Summer Date Ideas

15 Summer Date Ideas To Impress Your Girl

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In summer date ideas are boundless yet choosing the most appropriate ones for doing with your lady may be confusing. Perhaps, the months of online communication have made you closer yet you feel a bit nervous to interact with your online girlfriend for the first time in real life. The following date ideas for summer will help!


Cute summer date ideas

Are you into romantic summer dates? Check out these ways to have some special minutes with your girlfriend:

  • Driving to lavender fields. Those unbelievable bunches of flowers flourishing in summer can be found in different parts of the world, so there’s no doubt you can locate them in your country as well as in the neighborhood of your Eastern European girlfriend’s place of living. Imagine walking down the field of lavender and holding hands. What more free summer date ideas can you wish for?
  • Boat sailing. Dating at the riverside is always a great way to get to know each other more. When you’re sailing, you’re calm and open to any genuine talk your partner asks for. Also, the surrounding wood or countryside views help to relax after a long working week, so it's one of the coolest date ideas in summer.
  • Having a picnic in the local city park. If you’re not much into traveling to rural areas, you can opt for the city's cute summer dates. Thus, taking food and 0% drinks to a local park to eat and enjoy the company of each other will contribute to becoming closer, more outspoken, and tanned under the warm sun.
  • Visiting a ceramics workshop. If you love making any stuff on your own, opting for a ceramics production session will bring you unforgettable emotions. This is one of the most creative summer date ideas you can realize: inventing a new piece of utensil with your special one to put on the shelf at your home will get you memories you won’t forget.
  • Riding bikes in the countryside. Finally, taking two bikes for both of you to explore the suburbs of your city or nearby villages is always on top of the best summer date ideas due to the simplicity and fun it brings.

Summer date night ideas

What about cute night time date ideas? The following five dates can enrich your relationship and make it less trivial:

  • Having an outdoor movie night. What time of the year fits this date better than summer? Grab a snack and coke, a couple of blankets, and head to the park with your partner to watch an old movie you’ve seen a lot of times or something new—it’s up to you to decide what movie night to attend.
  • Taking a night museum excursion. If you remember the ‘Night at the Museum’ movie and love it, why not take advantage of the museums you have in your area? Book a late-night excursion with your girlfriend to find out something new about world heritage, and history, and get a new topic for discussion with your partner. This is one of the cheap date ideas for summer yet abundant in terms of impressions and knowledge it brings.
  • Going for a roller-coaster night ride. Summer dating ideas lists wouldn’t be complete without hitting the amusement park and riding the scariest of its facilities. Eating cotton candy and drinking lemonade applies and makes your time even more fun.
  • Rocking a Hawaii thematic party. Locating party spots in Hawaiian style, with flower necklaces and pina colada cocktails isn’t a problem during summer, so grab your girlfriend, a pair of swimming shorts, and flip flops and have a great time dancing at a nightclub in the neighborhood. You won’t forget these hours spent with your beloved one for years.
  • Enjoying a cocktail night in the new bar. Every year new places open their doors in summer and offer welcome drinks to new clients, so if you don’t mind having a few glasses of prosecco or bloody Marie’s, go for it. Among summer things to do with your girlfriend, tasting new cocktails is fun and guarantees an exciting night after.

Fun summer date ideas

Finally, if you’re into an active pastime and looking for bucket list summer date ideas, the following options won’t leave you bored:

  • Attending an open-air festival. Be it Coachella or something less fancy, you’ll love doing it with your partner: your favorite bands on stage, nights under the stars in camping, and cooking on your own or eating at food courts make perfect memories. You can take your friends with you as well and use these date ideas for summer to introduce your girlfriend to the company of your besties.
  • Throwing a tennis match with your friends. Other fun dates to go on in the summer are outdoor games you can play in a big company: from tennis to beach volleyball, they'll help your partner fit in your friends’ circle easier and break the ice between them and your mail order girl. If you have never introduced your girlfriends to anyone, doing it while playing tennis is a good way to start.
  • Cooking barbecue in your backyard. Inventing dishes together is one of those activities that unite people a lot regardless of their relationship. If you’ve only started seeing each other offline, it will strengthen your bond a lot, especially if you’re dating a Ukrainian woman.
  • Spending the day at a pool party. Even if you don’t have a pool at your house, you can search for open leisure spots in your area that organize pool parties on weekends, and take your partner there. Before you bring your girlfriend there, find out how to date a Latina woman to understand whether you should organize any additional activities after such date.
  • Flying kites. The last option will definitely take you and your lover to the times when you were young and careless. Kites are something that makes people recollect their childhood and thus become more sincere, joyful, and happy. Don’t hesitate to use such a chance to bring your foreign girlfriend feelings of affection and mutual pleasure.


As you can see, dating in summer can be fun, romantic, thoughtful and unforgettable at the same time. It’s up to you to pick the summer cute date ideas and realize them with the woman of your dreams.

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