How to Date a Russian girl

Find The Best Tips On Dating A Russian Woman In This Guide

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You can come across Russian marriage tours offered online. What’s more, you may want to meet Russian ladies on various dating sites. How to date Russian women so that you can impress? Find your answers in this article.

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How to date a Russian lady and why they’re perfect for Western males?

When considering international brides, the main preference of Western men is for Russian ladies. Why do Western men want to find Russian brides? Here are some basic answers:

  • Russian ladies suffer from an imbalance of male to female ratio, where women outnumber men. It means you’ll have a chance to choose from many options.
  • Russian ladies are traditional women despite being modern, and they believe that every woman should marry as soon as possible. So why not benefit from that?
  • Russian ladies are renowned for being sexy and attractive, and it’s not something new. So, if you want to have a wife of unearthly beauty, you’re going in the right direction.

Why Russian girls prefer foreign men?

Russian ladies are more practical than other women. Still, they’re quite romantic by nature given their folklore and tales dedicated to love. So, here are some reasons why these women are into marrying foreign men:

  • A chance to be valued and loved
  • More of financial stability in the future
  • Desire to learn more about new culture and language
  • Opportunity to leave their county forever

Tips for dating a Russian woman—how to talk to them?


When you approach your Russian lady, you better be prepared to impress her. They tend to be cold before they know you better, so take some time. Here are some basic tips on how to talk to them:

  • Talk with confidence
  • Learn some romantic phrases in Russian
  • Always try to compliment
  • Learn more about Russian history and culture
  • Have some jokes to make her laugh
  • Choose topics carefuly, or just start with something general

Dating Russian women tips: differences to consider

One of the best things to keep in mind is the cultural difference of Russian ladies. Every nation has its own peculiarities, and for example, while in some European countries, it’s not proper for a man to pay for your date, in Russia it’s totally different. You’re expected to pay for everything. How much is a Russian bride you’ll ask then? This investment will be totally worth it! Here are some basic aspects differentiating Russian girls from Western ladies:

  • These ladies will assess you as a future husband from the beginning.
  • They can be upfront but don’t consider them to be rude, it’s just the way they treat people.
  • If you’re about to drink, don’t forget about a good toast with great compliments, which will make your day.
  • They have a habit of coming late when you invite them somewhere, and it’s just a common type of dating in Russia, as you’re expected to wait.

How to date Russian women? Dating tips

Lots of you might be tired of this legendary stereotype, but Russian women are indeed among the most attractive ladies in the world and the most prospective females to get married to. The proof of this is the fact that more and more foreigners come to Russia and some post-USSR states where Russian belles live to find a perfect spouse. However, not everything is so seamless. Lots of Westerners struggle to get the attention of Russian women merely because they fail to understand their mentality. So what do you need to know to melt the heart of a Russian ice-maiden and conquer it? Well, here are some pretty nice suggestions.

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Give her respect (and to her country as well)

You might have heard that lots of Russian women, due to the lack of gentlemen around them, tend to marry alcoholics, lazy guys, or men who beat them. Partially, that is true. And that is why some people believe that Russian girls would agree to any relationship even if their partner disrespects them. But that’s not what you should do. Russian girls see in foreigners their (sort of) saviors, so if you maltreat them, they will lose hope in men. No sexism, no bias, no fighting, show her that she is special to you – and a Russian beauty will be yours. Also, Russian girls are huge fans of their motherland, so be respectful toward her country too.

Bring her flowers


Russian women are literally obsessed with getting bouquets. And the more expensive and exclusive flowers you bring them, the better. Actually, this attitude shows that Russian girls aren’t really gold-diggers. Sometimes jewelry isn’t as important to them as the ability to show off in Vkontakte or on Instagram their peculiar flowers. They will be able to demonstrate to the whole world that somebody loves and appreciates them (that’s what flowers symbolize in Russia).

Be a gentleman

When you date a Russian girl, you should always be ready to open any doors for her, shift a chair for her and help her carry a bag. Yeah, they are pretty conventional and old-fashioned when it comes to wooing. So if you sit down in a car without opening the door for your Russian lady first, brace for her eye-rolling and moodiness.

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Be responsive

Russian girls love attention, so a couple of texts on Telegram won’t satisfy her. Call her from time to time, respond to her calls. If you can’t pick your phone up, make sure you send her a sweet message promising to get in touch later. Otherwise, she will start thinking you’re cheating on her.

Have a plan for all day date

In many countries, dates are something casual and arranged from time to time. Besides, dates aren’t expected to last long. However, in Japan, you might need to be ready to spend one day dating, as such practice is common in Japanese dating culture, especially on the weekends.


How to date a Russian woman? She might be interested in a more serious relationship, but before, she’ll assess you, as she has expectations from you. So, be ready to impress her with your confidence, finance, and manners!

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