Romanian Mail Order Wives: Their Character And Dating Peculiarities

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You're ready to settle down, and Romanian women tug at your heartstrings, rightfuly so. These Balkan beauties are the epitome of the ideal wife: stunning creatures who are loyal to a fault, caring mothers, and doting spouses to their beloved husband. What are all the characteristics of single Romanian women, and how to get one to fall in love with you? This article will answer all your queries.

What's a personality of a Romanian wife?

If you want to spend your life with a Romanian woman, you have to make sure your personalities complement each other. Romanian girls have gorgeous looks, but beauty isn't enough to sustain a lifelong marriage. Here's what these ladies are like:

  • Romanian women take on the role of caretakers. Since Romania has a patriarchal society, these women are groomed from a young age to be perfect housewives. This means they're great at taking care of the young ones, have amazing culinary skills (wait till you try their papanasi and salata de boeuf), and will keep the house spick and span, so you won't have to break your back both at work and at home.
  • They're ambitious. Romanian girls have been taught to be housewives, but they want to be that and more. Single Romanian ladies aspire to have good careers, so they get themselves educated and put themselves on the job market. Having an extra source of income never hurts!
  • They're talkative. When they're with someone they love, Romanian girls are chatterboxes. They love to talk about their day, the plans they've made, and want to know all that has been going on with their husbands. They truly care about the conversations they have with you.

What do Romanian women for marriage look like?

Romanian women are some of the most stunning girls you'll lay eyes on. Women like Andreea Diaconu and Madalina Diana Ghenea are famous Romanian models, and being married to any lady who looked like that would be a blessing. Will you be physically compatible with single Romanian ladies? Here's what they look like.

  • Their hair is usually blonde or brown. Most ladies keep their hair long, but you can expect to find a few daring hairstyles in the metropolitan areas.
  • They have gorgeous eyes. Romanian ladies usually have soft brown eyes, which almost look like honey in sunlight. You'll also find a few with blue and green eyes too.
  • They put lots of work into staying fit. Romanian society is extremely judgmental of women being overweight, and the societal pressure has ladies working overtime to keep their bodies in shape. Beyond physical fitness, even skin blemishes are considered unsightly. Women are expected to have ritualistic skincare and makeup routines to look their best, no matter the occasion.

What dating culture are Romanian mail order wives used to?

Dating in Romania isn't far off from dating in Western countries. Romanian girls are open to it, and they aren't shy about kisses and hugs if they're comfortable around you. First dates are best spent at coffee shops or during walks in the park. You can definitely take her out to a bar if you can keep up at her pace. Just make sure you don't get too drunk. If you want to meet Romanian women online, you can use some of the best mail order bride sites to find them. The mail order brides pricing is too enticing to not take a peek!


How do you marry Romanian brides?

You love the way Romanian girls look and act, but if you want to shack up with one, they've got to love you too. Every girl has their own preferences when it comes to men, but there are some peculiarities to keep in mind when you're in the Romanian women dating scene. This is the cheat sheet to get all the Romanian ladies to love you.

Gifts in Romanian dating culture

Gifts are a great way to ease yourself into the sweet spot of a woman's heart. When you meet Romanian ladies for a date, wrap your gift. Most times, a Romanian date will open the gift right away. If you're bringing flowers, it has to be an odd number in your bouquet, because even-numbered bouquets are for the dead. Don't be surprised if your date doesn't accept your gift straight away. In Romania, people won't accept your gift unless you insist, because politeness dictates it to be so. Don't brag about the cost of your gift, because bragging about money, and being arrogant in general, isn't looked upon kindly here.

Dressing for dates with a Romanian

Never dress casually unless your date will take you someplace like the beach. When you're going out with a Romanian girl, dress to the nines. You don't have to wear a suit, but a button-up shirt and formal shoes with slacks will always make a good impression. Single Romanian women will always dress up for the date, so put in some effort on your side too.

Behavior when you meet the parents

Meeting your potential bride's parents is a huge deal, especially if you're planning on marrying a Romanian woman. For first impressions, address her parents as “Domnul” and “Doamna” followed by their names. It's similar to “Mr.” and “Mrs.” in English. Take your shoes off when you enter her house, and when you dine with the family, never leave leftovers on your plate. If you're too ful, apologize to the parents and say you're ful, because not finishing your plate is considered impolite in Romania.

Is a Romania mail order bride all it's built up to be?

When you're picking a partner to spend your forever with, you can't afford to settle. By marrying a Romanian woman, you'll be blessed with a wife who is a skilled homemaker and an amazing mother. These women act as the rock their husbands can always rely on, someone you'll cherish and love for the rest of your life. That's the kind of woman you want by your side, and you'll find one at the top mail order bride sites . Take that first step!