International Dating Guide: How to Date Japanese Woman

Tips To Date Japanese Girls

Japan is known to be a country of introverts. Thus, if you are into quiet, maybe a little bit shy girls, it is likely you will like Japanese beauties.

Sure enough, not all girls are the same in any country on earth, but anyway, there always is a pattern for behavior and a pattern for making relationships in different countries based on the mentality of people. This time, you are going to learn how to date Japanese girls.

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1. Try to speak some Japanese

There are three main reasons for doing that.

  • First of all, you will easily gain Japanese girl’s attention and, most importantly, respect. This will show that you are really interested in her and learning her mother-tongue is the best practice to get familiar with her culture.
  • Secondly, it will make the interaction between two of you more efficient. Japanese don’t usually speak English well, and it is not really common among women there to study this language as people do in EU, for example. So trying to speak Japanese will put you at ease and break down the communication barrier.
  • Thirdly, speaking Japanese prompt your relationship with a Japanese girl and let you adapt to the country where she lives. If you start dating a girl from the land of a rising sun, you will have to travel to her pretty often, so speaking at least some of Japanese will save you from misunderstandings in her hometown.

After all, you don’t need to learn by heart Japanese hieroglyphs because that’s very difficult, but learning a couple of useful phrases in daily life will make it easier for you to make small talk.

Dating a Japanese woman

2. Text her a lot before offering to date

Yes, it might seem weird to you, but that’s how it works with Japanese girls. The more you text her, the better – it will make her feel that you are indeed interested in her personality and would like to keep getting to know her better. Only then she can say ‘yes’ to your offer to go out on a first date.

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3. Listen more

The Japanese culture dictates that a person should be humble to be respected. The same goes for a relationship with a Japanese woman . She will definitely listen to you a lot, but make her see that you are an awesome listener too.

If you are talkative, you will have to restrain yourself a lot, so think twice before dating a Japanese lady.

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4. Answer her messages ASAP

For a Japanese woman, it is crucial to see that you are not only interested in her but also attentive to her. The perfect way to demonstrate it is by answering her messages as soon as possible.

A Japanese girl needs to know that she is important to you and that you wouldn’t let her wait for your attention. The only reason for the delay can be a life-and-death case (or an important business meeting).

Well, that’s it. Try to adhere to these for main rules of dating a Japanese woman, and you will reach success.

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