What you need to know about Malagasy brides

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Getting into the sacred institution of marriage is not an easy task. It is an adventure that involves a lot of careful thought, planning, decision, and commitment. Any decision you take before or after marriage can shape your life forever; hence, the need for proper research and consultation before taking the final leap.

Perhaps, for some reasons, you have an interest in Malagasy women, or there is this particular Malagasy girl you attracted to. Whatever the case, I have one word for you—THUMBS-UP! Chances are you have made the right decision.While it’s no 100 percent guarantee that your chosen Malagasy woman will make a perfect bride, Malagasy girls are generally a great choice for marriage.

In this guide, we have carefuly highlighted some of the most exciting features that make Malagasy girls ideal for marriage.

Interesting peculiarities of Malagasy women

Every culture has features that are associated with its people. You have decided to go for Malagasy girls, and we have made it our priority to help you make the most informed decision — with the right guidance. How much do you know about Malagasy women? Check out some of the brightest characteristics of Malagasy women in the list below.

Malagasy women are beautiful

Malagasy women are just very gorgeous to behold. In physical appearance, they are an interesting blend of African and Asian features. Common physical characteristics of a Malagasy girl are brown skin, black/brown eyes, petite nose, and silky black hair to crown this pretty face gracefuly. A detailed description of a typical Malagasy girl’s appearance can be misleading as variations exist within the different tribes. However, the closest way to picture them is to view them as people with an interesting mixture of African and Asian physical traits.

One fact exists, though: Malagasy girls are one of the most beautiful in the world. The number of foreign male tourists who troop into this country yearly can attest to that.

They are respectful

As with most other women in patriarchal societies, Malagasy women make respectful and obedient wives. They have grown up in families where "premium" is placed on male family members, so naturally (and quite willingly,) they extend this gesture to their husbands.

A Malagasy bride will never talk back at her husband or challenge him outright. She will let you know whenever she wants to take an important decision and will seek your opinion and consent.

Of course, these should not be mistaken as lack of self-esteem or intelligence; they simply do these as acts of great respect and love for their husbands.

They are faithful

Every man loves and values a faithful wife. Stating the obvious, isn’t it? Yes, but then, there is a slight twist this time. Even after a man is “no more,” a typical Malagasy wife will still uphold her fidelity vow, at least until she remarries. This has its root more in their belief in the ties between the living and the dead. This is a rather bizarre example, but it goes to emphasize the level of Malagasy wives’ faithfulness.

If you live away from your Malagasy wife, you just have to go about your business with a calm and relaxed mind, knowing that you have a Penelope in a Malagasy bride. You have nothing to fear about her fidelity status.

Why are Malagasy women worth marrying?


Malagasy women are hardworking

Malagasy ladies are known for their attitude of hard work and dedication. This applies mostly in house chores, as the men prefer to do the hard labors. A Malagasy wife will do the laundry, cook, wash the dishes, clean up the house, and take care of the kids — alone! How she will manage to do all these without breaking down or complaining says a lot about their excellent value for dignity of labor. That’s all? Not yet! She will still make out time for special moments with you once you are home.

They are excellent cooks!

Yummy! “The way to a man’s heart is his stomach” is a popular saying. If you have a taste for great food (and who doesn’t?), a Malagasy wife is the best way forward. Malagasy women spend a great deal of time cooking and have perfected their culinary skills to an art. You are sure to be treated to mouthwatering local delicacies. Below are three of the best ones:

  • Seafood salad platters: mouthwatering, fresh seafood and salad with ginger and lime.
  • Koba: a traditional Malagasy delicacy that mixes rice, bananas, and peanuts.
  • Lasary — a tasty combination of cabbage, carrots, onions, green beans, and vinaigrette. This delicacy is served as a side dish for meat and fish.

You could never ask for more in a Malagasy bride. They are simply the best investment a man can make in a wife. They are not only beautiful and interesting but also possess outstanding wifely qualities!