Slovenian Mail Order Brides: Tips And Cultural Things To Remember When Slovenian Women Dating

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Unless you're looking for a Russian wife , you're in the right place. Slovenian girls have men clamoring for a chance to get married to them. The beauty and personalities of these women are unrivalled. But what's more? Let's explore the true nature of Slovenian ladies.

What are Slovenian women like?

Slovenian brides always make their husbands happy. This is how they do it:

  • Slovenian women are independent. They won't be mooching off of you, because they like to take care of themselves. While they'll appreciate you paying for a date and occasionally chipping in for rent, you're not going to have to treat her as a dependent, because she respects herself more than that.
  • Slovenian ladies are confident and know what they want in a relationship. They're straightforward and won't beat around the bush. If you're not serious about a relationship with them, they won't bother spending time with you. Make sure to show you're keen on the long haul.
  • Slovenian brides are wonderful moms. Slovenians are a patriarchal society, so local girls are taught how to care for their younger siblings, which in turn made them masters of caring for babies. This skill easily translates into motherhood, where they're never fazed by the challenges of a parent's life.

What are the physical qualities of Slovenian brides?

Not to be confused with Slovakia brides , although they look alike. Slovenian women are beauty queens, and here's what guys love about them:

  • Slovenian women have the faces of models. Their stunning looks cast shadows on ladies from other countries. One of the most famous examples everyone in the world has heard of is Melania Trump. She was born in Slovenia, and her beauty and brains got her all the way to becoming the First Lady. The women in Slovenia are gorgeous to look at.
  • They have curves, even when they're tall. Despite the average woman being around 5'5” tall, the ladies here know how to maintain curves in all the right spots. They keep in shape well past women of other countries hit their prime, so men looking to settle down will love them.
  • They have soft, melodic voices. When a Slovenian girl first talks to you, you'll have to really focus, because they can be timid the first time. Afterwards, you'll be listening to the most mesmerizing voice speak on and on about every trivial topic they can think of, and you'll be falling more in love with each second.

What's the dating scene in Slovenia like?

Dating in Slovenia is very relaxed. On average, most brides get married at the age of 30. It's normal to date around while you're younger. The ladies prefer to have dates at coffee shops or walks at the park, and of course restaurants for special occasions. It's easy to meet women out at hotspots like bars and clubs, but it's even easier on Slovenian dating sites. Many foreign men who are looking for a serious relationship, not a fling, choose mail order bride websites, so they can find Slovenian women with the same desires as well.

What do Slovenian women look for in men?

To find Slovenian love, you need to be appealing to these girls. These are the things that make a man attractive to Slovenian ladies.

Make an effort to integrate

If a man is putting in effort to learn the Slovenian language and assimilate into the culture, it's a clear sign he likes her. Any guy who's willing to work that hard is the real deal looking for a lifetime partner. This is an easy way to get in their good graces.

Get on the good side of her parents

If you're serious about marrying a Slovenian bride, you won't get far without her parents' approval. When you meet them, be kind and gracious and eat everything they feed you. It's rude to refuse dishes as a guest, and they're obligated to feed you. Make sure to bring a gift, such as a bottle of wine or even hard liquor for her father. Don't be surprised if he expects you to finish it with him though.


Keep up with her party style

Slovenian girls love to party, be it dancing, social drinking, or games with friends. If you want to be around a Slovenian lady, you'll have to learn how to be the center of attention and keep up with her enthusiasm for parties and excitement!

Keep in shape

Slovenian girls value looking good, so staying fit is a big deal to them. You'll be expected to put in effort too, so that you won't embarrass them. Whether it's jogs, gym sessions, or laps at the pool, Slovenian ladies have a myriad of ways to stay fit, and seeing you put in an equal amount of effort will guarantee you the soft spot of their hearts.

Are Slovenian brides the key to your happiness?

Does your definition of happiness include a fit, beautiful wife who is an ambitious career girl and loving mom? If yes, then a Slovenian bride is what you need to begin live happily ever after. You'll never have a sad moment in your life again. Don't hesitate to make a step towards a bright future!