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First Date Tips For Guys: How To Not Be Awkward On A First Date

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The first meeting may cause some anxiety and confusion, as it's like an interview filled with nervous laughter and a desire to impress. In terms of online dating, you can wait for your date in person for months and it makes your conversation even more nervous. What should you avoid on a first date? Foreigners often wonder how to treat a girl on a first date and how to not be awkward. This article gives you the best first date tips for men which really work. Know more about the things not to do on a first date!

How to act on a first date to put your best foot forward?

To prepare for a meeting, you should learn different aspects of life in the country of your beloved and her dating preferences. It's better to ask what she likes, what places she visits, and what cuisine she prefers. Some guys face awkward moments, asking why their lady became a mail order bride. Keep in mind, please, it’s one of the first mistakes foreigners do while meeting for the first time. How to behave and treat a girl on a first date when it's your first online dating experience which was transformed into a real romance?

Be inventive and proactive

In the majority of countries which mail order brides come from guys ‌take the leading role ‌in‌ ‌relationships‌. Probably, your beloved has ‌traditional‌ ‌views‌ ‌and expects you to be decisive.‌ Don't wait‌ ‌for‌ ‌your‌ ‌beloved‌ ‌to‌ rule a situation, do it ‌yourself, but ask for her opinion. Regardless‌ ‌of‌ ‌her‌ ‌English‌ ‌skills,‌ try‌ ‌to‌ ‌make‌ ‌your‌ ‌communication‌ ‌pleasant‌ ‌and‌ ‌smooth.


Mail order brides are attracted to men who show their confidence and initiate dates. When you demonstrate that you have a great experience and cope with possible complications, it turns ladies on. Women seeking love online value men's ability to manage different things, so seduce your desirable bride with a proactive approach and strong self-esteem.

Focus on common values

While communicating with a lady, notice how many traits you have in common, and what special habits make her interesting to you. It's one of the tips on how to not be awkward on a first date. To gain dating success, family therapists advise creating an atmosphere of looking for similarities, not differences. Talk about your common interests, hobbies, films, and so on to get closer to each other and make your interaction natural.

Compliment your bride

Compliments are accessible when they're appropriate. Lots of ladies become mail order brides because of disappointment in their local guys who often get cold in relationships. A foreigner who showers a girl with pleasant words and admiration always gets to the top. You may use extraordinary compliments, trying to become special for a soulmate.

Things you should avoid on your first date


There are some common mistakes other men do which lead them to complete failure. Sometimes they don't realize them and repeat the wrong strategy many times. Find out what you mustn't do on dates and avoid setbacks.

Spending too much time with your smartphone

Even when you're too busy and are a successful person, you can forget about your work and friends for several hours. Unplug or switch off your gadget, or better yet, leave it at home! If you often interrupt the dialogue to check in on social networks or to answer business phone calls, you show that there's something more important than your foreign lady. Show that she's your main priority and ignore income calls or notifications.

Flirting too much

While dating a mail-order bride, bear in mind that you have different cultural backgrounds, so some approaches aren't so effective on the first date. When you're too flirty with your beloved on your first date, she won't understand you. Choose the right moment to hold her hand or hug her, as the intrusive behavior may scare off a girl. Consider her character and dating preferences before maintaining eye contact or taking the next step.

Topics which are better to avoid on first date


There are some things not to talk about on a first date. Intimacy preferences are one of them. However, the list is a bit longer. Discover what topics can be unpleasant or frustrating for a potential girlfriend to create a harmonious and long-lasting romance with a woman of your dreams.

Your ex or previous relationship experiences

Questions about previous partners or spouses belong to the list of what not to ask on a first date. The quality of the conversation you have on your date is important, as you have to be yourself and be sincere in saying the right things. Your ex or previous romance isn't the best first date topic. You can only talk about your past or previous relationship experience when she asks you first. Please don't compare your ex to your date. Don't tell how she's similar or different from your ex: comparisons are offensive, especially for women.

Politics and religion

If it's possible, avoid such controversial topics as politics and faith. When your lady initiates this conversation, try to limit the time for it. You may have different points of view, so the best advice is to stay open to your beloved's opinion. However, there are various interesting things to talk about, such as hobbies, last trips, favorite musicians, and so on. They bring you more excitement and positive emotions, so choose any of them.

Income and business success

It’s obvious that finances rule the world, but not love. When you want to impress a beloved, don't try to do it talking about the capital you have or your business. This thing shouldn't become a determining factor in the relationship. Also, you lady may think you try to buy her. Leave stories about your financial success and payments for the moment your relationship gets serious.

Generally, it’s quite easy to complete your first meeting and get a chance for the next date with a mail order bride. Sometimes mistakes arise because of unpreparedness or character differences. However, if you know how to act and what to avoid, you have nothing to worry about. Stay confident, honest, and positive. Make sure your effort will be rewarded soon!


  • Should I offer to pick her up on the first date?

    For some ladies, it's considered rude and impolite to ask them to come by themselves. You're her boyfriend and the main protector. Show your readiness to make everything to make sure your soulmate gets home safe too!

  • How long should a first coffee date last?

    The length of your first date can be discussed in advance. Typically, it lasts several hours, but in fact, everything depends on both you and your interest in each other.

  • How far to go on the first date?

    While some ladies accept hugs, others prefer to know your personality better before taking the next step. Consider your beloved's values, mood, and affection signs. When you notice she flirts with you, tries to touch, or maintains eye contact, go ahead but stay gentle. Choose the most suitable moment for every your action not to be too fast and intrusive.

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