Colombian Mail Order Brides: Secrets To Marry A Colombian Woman

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Colombia is famous not only for its cigars but also for queens of beauty. The number of attractive ladies per square mile is so big that it may seem a challenging task to choose the best one. No wonder many men want to get a Colombian bride and keep her for the rest of their lives. However, not only appearance is a major advantage of a Colombian woman. She has a lot of other wonderful traits and qualities you should know for sure, and only then it’s possible to pave a way to their hot ful of love hearts.

🇨🇴 Popular Colombian cities with brides:Bogota, Cartagena, San Andres, Medellin
🌐 Language:Spanish, English
⌛ Average age of Colombian brides:23 y.o.
👩 Female population:25.5 million
🌐 Top sites to meet Colombian women:LaDate, LoveFort, LatinWomenDate

Why Colombian mail order brides are the best choice

Unmatched beauty of Colombian brides is rumored all around the globe. They have a special skin tone that looks like sweet caramel and always have long hair which is often straight, thick, and neat-looking. These are girls with shining smiles, ful mouth-watering lips, perfectly-shaped eye-brows, and tiny noses. Figures of Colombian ladies make men shiver since their thin waists look especially appealing together with wide but tight hips. It’s possible to describe these ladies for hours, but the appearance isn't the only benefit of theirs. These women are ready to surprise men in a variety of other ways too.


They have an Excellent sense of humor and intelligence

It’s clear that a spouse with a good sense of humor is a half of marriage happiness and Colombian girls bear this feature too. They not only take jokes, can diffuse tensions, and cheer up another person, but also make marriage life easy-going, smooth, and versatile. They know how to intrigue men and look positively on life which is very important for careless living.

Colombian girls also impress men with their intelligence. The tertiary gross enrollment ratio (GER) in Colombia almost doubled from 28 percent in 2004 to 55 percent in 2018, according to daughters don’t hurry to move away from their parents when they turn 18. Girls feel absolutely happy living with their parents until they get married. Such honoring of family traditions and a good example of their parents make them excellent wives and mothers. Colombian women enjoy cooking though local dishes may seem a little spicy for men from other countries. They approach to bring up kids in love and peace. Naturally, Colombian children have freedom, yet they’re disciplined.

Beautiful Colombian women are understanding and passionate

What makes Colombian girls almost perfect in combining such features as cheerfulness and empathy? Every man wishes to have a woman to rely on and to understand in every life situation, and these ladies are good examples of such partners. They allow husbands to focus on their career and interests and are happy to take care of kids and family.

At the same time, when it comes to intimacy, a wife from Colombia is an erupting volcano. They’re hot and great in bed, to make men feel absolutely satisfied and happy.

Colombian girls are meant for marriage and kids

A family is a core value in Colombia, so daughters don’t hurry to move away from their parents when they turn 18. Girls feel absolutely happy living with their parents until they get married. Such honoring of family traditions and a good example of their parents make them excellent wives and mothers. Colombian women enjoy cooking though local dishes may seem a little spicy for men from other countries. They approach to bring up kids in love and peace. Naturally, Colombian children have freedom, yet they’re disciplined.

Peculiarities of relationships with Colombian brides


Before you meet Colombian women, learn what kind of dating you should expect.

  • Gender roles. Even though mail order Colombian brides strive for equality in relationships, spouses can hardly be called totally equal in their country. Men are still perceived as the main providers and breadwinners. Women are expected to be housekeepers who take care of the household and raise children. So you should look for a happy medium in your international relationship.
  • Family and friends. Colombian women to marry are very sociable and outgoing. They hang out a lot with many people around them. Be ready to be surrounded by many of her friends and relatives when dating a girl from Colombia.
  • PDA. It's totally fine to see a couple kissing and cuddling in public in Colombia. Yes, Colombian brides are free to express their feelings and aren't afraid to look vulgar or inappropriate. The most important rule is not to overstep the mark of politeness and common sense. People around should also feel comfortable.

How much does a Colombian mail order bride cost?

First, you need to understand that the notion of the Colombian mail order brides cost doesn't mean you actually buy them. You can't buy people. Still, you pay for certain services and other things on the way to getting your Colombian mail order wife. This is what the price of Colombian brides usually consists of.

  • Tools on the dating sites. The more often you keep in touch with your Colombian girlfriend, the more money you're about to spend on it. It includes chatting, correspondence, etc.
  • Extra services. Single Colombian women appreciate attention, even if it's a long-distance relationship. So expect spending extra money on flowers and presents delivery.
  • Trip to your Colombian bride. Eventually, you'll need to see your girlfriend in real life. Usually, it's a man who travels to meet her woman, so expect to pay for the plane tickets, hotels, taxis, restaurants, etc.
  • Wedding arrangements. If you're serious about your relationship, you'll want to create a family with your Colombian woman. The wedding price depends on how big you want it to be and where you'll have your ceremony. As a rule, it's cheaper in Colombia.
  • Legal aspect of moving in together. To bring your lady to your country, you'll need to take care of a K-1 visa and a few other documents.

In total, expect to pay from $10,000 to $25,000 if you want to get a Colombian mail order wife.

Are there any challenges in dating Colombian mail order brides?


‌Due to modern mail order bride sites and smart matchmaking, men can find the most compatible Colombian wives. But there's no perfect relationship. Everyone can face challenges. Here's what's possible in your international dating.‌


English proficiency isn't that high in Colombia. The majority of Colombian ladies for marriage have basic skills, some are fluent, and a small percentage talk quite badly in English. Moreover, it's possible that your girlfriend's relatives won't speak English at all, and you'll have to do your best to understand each other. Anyway, your girlfriend's fluency is just a matter of time and practice, so just be patient.


Yes, Colombians aren't the most punctual people in the world. It's even considered rude to come earlier than planned, while being 15-30 minutes or even an hour late is totally fine. You should be ready that Colombian girls for marriage can be late for dates and other events you go to together. This might irritate you, especially if you're very organized and punctual, but you just need to learn how to adapt to the circumstances.

Signs a Colombian mail order bride is in love with you

‌So, you meet Columbian women and want to know how they feel about you? Well, this is what you should worry the least about in your Colombian relationship. The thing is, people never hide their feelings there. If they like someone, they let them know. But here are a few signs that can help you find answers if you still have questions.

  • She blushes. In general, Colombian brides online aren't easy to bemuse. They're very straightforward and confident by nature. But when a man they like start telling them compliments, ask out, court, and do romantic things, you can see roses on their cheeks.
  • She's always available for you. Another good sign a Colombian girl likes you is when she answers your messages and calls quickly. Moreover, pay attention if she texts you first from time to time. This is how she demonstrates her interest in you.
  • She introduces you to her family. This one is unmistakable. It's a big step for all Columbian ladies that proves they're serious about changing their marital status to "engaged" and then "married."

8 tips on how to treat Colombian brides properly


Most men treat dating traditionally but it’s good to remember that Colombian women are a precious diamond that needs polishing and it would be a mistake to attract them using old-fashioned approaches. Men who want to meet Colombian women for a serious relationship should learn the following hints:

  1. Be a gentleman. Every woman wants to feel like a princess and to be the center of attention for her man.
  2. Express emotions. Colombian girls are emotional too, and they’re never attracted to cold stone walls without feelings.
  3. Flatter her. Women from all countries love with their ears, so sweet talk is a must.
  4. Be loyal. These girls are hot-tempered and emotional, so not being pure can cost you much.
  5. Respect the country. Some girls may feel okay but there’s hardly anyone who enjoys hearing bad things about his/her motherland.
  6. Get courage and dance. Colombian women dance all the time and party even on minor holidays, so your desire to dance with her will be considered a big plus.
  7. Pay on dates. Colombian girls can’t afford some luxuries and your desire to pay for her will make the heart melt.
  8. Bring flowers or a gift. Colombian girls believe in fairy tales and want to see a Prince beside them, so make her wishes come true.

Where and how to find Colombian women for marriage: where to find and how to marry?

It’s clear that a trip to Colombia for a couple of days isn’t enough to find a good spouse there. You need communication and time to learn more about a lady and a trusted mail order bride site with a decent selection of girls from Colombia is the best solution.

If you fancy to meet a woman online and fall in love with her, it’s time to act. Consider that Colombian marriages are registered by a notary who can ask you to provide a number of documents before the wedding. It can take about 2 months to check these documents and prepare a marriage certificate, so you should be patient waiting for your wedding. The most common documents asked by notaries are your birth certificate, a confirmation that you aren’t married, and your passport. Make an appointment with a notary in advance to avoid long queues.

There’s no sense to leave your future life partner to chance, because you can spend years finding her, especially if she’s in Colombia and you’re from another country. Colombian girls can be excellent wives and you should start your search now to get the best one. Colombian mail order wives are waiting for their reliable and courageous male partners, so why not check, isn’t this you?


  • Are Colombians good wives?

    Yes, women from Colombia make good wives. Local girls are extremely affectionate, loving, and open-minded. They're interested in creating families and raising kids.

  • Do Colombian brides like foreigners?

    Yes, they do. That's exactly why you see so many single Colombian ladies on dating websites. They decide to become mail order brides in the hope to meet men from overseas. Colombian women consider foreigners for marriage because they want to have a better and happier life.

  • Where can I find a Colombian wife?

    The easiest way to get a Colombian mail order wife is to search on the dating websites. Colombian brides listed there are genuinely interested in meeting foreigners and building serious relationships.

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