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Why You Should Think About Dating a Finnish Bride

Love is a unique feeling which has its own laws. You may never know who will be the next person you get attracted to and when you will be struck by a Cupid’s arrow. It might be the girl living next door to you or it might be the one who lives thousands of kilometers away from you. We are here to help you if your case is the latter.

When it comes to overseas brides, it is crucial to know what kind of a person you are looking for. Here we are going to look at the features of Finnish women and figure out why foreigners are so much lured to them.

What Attracts Men in Finnish Women

Finnish women have a lot in common with other women from Nordic countries. They are rather calm than passionate, and that’s what makes them beautiful. Men who look for long-term relationships like it a lot.

Finnish brides are indeed good partners and the best women for companionship. Here’s why.

They Are Private

Although it might seem weird at first sight that privacy can make someone a good spouse, but in fact it is. Finnish brides will not let any man into their private life easily. They are very selective with who they communicate with. But, their tendency to be private makes them also humble and shy.

A Finnish bride will never behave in a provocative or defiant way. She will not be showing off but rather being humble. Isn’t it what men look for when seeking a good wife?

Finnish Brides Look Like Models

There are legends about Finnish beauty. It is said that Finnish women are typically tall, slim and have blond or fair hair. Some even assume they look like (or even better than) Russians. Though, these women have a completely different mentality and different values.

Any Finnish woman (even if she is not tall) looks like a model. There is something peculiar in her eyes and posture that attracts even photographers. The beauty of Finnish women is another reason why men from foreign countries are so much into them.


They Are Not Too Talkative

Finnish brides are not only private, but they are also not very talkative. Once again, it is a common trait for people from the Nordic or Scandinavian region. Small talk is not what will hook a Finnish girl, it may even push her away.

Finnish girls appreciate meaningful conversations and silence to senseless conversations. You can use this as a key to a Finnish woman’s heart, make sure to apply it properly.

They Make Good Wives

As you have seen, Finnish women are not eccentric to draw the eye of every man in the street. They would rather be careful in their behavior and select a man accurately. It's in their style to let him into their private life step-by-step. They are also extremely beautiful, there is no need for further comments. Also, they are great interlocutors but only if it’s not about small talk.

All these features add bonuses to Finnish women’s ability to be good wives. Why are they such? Well, it's their secret and even we can’t tell you why they are so. Maybe it’s because they care?