking feature books and movies about the mail order bride. In such a way, you can see that it is possible to meet love on the Internet as the majority of these stories are real-life.
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