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Discover Interracial Marriage Facts And Statistics In The USA

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Interracial dating in America isn’t a rare trend, and given the stable increase in interracial couples, you might wonder more about such type of bonds. Interestingly, increase in interracial marriage rates has started to rise since 1967, a date when interracial marriage in the USA became legal according to US Supreme court.

While in 1967, only 3% of American marriages were interracial, it’s about 17% nowadays. Time to divulge more about interracial dating in America and interesting facts about it.

What's interracial dating?

Interracial dating means that 2 partners will represent different races or racialized ethnicities. A long time ago, such relationships were banned, but nowadays, it’s one of the common trends in America.

History of interracial marriage in the US

The history of interracial marriage can be said to have been painful, and the term like anti-miscegenation laws should explain a lot. Such laws used to prohibit marriage and any kind of intimate relationship between people of different races. These laws existed up until 1967 when they were abolished by the Supreme Court ruled in Loving v. Virginia.

Major races in the US


What are common race and ethnicity groups in the US? There are mainly 4 of them like White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian. And Asian interracial dating is the most common on AsianDate. When looking through interracial couple statistics, you can discover the following patterns:

  • Black and White couples: according to Black and White marriage statistics, about 12% of interracial marriages in the US belong to this group.
  • Asian and White couples: roughly speaking, this interracial couple represents 14% of all interracial marriages in the US.
  • Hispanic and White couples: when considering interracial affairs and marriages in the USA, this interracial group represents the largest group. About 7 out of 10 interracial marriages belong to White and Hispanic relationships.
  • Other mixed couples: although the white population dominates in the US, you can still come across other interracial marriages like Black and Hispanic couples, for example.

Pros and cons of interracial marriages

Multiracial relationships are on the rise, and this means, people have made serious steps to eradicate the prejudice that was so prevalent a long time ago. For now, race might not be considered a hindrance to creating a family, but still, it doesn’t mean that all interracial marriages in the US end up successfully.

It means that before venturing into interracial affairs, you better have a look at both pros and cons of interracial relationships.

Benefits of interracial marriage

When considering the percentage of interracial marriages in the US, you might wonder why interracial marriage is good. Here are the benefits of creating an interracial family:

  • Learning about new perspectives: dating someone from a different background, race, and ethnicity is a chance to immerse into new life empathetically, culturally, and even emotionally, giving you a chance to understand others much better.
  • Escaping from prejudiced racism and ideology: one of the positive effects of interracial marriage is that you have a real chance to be free from prejudice towards people.
  • Good genetics: when considering the benefits of interracial dating and marriage, what can be better than having children who can inherit the best from each parent. Simply put, interracial marriage can be about having a cute and unique child.
  • More options to pick from: no prejudice, no limit. Indeed, the practical side of creating an interracial relationship is simply about having more options. You might find someone from Asian, Hispanic, etc. origins.
  • More tolerance and compromise: if to consider interracial couple statistics, which is on the rise, it’s hard not to think about growing tolerance and compromises that such relationships can lead to, which is another great advantage.

Disadvantages of interracial marriage


What percentage of marriages are interracial in the US? It’s about 17% of all marriages, but what about the percentage of divorces among interracial couples? Interracial marriage problem happen, and some of them might lead to marriage fails.

For example, in the US, divorce rate of interracial couples is about 41%, and here are some challenges of interracial marriages that contribute to such interracial marriage divorce statistics:

  • Culture difference: one of the most evident challenges of interracial relationships is about being different in terms of culture and traditions, which can be hard to accept.
  • Parenting problems: when considering races, you should take into consideration different backgrounds that’ll play key role in bringing up a child, and styles of parenting can be too different, which might entail problems like divorce.
  • Other challenges of interracial dating: although there’s increase in interracial couples, they can face problems like negative comments from friends, family, etc. Besides, such couples might face negative stereotyping, as it can be harder to eradicate prejudice based on the color of people completely.

Interracial relationship facts

How colorblind can your love be? Interracial marriage in the USA can be regarded unique and interesting phenomenon. Such a tendency gives rise to different yet interesting facts worth mentioning. Here are some interracial dating facts:

    • Black men prefer interracial marriage more than black women, according to some research.
    • When looking through interracial relationships and relevant statistics, it’s evident that millennials are more open for interracial marriages.
    • Interracial marriage in the US is more prevalent in metro areas when compared to rural places.
    • Although interracial marriage continues to gain popularity in America, interracial dating is less likely to lead to marriage when compared to same race dating.
    • Latinos and Asians are more willing to date someone of different race, and it’s been reported that better-off Latinos are more likely to engage in interracial dating and relationship.
    • Black and white marriages are still observed less when compared to other interracial marriages in the US.

Tips for better experience in interracial dating


It’s clear that interracial dating has its own great and bad aspects you need to be aware of. Still, if you want to succeed in dating someone from a different race and have a long relationship that might lead to marriage, here are tips for dating more efficiently:

      • Be open-minded: dating without prejudices is a key factor in impressing your partner, and you better do your best to prove that you’re ready for creating an interracial relationship.
      • Be ready for compromises: accept the fact that there’ll be many differences between you. Thus, acceptance might be a positive factor for a better relationship.
      • Avoid being shy or timid: some couples report shyness to show their affection publicly. You better avoid such a tendency.
      • Focus on dating and creating a relationship: you’re about to be dating a person, not a race. Focus on a person and relationship instead of being occupied by the differences they might have.
      • Be open and sincere: no need to hide your feelings and thoughts. Your relationship should be based on sincere emotions and openness that’ll make your bonds even stronger.
      • Establish respect before dating: every relationship, especially interracial one, should start with respect towards each other. With mutual respect, you’ll have a higher chance for a longer commitment.
      • Be ready for new experience: interracial marriage is still quite a woeful topic in the US, but if you’re ready to immerse into the world of novelties, you might overcome much to keep your relationship stable.

Where to start interracial dating?

Nowadays, the question of where to find your future single-minded ladies has a simple answer like online dating. More and more, online dating marriages continue to increase. Almost half of people under 40 report having used an online dating site or app to find their partners. Thus, the best way to start interracial dating in America is online platforms. When choosing your prospective dating site, you need to consider the following factors:

      • Legitimacy and safety of the platform
      • Profile number and quality
      • Range of services and tools
      • Popularity and prestige of the platform
      • Availability of responsive customer support
      • User-friendly interface


When you look at interracial marriage statistics relevant to the US, it’s clear that interracial marriage has become more popular than ever before, especially among younger generations. Definitely, there are pros and cons of interracial relationships, but to love someone of a different race is to love someone without any limits and prejudices.

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