3 Interracial Couples Share Their Love Stories

International marriage

After the November 7th referendum, all 50 states officially legalized interracial marriages. Although such marriages remain controversial in some Southern states, there are more and more international couples emerging in the USA. And many of them find each other due to mail-order bride sites. Following this trend, we decided to ask our interracial couples to tell us more about their marriage experience. Find out if there is anything in common except for love.

Chinese mail-order bride and a photographer from Albany

chinese international marriage

Ami, 24 & James, 39

Albany, NY

YB: How did you meet?

Ami & James: It happened on AsianDate , James sent me the message, and everything started. We’ve been together since March 2016.

YB: When did you realize that you are soulmates?

James: The first thing that grabbed my attention was Ami’s photo. But after reading her interview, I realized that I want to know her better.

YB: What cultural differences do you think create troubles in your relationships?

Ami: I love James, but sometimes it is unbearable to live so far from my parents and friends. Speaking about cultural differences, I think that American families are much louder and more openly express their emotions. I wouldn’t call it a misconception, but sometimes it draws me out of my comfort zone.

James: As for me, I am a big fan of Chinese food and like eating out whereas Ami prefers to eat something different. Sometimes we fight about food.

YB: What advice would you give to younger couples?

Ami & James: Try to continually learn something from your wife’s or husband’s culture. Whether it is some recipe or several words, such things usually bring you together.

Indian teacher and a farmer from Texas

Indian international marriage

Aditi, 26 & Dan, 42

San Marcos, TX

YB: Which moment did you realize that you should be together?

Dan: I didn’t hope for something special. I was just browsing through girls profiles out of boredom. Sometimes I sent several messages to women. It just happened that Aditi responded and we started chatting. But we felt some of the old chemistry only after met in real life.

YB: What good things did you notice in your partner’s culture?

Aditi: I love the diversity of American lifestyle. You can find nearly everything in this country. Sometimes I don’t even feel that I am abroad. My husband is a Catholic, that’s why I have learned a lot about his traditions.

Dan: As I have limited knowledge about India, there are a lot of things to learn. However, I think that Indian food is fantastic.

YB: Have you discovered any troubles caused by cultural differences?

Aditi: In Indian culture, it is not a good tradition to date someone of a different background and religion. Fortunately, my parents are quite forward-thinking and accepted my choice without any troubles.

YB: What advice would you give to younger interracial couples?

Aditi & Dan: I would advise learning her language. There is nothing better than learning foreign language especially the one your beloved is speaking.

Mail-order bride and an architect from New York

interracial couples

Adisa, 39 & Michael, 56

New York, NY

YB: How long have you been married?

Adisa & Michael: We have been together for 6 years and married for 2 years.

YB: Do you think mail-order bride services are really helpful when it comes to finding a spouse?

Adisa & Michael: We cannot say for sure, but it certainly worked for us. The good thing about such sites is that they place profiles of women who are looking for serious relationships and marriage. And that increases your chances to find someone compatible.

YB: What cultural differences do you think create troubles in your relationships?

Michael: Adisa has a large, traditional family and strict parents. On the other hand, I’m used to the semi-nomadic lifestyle, and it was difficult to change my views.

YB: Are there any things you have learned about your own culture?

Adisa: Only after moving to New York I have realized how important were traditions and hospitality in my family.

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