Enigmatic Croatian Brides: Facts You Should Know

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Croatian women can look like snow queens to men from different countries. You should play hard to get a Croatian bride. At the same time, these ladies do nothing to attract and retain the males’ attention. They never play around, don’t act as bitches or good girls, or flirt with whoever happens, but men are attracted to them like magnets. Single Croatian ladies are gorgeous and sexy by nature, and it makes them most alluring to Western suitors. Let's learn more about the girls from Croatia so that you can develop your own strategy for winning these foreign ladies for marriage!

What do Croatia mail order brides look like?

A regular Croatian girl for marriage doesn’t identify herself with the image of a femme fatale as Asian brides do today. They don’t fall for long hair, which should always be shiny and perfectly straight, gel-filled lips, thick artificial eyelashes, contact lenses, etc. Croatian women prefer natural beauty, so you don’t see vulgarly dressed women and aggressive makeup. This simple choice gives them charm, and it’s not surprising that lots of foreign bachelors call them stunning.

For some reason, it’s believed that authentic Croatia mail order brides are dark-haired. However, this is a stereotype that should be abandoned immediately. Less often in Croatia you can meet fair-haired girls, but they still exist.

In everyday life, Croatian girls prefer comfortable outfits. But if a girl is invited to an important event, she’ll get all dressed up. By the way, Croatian women aren’t considered to be clotheshorses. Most girls prefer to have fewer clothes from famous brands than buy piles of clothing produced in the middle of nowhere.


Reasons to get a Croatian bride

The positive qualities of Croatian ladies can be talked about for a long time, but the most important reasons why you should choose a Croatian as your wife are listed below:

Croatians are hot-tempered in love and anger

That’s a part of their charm: Croatian girls are hot. But don't argue with her as there's no chance of winning. Sweet as honey most of the time, Croatian brides are sharp-tongued when they're angry and can berate before you get a word in.

Croatian women are courageous

Croatians will come through thick and thin if needed, and it's a fact. Nothing seems to scare them as if they were born to crush barriers with a smile.

Girls in Croatia are sociable

Single Croatian women are full of humor and always ready to discuss anything. There’s never any awkward silence with a Croatian because she’ll always find something to talk about.

They start families consciously

After graduating from universities and getting good jobs, most Croatians marry around age 27-30. Girls are responsible for creating families and having kids.

Croatian females are homemakers

Marrying a Croatian woman is pure luck for a bachelor. Ladies in Croatia know how to take care not only of themselves but also of their families. Moreover, they don't share this care. So their husbands and kids will always be well-dressed and well-fed. A Croatian woman doesn't consider this duty a favor; it's just how it should be. Apart from that, they know how to create comfort in their homes.


Where can I find a Croatian wife?

A few decades ago, you had to fly to Croatia to meet Croatian women for marriage and visit hundreds of places where local girls hang out: cafes, bars, parks, fitness clubs, or shopping centers. Fortunately, now dating Croatian girls has become much easier. All you need to find a Croatian is the Internet. Here are the 3 most effective ways of online dating.

Social networks

You can meet in dating groups or thematic communities. The latter option is more suitable for a long-term relationship since you already have common interests.


You have to be good at relevant topics to communicate online properly. Otherwise, if you're just going to hit on girls and try to get acquainted right away, you'll get blocked.

Dating sites

Well, if you can't wait until you can declare your real dating intentions, then check out the most popular dating websites in Croatia. You can set certain criteria for your would-be Croatian mail order wife and pick suitable ladies.


What Makes Croatian Women Unique

Croatian women are not like others – that’s why they are Croatian. A true Croatian girl will never leave you indifferent to her — you will either worship or hate her. There is too much power in Croatian women, so if you dare to cope with it, you will be awarded the purest love.

Ready for such a challenge? Then think about dating a Croatian bride. Meanwhile, we will tell you more about Croatian women features.

They Are Passionate

As we have already said, Croatian women never let men indifferent. They live their life with passion, they love with passion and they hate with a passion. One has to be ready for coping with a Croatian woman’s character, though it is never boring.

Croatian Women Are Beautiful

Croatian brides usually have pale olive or sun-kissed skin, and brown or blonde hair. Their posture is beautiful. Many Croatian women can boast about their stunning legs. There is something cute and sexy in the nature of Croatian women. So it is always a pleasure to look at them.

But it is not only young Croatian girls who are attractive. It is a must to say that Croatian women also age beautifuly. If you walk down the streets of Zagreb, let’s say, you will be amazed by the magnetizing power of older Croatian women.

Furthermore, Croatian brides are beautiful from the inside. They are supportive, caring and loving women — what else does a man need to be happy in a couple?


They Love Having Fun and Enjoy Life

Croatian brides are cheerful. They love enjoying their life — from food and daily routines to more complex pleasures. That’s why you will always see people in restaurants and bars in Croatia. These are truly good places to get acquainted with your Croatian Bride.

Croatian Brides Are Old-Fashioned in Dating

If you are not ready to take initiative in dating a Croatian bride, you better be or quit the game. A Croatian girl will never make the first step — either it is online or offline dating. So, do not expect her to text you first after the first date — take the bul by the horns and move forward.

Also, always show respect to your Croatian bride and do not hurry things up. Croatian women need to take their time to dive deeper in a relationship.


You may run into endless debates about the beauty and personalities of Croatian brides, but you can see for yourself and destroy all the stereotypes you have ever heard about these girls. There is nothing complicated in searching for a girl from Croatia. You just need to determine your preferences, sign up on the website and start chatting with Croatian mail order brides.