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Beautiful Cambodian brides are like tropical wilderness–their breathtaking appearance will never let you go. However, their stunning looks and sexuality aren't the only reason why these ladies are so popular among Western men. For example, they have a more relaxed attitude towards life and relationships than American and European women. Nevertheless, local females are pretty selective. So, how to impress Cambodian mail order brides? Find out more about ladies from this country and learn the important tips on dating them in this article.

How do single Cambodian women look?

‌Cambodia is a small country located in Southeast Asia near Thailand and Vietnam. Do Cambodian women look like typical Asian mail order brides?

  • Dark hair and dark eyes. If you walk along the street of Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, or any other city in Cambodia, you'll probably never see a blonde local girl. Beautiful Cambodian women's hair and eyes are all shades of brown or black.
  • White beauty. The skin of Cambodian girls have a natural tanned dark color. But from a very young age, they're told to hide from the sun and keep it as light as possible. All because white skin is considered perfect in the country. This standard often makes girls insecure and imperfect.
  • Slim tender bodies. Cambodian women are lucky to have tiny but sexy bodies. The majority of them are naturally petite. Also, athletic and fit figures are highly valued and girls spend hours in the gym to befit the ideal image. Moreover, they also spend lots of money on exercise classes, sports equipment, slimming “medicine”, dieting group membership, and specialty foods.

‌Cambodian brides are indeed gorgeous and hot. They're very conscious about their appearance and even have to struggle to look as society expects. Sometimes girls who don't fit certain beauty standards (they're taller or have darker skin) face difficulties in finding a partner.

Cambodian brides' character

‌All is clear with the Cambodian girls' look. What about their character?

  • Soft-spoken. Traditionally, women who live in Cambodia are expected to be mousy and untroubled. And many of them really talk quietly and show their best manners.
  • Industrious. Another bright and pretty typical characteristic of ‌Cambodian girls is their diligence. It especially concerns household chores like cooking and cleaning. Their homes are always very tidy.
  • Respectful. Cambodians have their own principles of behavior for women. It's called The Chbab Srey. It's a poem where a mother teaches her young daughter how to talk with a man and how to respect him, how not to bring the quarrel out of the cottage, always show the best manners, walk softly, etc.
  • Family-oriented. Unlike many women from the USA or America, Cambodian girls start searching for marriage in their early twenties. Nothing will make a local female happier than meeting a good guy and marrying him. She strives to settle down and take care of her kids rather than to dedicate all her time to career.

Because of society, culture, and historical events, Cambodian girls experience a lot of pressure due to all those expectations concerning their appearance and demeanor. They're naturally soft and respectful but want to run away from such stress and hardship.

Why do single Cambodian women become mail order brides?

‌What are other reasons to look for a Western husband except for social and cultural pressure?

Poverty problems

Even though Cambodia has done extraordinary improvement in decreasing poverty , and the rate of people living under the poverty line fell tremendously, the country is still considered poor. 70% of Cambodians live on less than $3 a day. Women are especially struggling. That's why they look for a foreign husband from a developed country.

Educational problems

Cambodian children can't get good education for a variety of reasons . Firstly, nobody prepares them for school. Secondly, teaching quality is extremely low in the country. Thirdly, they fail to go to school regularly. It ultimately results in dropping out. To make sure their children get a good education, Cambodian women marry men from America and Europe.

Environmental problems

There are five central importance environmental problems in the country. These are land degradation, water pollution, depletion of biodiversity, coastal and marine issues, and waste management. The problems are challenging for the local population as they influence their health. Poor quality of water and soil is especially destructive for kids.


How and where to meet Cambodian women?

‌The most effective and fastest way to meet a Cambodian girl for a serious relationship is online dating. There are tons of good dating platforms and mail order bride sites where women register and look for a husband. What are the advantages?

  • It's popular. Today approximately 2 of 5 relationships begin online. This huge number means your chances to meet a perfect match are high. Thousands of Cambodian women are registered on the platforms with the purpose to find a guy like you.
  • It saves time. There's no faster way to meet a girl you really like. Think about it. You open a site, scroll through hundreds of profiles, look at photos, and deselect the ones which aren't your type. Then you read bios and do the same. After that, you start communicating and decide what girl is best for you. It may even take only one evening sometimes! It's impossible to do the same offline.
  • It saves money. The cost of online dating depends on various facts: a platform you choose, communication tools it has, a country your girl comes from, your decision to make or not to make presents, etc. But it's always cheaper than taking girls out on a date to movies, restaurants, clubs, or wherever else you like going.
  • It saves nerves. Online dating is definitely not so stressful in comparison with an offline one. You feel safe and comfortable getting to know a person step by step distantly first. No stress, no worries, no need to be liked. You stay true to yourself and can even be picky!

How to pick a Cambodian mail order brides dating site?

Use the following tips to find real mail order brides sites and meet Cambodian women for sure:

  • Search for credible reviews. You can find many platforms specializing in checking dating websites and providing readers with important information about safety, prices, profile quality, etc.
  • Consider the audience. If you're looking for a Cambodian mail order bride, the service should be focused on girls from this country.
  • Check out the offered features. Your online dating experience will depend on the communication tools you'll use. Typically, the best platforms allow members to exchange messages via a live chat, set video connection, and send voice messages so that you enjoy a conversation with single Cambodian women.

Besides, mail order brides from China are also active on dating websites. So, you can find a reliable platform by using the presented tips and find them online as well.


Tips for dating Cambodian women for marriage

‌Not to screw up when dating a girl from Cambodia, learn a few tips. Your cultures are very different, remember?

  • Be respectful and polite. Firstly, don't frighten her with a too informal and casual way of introducing yourself. Secondly, when you talk, smile, and don't use too many hand gestures or raise your voice.
  • Don't fetishize her. Accept and appreciate her as an individual — a beautiful, smart, and hard-working woman who has her own interests, passions, desires. Don't associate her with a typical Asian lady.
  • Be straightforward. She probably won't understand your hints. If you want to say something (especially if it's something very important) — try to think of words that convey your idea the most properly. The thing is if she doesn't get something — she might be too shy to ask to explain.
  • Be romantic. Cambodian women often lack romance in everyday life. Local men are too tired and busy for that. So even an unexpected bunch of flowers, a compliment, or a romantic dinner can make her fall in love with you even more.
  • Be attentive. When dating Cambodian women and trying to get to know them closer, it's necessary to notice the details. Use the information you've heard to impress your girlfriend. For example, cook her favorite dish or take her to a place she loves most of all.
  • Be initiative. Cambodia brides rely on men in everything. Besides, it's not common in their culture to make the first step or offer something. So, you should show confidence and take action–call her, message her, and surprise her with unexpected gifts. Cambodian women searching for marriage appreciate such an attitude.

Cambodian mail order bride wedding traditions


Once you find a Cambodian girl for marriage and decide to propose to her, you'll need to know some local wedding traditions to marry a woman:

  • The wedding starts when a groom and his family come to his bride's place. They bring different presents and rings.
  • A bride and a groom offer tea to the spirits of their ancestors. In this way, a couple shows their respect.
  • A Cambodian wife and her husband have a strand of hair cut. This ritual symbolizes release from the past and the beginning of new life.
  • A couple holds a sword while relatives tie their wrists with red strings. The tradition means the everlasting love between two people.

Ready to meet the love of your life? It's waiting for you! Go online and find your Cambodian women for marriage! She can make you the happiest man ever.

Cambodian Brides F.A.Q.

  • Can a foreigner marry a Cambodian woman?

    No one forbids Cambodian ladies to marry foreign men, so you shouldn′t worry about this. You can even take your bride to your country and marry her out there. However, it′s necessary to remember the laws connected with getting a wife from abroad. For example, if you′re an American, your girlfriend will have to get a fiancee visa to be allowed to register a marriage with you in the USA.

  • What is the average age of marriage in Cambodia?

    Many girls marry at an early age, even before they turn 20. Chances are you′ll meet a young pretty lady who would also like to start a family. However, there are also women who prefer to start building serious relationships when they′re 25-30. 

    Anyhow, this question shouldn′t disturb you a lot because international dating platforms are crowded with females of different ages.