tips to dating a Chinese girl

How to Date A Chinese Woman

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If you are a Westerner, dreaming of dating a Chinese girl, you should brace for the upcoming challenges that you will have to take on.

Being in a relationship with a Western woman is completely opposite to dating an Asian lady.

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So before you take the risk of changing your life (because dating a Chinese beauty will demand you to do so), learn about what you have to do to be happy in a relationship with such a lady.

1. Learn about her culture in advance

When you start dating a Chinese girl , make sure not to ask her standard questions about Chinese traditions that you can easily learn online. Moreover, if you show her that you already did some research, she will be impressed.

Also, be tolerant and patient with her culture. A Chinese woman that you will meet on a dating site might come from a rural area where people believe in traditional medicine, so will she. You will have to accept her beliefs.

You will win her heart if you start learning Mandarin – it is essential for a Chinese bride to understand that her second half is indeed looking for a serious relationship.


2. Respect her family

Showing respect towards girl’s parents in China is crucial. Make sure not to say anything offensive and give them enough of attention.

However, whatever happens, always stay on the side of a girl, not her parents, as you are her main partner, not theirs.

3. Make Chinese girl feel stable

You don’t have to own a villa or a sports car, but you will have to prove to your Chinese date that you will be able to provide for your potential family.

No, this does not mean that Chinese girls are gold-diggers, but that they are very secure about family’s stability.

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4. Try to be a “bad-humble” guy

In Chinese culture, the person is considered to be intelligent when he is calm and silent. So instead of being talkative, extrovert and impressive, remain humble. This will give you additional points when you meet Chinese girl’s parents.

By the way, her parents will expect you to be a right polite guy. But to create a spark in your girlfriend’s eyes and butterflies in her stomach, sometimes try to crash that expectation, being a bad guy.

Nevertheless, being bad does not mean you can make your Chinese girlfriend feel jealous. Never do that as you will just freak her out and spoil the whole thing.

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5. Do not hurry things up

Chinese ladies like it when men woo them for long. So do not jump from one stage of dating to another just on one evening. Take your time.

Don’t forget about the follow-up after the first day. Also, keep in mind that not all Chinese women feel comfortable going out on classical dates to restaurants or cinemas. That might create excessive tension for them.

Hence, simply invite her for a cup of tea from time to time, or take your girl for a walk in the park. Comfort her.


6. Take initiative in your hands

When you think of Chinese ladies dating, you should be ready to become a leader in relationships. These are males to set a standard and direction of the romance. Furthermore, they should be engaged in dating and make decisions about where to go and how to spend time together.

When it comes to invitations for a date, there's hardly any Chinese lady to make the first step towards a man. Dating a Chinese girlfriend, males should also take financial responsibility and pay for a girl in a restaurant or cafe.

7. Let her be prudent and shy for a start

The majority of Chinese women dating tips say westernized ladies live mainly in big cities. They're more confident and relaxed with males. Girls from smaller towns never hurry to show their affection in public, so even an innocent kiss is a great challenge for them. These women aren't used to expressing emotions even if they're going to burst with temptation, so you should give her time and be patient at the beginning of your relationships.

8. Don't postpone escalating

How to get a Chinese girl to like you? If you have met a modern woman living in urban areas, there's no sense in postponing your adult games. Do you still wonder how to date a Chinese girl? Grab and impress her since sex is an integral part of happy relationships.

9. Plan your date ahead

It's necessary to plan a date to appeal not only to you but also to your Chinese girlfriend. It's men's responsibility to pick up a restaurant and plan further romantic activities to do together. You should impress a potential partner, so don't neglect one of the most important dating Chinese women tips.

10. Be honest and open

There's no sense to look for special approaches on how to date a Chinese woman since everything is clear: honesty is the best policy. Asian girls want their males to be truthful and open, so take off masks and try to be as natural as possible.

How to date a Chinese girl in America?

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Chinese dating rules: what to consider?

Chinese women dating culture differs from the way western people build romantic relationships. Therefore, not only dating a Chinese girl advice should be taken into account but also several more important points.


Ladies living in major cities like Shanghai and Beijing are more westernized, so males shouldn't expect every girl to have marriage in mind there. But they can expect women living outside big cities are definitely more into serious relationships that would most likely end in marriage.

One more point to consider is the origin of your beloved. China is a large country, and dating traditions may differ from north to south or from east to west. Therefore, it's significant to learn more about the culture and how to date a Chinese lady in the province she's located in to avoid misunderstandings.

Traditional roles

When you look through dating Chinese women tips, it's clear these ladies want to see courageous and strong partners next to them. It's important for a man to guarantee stability and protection for a woman while she'll surround him with comfort, love, and care. Asian ladies prefer to preserve traditional roles in the family when a husband is a head, and a wife is his reliable backup.

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