Mongolian Brides And Girlfriends: What Is Their Character And How To Date Mongolian Girls?

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If you're looking for an Asian mail order bride , Mongolia is where you should start your search. Dating Mongolian girls is an experience few men get to experience in their lifetime, but you have the chance to get married to one! Before you get all excited, delve into this article to learn what makes a Mongolian woman special, and how to get her wrapped around your finger.

Do Mongolian women for marriage have a good personality?

When you marry a woman, you can't marry her just for the looks. You have to find a lady who you can emotionally connect with. A good personality is more important than a rocking body in any marriage, and Mongolian ladies excel in both departments:

  • They're hopeless romantics. Mongolian women love men who know how to express their love, be it through gifts like chocolates and roses, or through kisses and compliments. Likewise, Mongolian brides love to pamper the men in their life with food, gifts, and words of love.
  • They're problem solvers. When you go to your Mongolian wife to vent about a problem you're having at work or anywhere else, she'll give you a comforting shoulder. At the same time, she'll be racking her head for advice and a solution to your problem. Even when you approach hurdles in your relationship, she'll work with you to overcome them, instead of adding to the obstacles.
  • They're great moms. Mongolian ladies are raised to be home keepers and are taught how to care for children. Mongolian girls often have to care for their younger siblings, and this makes them adept at all tasks they'd have to do as a mom. As a father, you'll never have to worry about your Mongolian bride slacking off on her motherly duties.

What do Mongolian brides look like?

Beauty isn't scarce in Mongolian girls. Any guy who's seen Mongolian models like Enkhjin Tseveendash and Anu Namshir knows these ladies are some of the most drop-dead gorgeous on the planet. Mongolian women actually share a lot of physical characteristics with Thai mailorder brides , though their personalities can be quite different. These are some of the most common features of Mongolian ladies:

  • They're petite. Mongolian girls have bouncy personalities and a petite body to go with it. The average Mongolian woman is 5'2”, and they're almost always skinny to boot. Guys that are into ladies of this build will adore all Mongolian beauties.
  • They have light skin tones. Since Mongolia is one of the highest countries in the world at an average 5180 feet above sea level , Mongolian girls have lighter skin color than many other Asians.
  • They stay fit. Mongolian women descended from tribes of nomads, and they still share the genes that drive them to stay in the best shape to maintain peak physical performance. Guys hate it when the girl they marry starts slacking off on maintaining the body they fell in love with, but you'll never have that problem with Mongolian girls.

What's the dating culture in Mongolia?

Mongolians are a conservative nation, but the younger populations are becoming more liberal. If you're taking a Mongolian girl out on a date, don't expect to hold her hand or hug her, because people will keep gawking at you. You'll most likely spend time walking in secluded areas ful of nature, where she can talk to you freely and get to know you. In the city, girls love to take their dates out to restaurants to show their future foreign husbands all the delights of Mongolian cuisine like khorkhog and guriltai shul.


How can you woo a Mongolian wife into marriage?

Dating a Mongolian woman might not be easy from the start due to cultural differences. If you want a Mongolian girl to fall in love with you, play your cards right. These are the key aspects to focus on.

Don't push for physical affection

Mongolia, like many Asian countries, isn't a fan of public displays of affection. People will stare at you and make comments if you try to go for a hug or a kiss in public with your future mail order bride bride . Even your girlfriend won't be too keen on kisses until much later in the relationship.

Be serious about your relationship

Unless the lady believes you have serious intentions, there's no way you're making it to the next level with her. Because of the conservative nature of Mongolians, women are expected to settle down and even have kids before they're 30. So they won't waste time on a relationship with a man they can't spend forever with. Show her you're serious by spending more time with her, letting her know there's no one else, and making plans for the future.

Show manliness and dominance

Mongolian ladies love assertive men who know how to get things done and what they want. Mongolia is still a patriarchal country, so gender roles are still embraced. This means men are expected to get food on the table and fix things around the house. A guy who knows how to fix a leaky faucet or do some woodwork is considered capable, and the girls love that knowing it's someone who can keep the house running. Beyond getting things done, Mongolian girls love it when a guy can plan out special days and knows exactly what he wants from her.


Could Mongolian brides be the secret to your happiness?

Given the chance, every man would marry beautiful Mongolian ladies. They're the kind of women who know how to provide warmth for their husbands, keeping them happy and healthy. Come home from work and you'll find delicious food on the table and children filled with joy and love to see you. Few women could give you such an atmosphere of unconditional love and respect. Isn't it exactly what you want?