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Main Reasons Why Men Like Asian Girls

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In recent years, Asian ladies have been increasingly sought after by Western men as dating partners. This phenomenon when Western men prefer Asian women has been noticed by all dating sites around the world.

Sounds intriguing, isn't it? Do you want to learn why white men like Asian girls? Let us detail the characteristics of girls from Asia to highlight their advantages.

What are Asian girls like?

Asian mail order brides are incredibly exotic, beautiful, and attractive. It doesn't matter if they are Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or of some other Asian nationality. These ladies have been the object of Western man's ardent desire for centuries. Let's explore main characteristics of Asian ladies to realize why men like Asian ladies.

🇨🇳 Chinese girls


Chinese girls are round-faced, with high cheekbones and darker skin, and dark slanted eyes. They're typically quite petite and slender. One thing that’s also typical for girls in China is that they don’t like to use too much makeup.

They're usually shy, quiet, and very obedient girls, which is also within their culture as a woman. However, don’t make the mistake of seeing them as too meek. Chinese girls are aware that they stand out from the rest. No one knows how to take advantage of that to attract the attention of men like Asian women do.

🇯🇵 Japanese girls


Japanese women tend to have a more delicate build and a taller stature than other Asian girls. Their eyes are wider, larger, dark brown, or black. These ladies have lighter skin, but that doesn’t prevent them from making it even whiter with all kinds of cosmetic products.

Japanese are obsessed with cleanliness, and in public places, it's difficult to meet an unkempt woman with dirty hair or clothes. Most Japanese women's makeup, like Asian girls in general, is reserved and refined.

Outwardly they're gentle, calm, and a nit shy women. However, they 'e also very goal-oriented and make a general of a soft power be reckoned with.

🇰🇷 Korean girls


A typical Korean beauty is small, slender, with an oval-shaped face and small soft features. When you imagine a doll-like, porcelain-skinned Asian lady, odds are it’s a standard Korean beauty. They're often the answer to the question of why do men like Asian women so much. Ladies in Korea are obsessed with their looks and spend a lot of money to take care of their skin.

Korean girls are sweet, cheerful, and outgoing. They still have that timidity that makes all Asian ladies stand out. However, because South Korea has been so “westernized” in the past decades, you might not find them all that weak and submissive.

🇹🇭 Thai girls


Like most Asian women, ladies from Thailand are small and very slender. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an overweight Thai woman. Their skin is usually darker and their eyes smaller, with beautiful dark eyelashes.

Expression of emotion in public is not in good taste in Thai society. That makes women opt for a cold and calm attitude. From birth, Thai women adhere to strict standards of decorum and good manners. They're expected to speak and move in a smooth manner. Why do men like Asian girls? Because they're often fascinated with Thai girls’ grace and femininity.

🇵🇭 Filipino girls


These ladies are considered among the most beautiful women in Asia. Apart from having a typical Asian appearance, they're graceful and have feminine forms, even though they're still quite slender.

While the society in the Philippines is distinctly patriarchal, you'll find that women here enjoy more equality than those in other Asian countries. Ladies here tend to be more assertive, and it’s one of the reasons why Western guys prefer Asian women. They play an important role as professionals and family members and definitely won’t stay in a man’s shadow when given an opportunity to shine.

Why do men like Asian women so much?

If you’ve ever met an Asian lady on top rated mail order bride sites, you already know the answer to this question. Women of Asia are sophisticated, graceful, and feminine. They're eager to find a decent man to start a family with. They're happy to please their loved ones in every way possible.

But let’s talk about it in more detail. Why white guys like Asian girl?

Natural beauty

Asian women are always conscious of their physical appearance and keep themselves well-groomed. Due to their elegant and small figure, which is very different from tall Western women, Asian girls appear exotic and attractive to European men. These ladies make a conscious effort to always look attractive and presentable at home and in public.

At the same time, it seems to come effortlessly for them. They don’t tend to use too much makeup and use it only to accentuate their natural beauty. This might be one of the main reasons why do black guys like Asian girls.

Strong family values


For Western women learning to cook is not one of the most important priorities in life. For Asian ladies, it's a vital skill. Girls from Asia are easily gratified with all kinds of gifts and do not question men. Their life revolves around their husband and their family home.

It’s because they're taught from childhood that their only calling in life is to marry and take care of the family. To them, the smallest desire of a man is a command that must be fulfilled without question. Western men who have married Asian women also claim that their wives are reliable and listen to them more patiently.

Asian girls are more submissive than their Western counterparts and prioritize family. They generally don’t argue with men and prefer to move away from conflict situations. Asian ladies allow men to take the lead and help fulfill their basic instinct to be a provider and protectors. That's why many guys prefer Asian women.

Femininity and cuteness

Asian women know how to highlight their femininity, their way of speaking, walking and even their way of smiling—everything seems to make them more desirable. They're never afraid to show off their girlish, feminine side. In fact, they take full advantage of it.

Asian girls will do everything in their power—makeup, clothing, behavior—to be as cute as possible. This is something that makes men prefer Asian women.

Western men like feminine ladies, but that doesn't necessarily mean they don't like strong girls. A Western man wants someone who really needs him. For these men, the non-aggressiveness of Asian women is refreshing. These ladies can be strong when it’s necessary but they’ll never talk back to you or in any way disparage you in public.

Desire to experiment in intimate life


There’s no doubt that intimacy is an important part of any relationship. And that’s something ladies from Asia excel at as well. Asian women are taught to give more importance to their partner's needs. This means that most of them are willing to listen to their partners’ desires and fulfill them as much as possible. This makes them perfect partners in bed: sensual, empathetic, and very responsive.

While being very shy and reserved in public, Asia girls can be quite adventurous between the sheets. All because they just enjoy pleasing their partners — it makes them happy to know that their men are completely satisfied. This is why Asian females looking for white males is a common thing nowadays.

Final thoughts on why Western bachelors like Asian women

It's impossible to deny the fascination Western men have long held for them, and now you know why are white guys attracted to Asian ladies. Their particularly exuberant charm manages to be subtle and discreet and ravishing and provocative at the same time. Don't miss your chance to meet them online!

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