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Are you raring to meet Irish girls? You need to know what Irish girls are truly like, both in spirit and body. This quick read has got you sorted on that count, plus some tips on how to take them out on dates so you'll be guaranteed to win the Irish bride's attention.

What kind of personality does an Irish mail order wife have?

Much like British brides , Irish women have warm personalities and make amazing wives:

  • They're driven by ambition. When you meet Irish girls, one of the first things they tell you is how focused they are on their careers. They want to make something by themselves and will stop at nothing to make it a reality.
  • They're empathetic. Irish wives know how stoic the men they marry can be, so in marriage, they'll shoulder every burden together.
  • Irish women are focused on equality when dating. They want to carry their own weight, so on dates, you can expect to see them splitting bills and insisting they pay their own part. It's a matter of pride and a good habit. Some will still appreciate it if you insist on being chivalrous.

What does a typical Irish girl look like?

Irish girls are gorgeous and here's why:

  • Irish women are pale-skinned beauties. 93% of the Irish population fall into the fair complexion skin type 1 and 2 categories! Any guy who likes girls with light skin is doing himself a disservice by not checking out the stunning single Irish ladies.
  • They have fiery red hair. Have you seen the Disney movie “Brave”? Although comical, it's a good representation of one of the Irish population's unique features. A significant portion of single Irish women are redheads, while others are gingers. You won't find any other country with as many women with such gorgeous hair.
  • Irish girls are unrelenting in their effort to stay fit. They partake in sports like football and tennis, and even endurance challenging dances like ballet. Being this active means they have toned bodies, which they carry well past their youth. You shouldn't be surprised to find a 50-year-old Irish woman with the body of a 30-years-old.

Do Irish girls like American guys?

Irish girls love American guys because Americans are friendly and extroverted! Americans are also easily charmed by foreigners, and curious to learn more about Irish culture. There are plenty of Irish women seeking American men, and here are the reasons why:

  • They're enamored by the American accent which they think is cute.
  • They love how polite and friendly American men are, even around strangers.
  • They're keen to move to the US, and marrying an American man makes the move much easier.

How to date an Irish girl?

To spend forever with a beautiful Irish lady, you have to get her to like you. While you know how to be a charming gent and dress well, there are some key do's and don'ts about being with an Irish girl. Messing up one of these could cost you your happily ever after, so tread carefuly.


Don't be culturally insensitive

Ireland is widely known for two things: redheads and St. Patrick's Day. St. Patrick's day is a big festival for Ireland and involves a lot of drinking, but it's not the only thing to know about Ireland. Be respectful when you speak about their country, and don't go in with just the stereotypes you hear about leprechauns, potatoes, and four-leaf clovers. When you're speaking with single Irish girls, don't talk about the Troubles, the IRA, or the Irish Conflict right off the bat, because it's still a sensitive subject. Be curious, but be appropriate. If you're genuinely interested in the history of the country, don't use your date to learn about it.

Be respectful of religion

Irish folks are very religious. Nearly 80% are devout Christians, and only 10% identify as atheists. No matter what your own religious orientation is, show respect to the religions practiced by your Irish lady interest. Even if she isn't particularly religious, her parents most likely are, and it's imperative they see you in a good light if you plan on marrying her.

Don't talk about how Irish you are

It's a common thing for Americans to talk about their heritage. They like to mention how they're two-thirds German or a third Irish. If you're with an Irish girl, don't talk about your Irish heritage unless your parents are bona fide Irish. Saying you're 30% Irish is cringy and will make your date not want to associate with you.


Don't overdo the drinks

You want to meet Irish women, so you'll be inclined to impress them by drinking them under the table. This is a bad plan, because a drunk guy isn't a good date. Stick to casual social drinking and don't make a competition out of it. The goal is to have a good time, after all.

Are the mail order brides from Ireland worth the time?

Irish girls are beauty defined. You won't find such a unique look anywhere else, especially paired with a personality so ambitious and driven, yet caring at the same time. If you want a wife you can depend on as a lover and a homemaker, you can't do better than an Irish bride. Are you curious to see if you might find the right one for you? Take a peek at foreign mail order brides on the top sites, and you could end up with your dream wife.