Italian Mail Order Brides: Is It Real To Marry An Italian Woman?

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Why Dating an Italian Bride

Finding a lifetime partner is a serious stage of life everyone comes through at a particular point. Here the most important thing is to be cautious and not to make a mistake. For example, focusing only on fellow women. What if the love of your life is not among them?

🇮🇹 Popular Italian cities with brides:Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan
🗣 Percentage of the population speaking English:around 29 percent
⌛ Average age of Italian brides:25-32 y.o.
👩 Female population:30.97 million
🌐 Top sites to meet Italian women:JollyRomance, BravoDate, AmourFactory

That’s where international dating sites enter the game. Think about it: your second half is waiting for you somewhere online, and you have no idea about it. Thus, you miss such a life-changing opportunity. We are here to help you with finding a wife from another country, in this case — from Italy. Why should you date an Italian woman? The answer is below.

What are Italian Wives Like?

Italian girls are highly recognizable. It’s hard to walk by that dark wavy hair, tanned complexion, and captivating brown eyes without turning around. Still, the main feature of mail order Italian brides tends to be their fadeless passion, which is a part of every single movement of any Italian girl.


Italian women are inventive

In the darkest times of Italian history, the women of this country have been inventing ways to keep their families well-fed and full of hope. Since those times, Italian women for marriage are still very resourceful and can always organize something witty and engaging, even in tough conditions.

They are loud and bright

Italian women are sincere in their emotions. They’re full of fun and joy, and their laughter is loud and provocative. An Italian mail order wife will become a bright star in the life of any man.

They have a taste

Italian girls’ gorgeous appearance is the result of the many efforts they make in order to keep their skin looking young and fresh and their hair strong and of a deep color. They also like to attract men’s attention by wearing emphasizing clothes.

They are reliable

A real Italian lady is able to keep a man fed, a house clean, and a family business working fruitfully. Italian women are a good choice for marriage if you’re willing to tight your life with a strong woman, who can fight for her own happiness.

What You Need to Know About Italian Women

Italian brides are everything. Perhaps, you already know what they are like. They are passionate, gorgeous inwardly and outwardly and for happy marriage.


If you are sure that an Italian girl is what you need — look through these features to check whether you know her well. If not, then you’re welcome to scroll down and you’ll be amazed by Italian brides.

They Are Voluptuous

There aren’t enough words to describe the splendid beauty of Italian women. Their curly hair, big dark eyes, tanned skin and red lips — everything in them scream out: «Look at me, I’ve been made for love!»

Italian brides are gorgeous, they are proud of their curves, as it is said — their hips don’t lie. Italian women will always look fashionable, even in casual clothes. They are stylish and chic, know how to wear accessories, and it makes them look perfect.

Italian Brides Will Make You Adore Food

Food is the essence of life for Italian women. They know how not only select but also cook the best pizza, lasagna, ravioli and so on.

They know where to find the best cheese and wine, and they will make sure you are never hungry. With a hospitable Italian bride, you will turn into a genuine gourmet.

They Are Emotionally Expressive

Italian girls are legendary when it comes to their passion. Who doesn’t know their famous gestures? Who doesn’t know how they kiss and — five minutes later — crash dishes in anger?

Yes, all these are Italian women, and if you marry one, your life will be ful of passion and emotions too.

Italian Brides Cherish Their Families

Families are number one for Italian women. If you marry an Italian bride, know that you’re also marrying her 12 cousins, 5 uncles and 7 aunts.

Italian women want the best for their close ones and this is the reason why you should date an Italian bride. She will establish with you such a committed family like the one she grew up in. Sounds good, right?

Who is passionate, has skin like coffee with milk, and makes you feel alive by bringing colorful emotions every day? Marrying an Italian mail order bride is like marrying a pure miracle itself.

Why Should You Marry an Italian Bride?


What man regrets being with a beautiful and warm woman, with attractive shapes and a spark for life? Italian women are hard to forget, and you'll now understand why.

You’ll never be bored

Any Italy girl for marriage is full of energy and new ideas. She’ll always try to find ways to lift your mood, whether it be by cooking amazing dishes or offering to go on a memorable adventure.

Romance is a part of their nature

There's a reason why Italians are frequently dubbed the world's most romantic people. Italian women not only know how to love and be loved; they also require romance in order to thrive. And they don't just sit around waiting for you to lavish attention on them; Italian mail order brides also know how to make a man feel special.

You’ll fall in love over and over

Any Italian bride is unlike any other girl in Europe, and it’s their distinct looks that make them so desired. Olive complexion, raven wavy hair, piercing dark eyes, and powerful yet well-balanced facial characteristics will keep you dreaming every night until you conquer an Italian lady. Their toned physiques and curvaceous bodies stimulate male instincts.

How to Get an Italian Mail Order Bride?

Dating Italian girls for marriage is both demanding and fascinating. While you now know what they can provide you, it's time to consider all possible ways to find european brides for marriage.


Trip to Italy

Italy is a country made up of 20 provinces, each of which is proudly distinguished by its unique cuisine, architecture, history, fashion, sights and stunning grooming girls. If you’re a travel lover, go ahead! You can meet Italian women wherever you walk there. The disadvantage is that it’s quite expensive, and perhaps not all ladies you pick up are looking for a soulmate.

Profile on mail order bride sites

If you’re single and want to date Italian brides, then the best choice is legit mail order bride sites that will assist you at every stage to find and marry an Italian woman. Use the following tips to get started on your path to a wild romance:

  • Find a dating platform. Don't just pick the first site you come across. Instead, spend some time researching international platforms dedicated to Italian mail order brides. Read user reviews as well as all the services that this platform offers.
  • Complete the registration process. Signing up usually doesn’t take long. All you have to do is provide your name, age, email address and password.
  • Specify your true goals. Whether your aim is just to flirt and hang out with sexy young girls or to find your future Italian mail order wife, don't hide your true intentions. You’ll definitely get what you need. There are lots of girls who want the same.
  • Use real photos. Add only up-to-date quality pics to your profile. You’d also not want to be disappointed by the mismatch between expectations and reality.
  • Apply search filters. Have you ever pictured your hot mail order bride? If so, then you should use a search feature to find that fantasy girl. You can specify any parameters, like height, weight and habits.
  • Don’t be shy to ask for more. Be active in your conversations, ask questions, share interesting life stories, exchange photos, and send gifts. When you feel that you're ready for a personal meeting with an Italy girl for marriage you like, don’t drag out online relationships for many months.

Tips for Courting an Italian Bride

The thirteenth labor of Hercules was keeping an Italian woman engaged during the date. To completely get an Italian woman, you can resort to the tips collected by the experts.


Show your confidence

To impress an Italian female, you must be self-assured and not hesitant to express yourself. Italians enjoy laughing, so start with a smart joke. Furthermore, keep in mind that chivalry is still a priority in Italy. Pick her up at her house, for example.

Just be yourself

When seeking to impress an Italian girl, be really yourself. Even if you believe she expects more, don't brag. Because they’re not accustomed to receiving overtures from strangers, you must approach them as a friend and play the long game. This action should also make you feel more at ease because you are both terrified of the uncertainty.

Learn some Italian phrases

Italian women are attracted to foreign accents and guys. Although the majority of Italians speak English, understanding and speaking a little Italian can help you get her. Try to learn some basic phrases and words, especially compliments and names of dishes. It would impress her!

Be stylish

Italians are fashionable: what you wear matters since most Italian guys are fashion conscious. To compete with them, you could either do the same thing, which might be stressful. If you're not used to it, you could do something different: be yourself. Wear anything you want or what makes you feel good; she’ll notice that you’re confident and unique.

You can meet Italian girls without having to leave your house. Italian singles are sitting on dating websites and waiting for a prince. Choose the hottest Italian girl and begin a life-changing conversation! It’s not a problem if you don’t know Italian—dating services include the assistance of translators. Hurry up, create your account on a dating website and find european brides for marriage online!


  • What do Italian girls like in men?

    Italian girls prefer witty, curious, and serious men with a good sense of style and romance. To get an Italian girl completely, many challenges should be overcome. She must understand you won’t be keeping her in a golden cage but will be letting her implement her bold ideas.

  • Is ordering an Italian bride legal?

    Yes. The experience of users of numerous mail order bride sites has proven that any foreigner can legally marry an Italian or other European girl. However, they are required to notarize and verify many papers and forms to marry a girl in compliance with the local laws.

  • Are Italian women beautiful?

    Italian girls are in eighth place at the top of the list of the most beautiful females in the world. Having a stunning Italian girlfriend around, you’ll never be able to admire enough on her. Create an account choosing legit mail order bride sites and you’ll meet a selection of the hottest Italian girls in the whole universe.

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