How Not To Screw Up On The First Date With Mail-Order Bride

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First date is always a nervous experience. Your voice is trembling, you are a little bit shy and awkward. We’ve all been there. However, what if you are on a first date not with a girl you met in the bar, but online? Is there any difference of do’s and don’ts on the meeting with a mail-order bride ? Let’s find it out.

Focus on your date

One of the most common mistakes men do on the first date with a girl is starting talking about themselves, trying to “sell” their best characteristics, achievements and etc.

Instead of turning your date into disaster by appearing to your partner as a self-concentrated person, try focusing on her likes and dislikes. But don’t put too much pressure on the girl either. The worst thing you can do here is ask her, why she became the mail-order bride.

You will probably here the typical answer – she is looking for a man with serious intentions to build a family with him and live happily. Do you really want to hear it? Isn’t it better to get to know the person closer and after a few dates ask and get an honest answer? At last, does it really bother you that much?

So the mistake #1 here is not to brag about yourself and to focus on your date. Got it? Let’s move on.

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Pay attention

Understandably, you are worried and want to make a good impression on the person you are with. Among the stress, you can forget to listen to your partner. That is a true killer of the first date.

If you ask a mail-order bride a question that she has already explained, consider it to be the last date for you with her. So to avoid it happening, pull yourself together and listen to the girl.

first date with mail-order bride

Choose topics wisely

”How much partners did you have” or “Who did you vote for on the last election” is totally wrong questions to ask on your first date. No matter how curious you are or how vital it is for you to know the answers, it is just not sexy at all and can leave you to mail-order bride with a complete disappointment in you.

Think about your language

When you are insecure on the first date it can all be visible through the language you are using. You may turn to slang or unnecessary words like “kinda”, “sorta”, etc.

Not only they make you sound unsure of things you are talking about, but also reduce the connection between you.

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Be positive

Don’t bring your bad mood with you on your first date. No one wants to hear about everything bad happening in the world. You are two people who are kind of celebrating your virtual connection through the real first date. Smile, laugh, joke and live the moment.

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