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Who are Bhutanese Brides?

Looking for a foreign bride can sometimes be a little challenging. After all, it is about the women you are going to spend the rest of your life with. Bhutanese brides are amazingly beautiful and known to be extremely organized and honest. If Bhutanese women spark an interest in you, you are at the right place! Explore all about Bhutanese brides and make sure if both of you are compatible as human beings. Learn how their culture and the country plays a huge role in building them into who they are.

Top features and traits of Bhutanese women

Impeccable looks

Bhutanese women are known for their small narrow faces. It is true that through the years, features of Bhutanese women have evolved. This is because of how they adapt to dressing according to western culture. However, these women are known for their fair skin and naturally rosy pink cheeks. They have beautiful almond-shaped eyes and straight dark hair. They are usually known for their straight, narrow noses that just ads to their beauty.


Honesty comes easily to the people in Bhutan in general. They are honest people, because of which the women especially have this quality strongly embedded in them. A Bhutanese woman couldn't ever hide anything from you. They would just blurt it out because they could not undergo the torture of hiding something from you. They are also honest in their opinion when asked for one and believe that being honest when being asked something is extremely important.


We live in a world where being kind becomes difficult with each passing day. But Bhutanese women don't think so. They are kind, but most importantly they are humble about it. They believe it is morally wrong to accept any kind of appreciation or any gratitude for doing what should be done in the first place. If you do accept gratitude or appreciation, it defeats the purpose of being kind entirely.


Well organized

Another trait that these exotic asian women are famous for is their organizing abilities. Most Bhutanese women are extremely organized, and this can be extremely helpful when it comes to day to day life. You really won’t have anything out of place, and everything will be where it should be. They will make your life much easier, and your house will always be spic and span.

They are born nurturers

Bhutanese women learn to nurture at an extremely young age. This a result of their childhood habit of watching their mother's behavioral pattern around their fathers. Bhutanese women are caring, kind and loving by nature and that naturally shows in their relationships. They will always be worried about you and always want you to have the best and be the happiest at all times. They will take care of you in every way they can, and that will always be their preferred way to show you that they love you deeply. This also makes them the best mothers.

Smart and sharp

Just because they are kind and humble doesn't necessarily mean that they are not smart. Education is important to them and their families. Hence, they make it a point to educate themselves. They know and understand how much important of a role education places in the people they will become in the near future.

Education is free in government schools which is why every person in Bhutan makes it a point to educate themselves. They do so to grow in the right direction, with the right morals and values.

Bhutanese women are an excellent choice if you looking for a woman to get married to and start a family with. Their beauty as well as character traits make them women that resemble those in every man's fantasies.