Scottish Brides: How To Meet Scottish Girl Who Wants A Boyfriend Or Husband

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Single Scottish women look for Americans and other foreign men to date. The women are beautiful, have lots in common with Westerners, make great girlfriends, and know how to have fun. Doesn't that sound perfect? Read the article about Scottish girls to find out more about their appearance, character, and tips on how to attract women.

Mail features of Scottish brides

‌Let's first define the main characteristics of UK mail order brides, and Scottish girls in particular.

  • Polite and reserved. Well, it seems that politeness is a national trait in Scotland. They don't like bothering others, never interfere in someone's conversation, try not to be late, and don't interrupt. Speaking about their closed nature—Scottish wives can really be reserved, but that's until they know you better.
  • Forthright and honest. Your Scottish bride won't beat around the bush hesitating what to say or what not to say. If she's got something on her mind, she'll let you know. Not in a bad or angry way. Remember? Locals are very polite. She'll just share what she thinks about the subject. She'll always let you know about her positive feelings as well.
  • Practical and down-to-earth. Dating Scottish women is a real pleasure because they don't expect men to remove mountains for them. They also don't beg for regular expensive presents and surprises. The girls hate fakeness and when people are trying too hard to impress someone.
  • Patriotic. Another trait of almost all Scottish—they love their country with all their heart. By the way, their pride for the nation is portrayed in many movies like Braveheart, Outlaw King, or Mary Queen of Scots. The locals might complain about the Scottish weather or the government, but they love Scotland with all their hearts.

What do Scottish mail order brides look like?


Now let's talk about Scottish wives' appearance. Are they beautiful?

  • They're red-haired. Just like Irish brides, lots of Scottish girls have red hair. The statistics differ, but on average, 15-20% of the local population have red hair. Here are a few famous names to prove it. Rose Leslie, a Scottish actress, most known for playing Ygritte in Game of Thrones and now being the wife of Kit Harington. And Ruth Connell, also an actress, famous for the role of Rowena in Supernatural.
  • They're blue-eyed. When you start meeting Scottish women, chances are they'll have blue eyes. Statistically, in Scotland, almost 87% of people have either blue or green eyes. The South East of Scotland has the highest proportion of blue-eyed residents—almost 60%. So, red hair and blue eyes, huh? Isn't that a picture of perfection? An image of a queen?
  • They're stylish. No, they don't wear tweed outfits every day (though they still love them and may wear tweed suits and skirts from time to time). But in daily life, girls prefer comfortable yet smart clothes. They don't have many warm days in the country. It's usually about from 15 °C (59 °F) to 17 °C (63 °F) in summer, and it often rains. So they choose wellington boots, comfy jackets, and nice trousers.

Do single Scottish ladies like American men?

Internet order brides from Scotland indeed choose Americans for boyfriends and husbands. Why is it so?

  • American men are more open. So, you know that a Scottish girl who wants a boyfriend may be quite reserved at first. They need time to open up. Imagine when 2 in a couple are like that. That's a catastrophe for some girls. They love that it's not a problem for Americans to talk about their feelings and to be direct. It makes dating much easier.
  • American men are more egalitarian. Well, as many Scottish girls say, their local guys are still in the dark ages when it comes to gender roles. Yes, they might bring you flowers and pay for dinner at a restaurant, but many of them would believe household chores and raising children are mere women's responsibilities. American men are much more open-minded when it comes to women.
  • American men are more fun. It seems like dating Americans is way more enjoyable and relaxing for single Scottish women because the men just don't take themselves too seriously. They don't care much what others will think of them. They just don't worry about unnecessary things and enjoy their life.

How to attract Scottish girls?

‌A few recommendations on how to make a woman from Scotland fall in love with you.

  • Say that Scotland is greater. Scottish not only love their country to the moon and back. They also love when foreigners adore their motherland. Locals truly consider it to be the best place on Earth, and they want to hear nothing about bad weather, English accents, or weird food from people who weren't born there. If you say something not nice, be sure, that's over. So to be on the safe side, don't stop telling your Scottish bride how great her country is.
  • Go out more. When you're dating a girl from one of the most beautiful places on the planet, having your dates in is a huge mistake. Go hiking, enjoy lakes and mountains, visit some historical places, see the castles, and don't forget to adore all that out loud so that your Scottish girl could hear.

Scottish dating culture


A few facts you might have no idea of. Keep reading to learn more about dating peculiarities in Scotland.

  • Meeting parents is a usual thing. While in many cultures, meeting your girlfriend's parents is a huge thing, it's pretty customary in Scotland. In fact, it's somewhat normal to hang out with a partner's folks. By the way, the Scottish are extremely welcoming and hospitable. They'll love to talk to you and know you better.
  • Going to pubs are usual for dates. Hiking and watching sunsets are romantic and nice to do from time to time, but going to parties and drinking at pubs are also a part of dating culture. In fact, spirits, gin, whisky, and other Scottish alcohol are another thing locals are very proud of. Well, Scots are known for their love to hang out at pubs. So, be ready for some wild nights.

‌Don't you think Scottish wives are great life partners? Beautiful, smart, fun, and open-minded. Isn't that a picture of a woman you've always wanted to date? Then don't waste a minute. Lots of girls are waiting for a guy like you on dating sites. Let your love journey begin!