Tips For Dating A Ukrainian Woman

How to Date a Ukrainian Woman To Become An Ideal Partner

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If you are here, you, perhaps, have already heard a lot about Ukrainian brides and their traits. These women indeed make good wives, companions or just friends! And, believe us, it's not only because of their nearly worshiped beauty, not at all. In fact, attractiveness plays a very insignificant role in a couple's relationship. Sure, it is a crucial element in getting drawn to each other, but not the determinative one.

Ukrainian girls are appealing to men from all over the world thanks to their mentality, personality, and relationships making skills.

Do you know that an average Ukrainian woman is an excellent interlocutor, listener, advisor, and she is a gorgeous partner as she is ready for compromises in the name of her relationship? Sure, we can't say that for all Ukrainian ladies, but the practice speaks for itself.

If you have decided to date a Ukrainian girl, but don't know what to start with, we have prepared for you some life-hacks to help you prosper when dating a Ukrainian lady. So, let's get it started?


What are Ukrainian girls like in dating?

Ukraine girlfriends are better than the majority of other women you can meet online or offline. They're desirable thanks to the next characteristics:

  • Women from Ukraine stay devoted to their husbands
  • They're not spoiled by high standards and pricey brands
  • These girls aren't feminists
  • They know the value of your time and effort
  • Ukrainian ladies are used to work hard
  • These women are fit and active
  • They're open-minded and friendly to foreigners

Men worldwide are keen on tender and feminine Ukrainian ladies. They amaze guys with striking natural beauty with delicate facial features, slender figures, and seductive curves. As they're focused more on family life than on their careers, they devote all their spare time to household chores, raising children, and maintaining close family ties. Such a spouse listens to your preferences and needs, doing all her best to get you satisfied. But how to attract such a lady? Keep reading to get the best dating Ukrainian girl tips!

How to date and approach a Ukrainian woman?

If you want to be successful on a date with a lady from Ukraine, consider the Ukrainian dating rules and women's preferences. They value caring and attentive foreigners who treat them with admiration and respect. Remember several aspects which are quite important:

  • Guys are more initiative than girls
  • Men pay for restaurants and other entertainment
  • Girls don't accept intimacy on the first date
  • Ukrainian parents often want to meet you
  • Couples in Ukraine tend to live together in case of engagement

You know you are dating a Ukrainian woman when you constantly messaging or calling each other, spending every free moment together. But how to become an ideal boyfriend to your beloved? To steal the heart of a Ukrainian girl, follow a few tips below.


Don't ignore eye contact

When you notice that your desirable bride looks in your eyes without confusion, then you awake a huge interest. If you're in a restaurant, this sign of affection is easy to spot. It's her non-verbal way to show her admiration and, maybe, flirt with you. Even when she doesn't behave like that, you may try this method.

Be generous

While Western ladies strive for equal rights, Ukrainian girls don't split the bill. For them, it's a way for a man to show his good attitude and respect. To impress a beloved, choose cute gifts and tender flowers. They shouldn't be luxurious. So take that into consideration while planning your trip to Ukraine to meet a potential wife.

Try to make special dates

Every Ukrainian lady imagines a romantic first date, so try to make it unusual! In terms of the first meeting, a cozy cafe is a great option. If this isn't your first time, invite her to a trip or SPA. Ukrainian girls are active, so your future bride will appreciate your idea. Watching the sunset on the rooftop or having a cute riverside dinner conquers her heart. Women in Ukraine appreciate romantic moments and guys' masculinity when it's not associated with aggression.

When you want to ask your beloved to go out on a date, take your time until you get closer. If you notice different signs of flirting, a constant smile, and eye contact, take the first steps. Ask about her plans and if she'd mind meeting in real life. You probably shouldn't call it a date, so as not to scare the girl. Be yourself and be positive, but not intrusive at this point. Give her time to think and choose a preferred time if it's needed.

Treat Her As An Equal

Ukrainian women are very ambitious. There is a belief that they are traditional and want to "serve" men. But indeed Ukrainian women are usually the ones who rule the family: they plan the budget, they do all the time management and organization of family activities and so on.

For sure, you don't have to be a “wifebooty” to attract a Ukrainian belle, but you should never be arrogant to her or treat her as if she is inferior to you. A Ukrainian woman can even beat you in the leadership!

Treat Her Like A Lady

At the same time, don't forget that Ukrainian ladies are feminine and despite their ambitions, they like to be adequately treated. For that, you need to be a gentleman. Yes, you will have to open the doors for her as well as shift the chair and always let her rest on your forearm.

Be Romantic

Giving flowers and chocolates to women is rooted deeply in the Ukrainian culture, so whenever there is a holiday – her birthday, Angel's day, Independence Day, Women's Day, St. Valentine’s Day or so, always bring her flowers.

Moreover, as you are dating, at the first stage, you should try to bring her bouquets as often as possible without any special occasion. Yes, a Ukrainian woman will emphasize that it's too expensive, but don't worry, deep inside she'll be going crazy out of happiness.

Also, don't forget to express the romance with what you say. There's even a saying in Ukraine that men love with eyes, whereas women love with ears. So the more sweet things you tell her, the more attached she will be to you. However, don't misuse this, so whatever you say should have value. You must keep your word; otherwise, you won't look like a serious candidate for the heart in the Ukrainian beauty's eyes.

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