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What Countries Like American Guys? Discover The Best Spots To Go

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Both men and women tend to believe in long-distance love. That's why foreign brides are attracted to American men and vice versa. Regardless of the bride's age or social status, she keeps her dream to meet a Western man alive.

For women, meeting with Americans is led by dating resources, and at the same time, most males know online sites to hunt beauties. What about cultural preferences? Do American suitors know the countries that like American guys? If not yet, let's find it out right now!

Accurate list of what countries love American guys

If you’re single and can't succeed in finding a wife in your own country, you may take a couple of foreign dating tours and meet any woman you like from the list below.

United Kingdom

Do British girls like American guys? If you're still reflecting on that—come to Britain and see that firsthand! British women love the American accent, so when they see an American man in their midst, it causes a flurry of excitement. Perhaps, they watch too many American movies with hot men in the lead roles, or maybe it's just the novelty of interacting with an American. Whatever the reason, American men tend to get much attention from British women.

Along with it, the discourse on if British guys like American girls doesn’t make sense. British men find American girls nice despite their persistent nature and don't mind flirting or engaging in something serious.



Do European girls like American guys? You may be doubtful about this issue while you imagine yourself with a European girlfriend. Ukrainian brides see their ideal partner as ambitious, wealthy, and caring, which often doesn't fit the average Ukrainian man's image. That's why most Slavic brides look to the West to find their soulmates.


Russia is full of pretty and educated girls who deserve a good life. Most of the ladies who are disappointed with local suitors start learning English and don’t hesitate to sign up on best mail order bride website to catch their sweethearts. Most of them have really succeeded in that!


Mexico is on the list of the countries that love American guys for a reason. Mexican mail order brides are sexy and seductive, combined with sandy beaches and heady tequila. Moreover, they are hospitable and friendly to Americans.



Brazilian women are free to choose who to marry. The dark side is that they’re too independent and won’t put up with boring relationships for long. Still, a romance with an American man is like a breath of fresh air for each Brazilian lady.


Seeing Thailand on this list, avoid thinking that this place is only for sex tourism, and most females are willing to hit guys up for money. You may come across such an attitude in the big cities, but you're sure to stumble upon a Thai bride with pure intentions to start a family in small provinces.


The Philippines

Once you wonder what country likes American guys the most, the Philippines comes to your mind as one of those. American fiancés appear to Filipina brides as courteous and loving, while Filipinos are rude and unfaithful. Therefore, an American groom won’t lack local brides.


Most Chinese ladies have never left their country. Therefore, an American bachelor is like a brave hero from a Hollywood movie for a Chinese woman. Above all, a Chinese girl's marriage to a Western man will add prestige to her family.


Beautiful Colombians don't honor their men too much, as they have no idea how to court and sincerely love. So, dating Americans is an excellent opportunity to feel desirable and secure, and, as a rule, single Colombian women for marriage don't have enough of that in their country.


How do girls in other countries treat Americans?

Being an American who’s reading this article, you might have a reasonable question, 'What about girls in other countries? Don't they like Americans?' On a single occasion, things can vary and depend on your charm and attitude towards the girl. A lot of ladies believe in long-distance love affairs and can be seduced by foreigners easily.

Do French girls like American guys? You may ask yourself this question too often, and you're crazy about French beauties. But you might be a little disappointed when you find out the truth. Frankly speaking, French women aren’t crazy about Americans. Many women in France look down on Western males. That doesn’t bode well for American men who lead a quiet life. French women are refined, but they can be condescending and snobbish. So, they’re unlikely to be happy to date an average American man.

Sure, it’s up to you to try to melt the ice and prove that you’re a worthy man or to throw all your energy into looking for brides from other countries. You won’t feel a lack of female attention as the USA is considered to be the best country for mail order brides.

Why do girls lust for Americans?

Every year the percentage of mixed marriages increases in America. Assuming that, in the 20th century, inter-ethnic marriages were only 3%, and in the 21st century—15%. So, what attracts international brides in American bachelors?

  • Americans get married when they realize they're ready to spend their entire lives with one woman.
  • Most Americans believe in God and don't support the philosophy of easy divorce. If they face problems in family life, they don't hesitate to turn to marriage counselors to save the family.
  • American men are eager to help their wives with household chores and childcare. Primarily if the woman also works and contributes money to the overall family budget.
  • Western guys are grateful to their wives for taking care of them. If a lady has great potential for caring for her husband and family, an American man has genuine reciprocal gratitude for her sincere attitude.

Key point

You never know what country your destiny is waiting for you in. You might find the dearest one in the place that will welcome you with open arms. Put your mind on what countries like American guys, start dating ladies from American-friendly regions, and you'll see how big your choice of brides gets!

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