Dos and don’ts of communication with foreign women

How to Communicate with Foreign Women on Dating Sites

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Registering on an online dating site and spamming ladies with copied-and-pasted messages is not the right way to find your love among foreign women. Perhaps, you have already understood that after a few days of online communication with mail order brides. And that’s why you are here.

Sure enough, lots of online dating sites offer a wide variety of communication tools, but the most efficient ones at the early stage of interaction are emailing and texting. So here you are going to learn about how to win the heart of a girl from the overseas when corresponding with her online.

How to start a conversation with a foreign girl online?


Talking to girls online isn’t as challenging as you might think. Your primary task is to get enough valuable information. Ladies' profiles can help you do that. So never be lazy to study data in accounts carefully. Here's how you can use the information and pick the best way to start a conversation with a girl online.

  • Start with a compliment. Don't be cheesy and avoid praising a girl for her beauty. Pay attention to a woman's athletic figure, good makeup, and outfits. Just hold off on pompous phrases. Write to the point.
  • Ask about interests. Women are proud of their travel experiences and don't mind posting pictures of those trips. Found something like that? Ask about this trip and the emotions she experienced if you still have no idea how to approach a girl online. Haven't you seen touristic photos? No need to worry. Perhaps, you'll see images of her walking a dog, wearing mountain climbing equipment, or even having a fishing rod in her hand. Thus, you may engage a girl in the dialogue on these topics.
  • Joke whenever possible. Lots of foreign girls appreciate the companion’s ability to take life with some irony and make them laugh on a bad day. But avoid outright banter. Otherwise, you’ll have to forget about communicating with foreigners. You should have keen intuition and act carefully.

How to keep a conversation going with a girl online?

If you're eager to interest a foreigner, you need to know how to communicate with a woman and keep your dialogue going. Here are some practical ways to start a conversation if your chatting is deadlocked.


Dramatic conversation starter

There's no better way to get a girl into a conversation than to intrigue her. For example, “You won't believe what happened to me at work today!” After that, a foreign lady you're talking to won't be able to quell her curiosity.

Alternatives to “How are you?”

The phrase “Hi, how are you?” sounds pretty trite, wouldn't you agree? Instead, you can start the next conversation by writing, “What exciting things have happened since we last chatted?”

Playful start

Honesty is the ultimate secret when you communicate with women on dating sites and apps. You may demonstrate this trait by writing the following sentence, “I expected you to text me first, but this time, I'll do it for you!”

Back to the last week's topic

If you've talked about something particular before, there's a great way to show that you've been paying attention to what a lady said, “Hey, I saw that movie you were talking about. It proved to be great!”

Ask for advice

Women online dating requires making deeper connections by listening to their opinions and advice, as well as using them in your real life. Your foreign companion will be pleased if you ask her for a hint and then tell her about the results. You may say, “I'd like to read a good book to relax. What can you recommend?"

Top places to chat with foreign girls online

💬 Site Name:👍 Good for:
TalkLiv.comNew international connections
FunChatt.comChat online with interesting people from anywhere in the world
PlaceToChat.comFor people who are serious about finding a soul mate

If you've already learned the theory of communication with foreign girls, now you can move on to practice. There are 3 suitable platforms for it:


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It's a popular platform where you can join a chat with foreign girls worldwide. Here there are a lot of single women willing to chat, flirt, or start long-lasting romances. Moreover, the platform offers a choice of language when connecting with strangers. The distinctive features of TalkLive are:

  • A variety of chat rooms such as text chat, image, voice, video, voice talk, face talk
  • Profiles undergo strict verification and receive a special status after a successful moderation
  • A set of original icebreakers for those who have run out of ideas for chatting


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On PlaceToChat, you'll find online members from various countries. They crave meeting and connecting with people from other cultures. PlaceToChat doesn’t limit its users’ final goals. So you may learn here how to communicate online dating, find pen friends, partners for language practice, or soulmates. The website is easy to use, and it takes just a few minutes to register and fill out a profile. Users love PlaceToChat for:

  • Free trial
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FunChatt is a platform for chatting, online fun, and dating. Single men and women meet friends or romantic partners. Many valuable tools are available for members to get closer to each other online. The site has a simple design and interactive features. The following ones may interest you:

  • Free advanced search filters
  • Detailed profiles which prompt you on how to talk to foreign girl online
  • Free basic communication tools


  • The first thing that you have to consider is that you have to show a woman you are communicating with that you cherish her. Treat her as a special. Never use standard messages for several girls, never! Well, that’s acceptable for the first letter, but nowhere else.
  • Adapt your second letter for every lady personally. If she tells you in the first message that she likes listening to music, ask her which songs made her cry for the last time. If she says she is interested in programming, inquire whether she would like to learn to code online or in a particular school.
  • Be specific and show interest by asking her questions. It will show her that you dedicated some of your free time to her. Thus, she will be more open to you next time.
  • Also, do not neglect her details and descriptions of an ideal partner in her profile. Better ask her questions which would make her clarify her ideas expressed there, rather than make her repeat everything all over again.
  • Be open and tell her about yourself: your job, education, age, interests, and even physical parameters.


  • Do not turn the first online conversation into a job interview, report to an investigator and so on. Go into details only if she asks. Otherwise, you will have enough of time to discuss all personal issues if you end up dating.
  • Also, try not to raise such controversial issues like politics, religion, sex and related ones. Of course, your worldview might be crucial for you, but it is not worth it to turn the first interaction with a mail-order bride into a battle-field.
  • Do not ignore grammar and spelling. Nobody will want to deal with a person who doesn’t know basic rules of his mother-tongue.
  • At the same time, make your letters lexically simple because very often girls who register on online dating sites are not English language native speakers. Do not overload them with complex metaphors and inversions.
  • Ultimately, never mention your previous failures in private life. Do not talk about how bad your former girlfriend was. And if your foreign online lady asks you why you decided to go into international or interracial dating, never start telling about flaws of Western women – there’s a high risk of driving a conversation into a wrong direction.

As you can see, there’s nothing complicated in communicating with a foreign woman online. All you have to do is to be sincere, attentive and caring.

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