Why Ethiopian Brides Are Worth Your Attention?

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Beautiful women with tanned skin — it's just a superficial description of these ladies. Their inner worlds are so immense and unpredictable. You'll be amazed by the kindness and strength, beauty and modesty hidden behind the exotic appearance.

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What is special about Ethiopian wives?

What are the main features of Ethiopean women? What you should expect from them? It's better to be ready for the fateful meeting.

Exceptional beauty

This point isn't the most important for balanced relationships, but the first one people pay attention to. It's rather difficult to make a general portrait of Ethiopian women as 80 different ethnic groups live there. This nation is extremely diverse, most foreigners can't even imagine. All of them borrowed genes from Indian , African , and Arabian ancestors.

There are some common features like the subtle jawline, high cheekbones, thin nose, black curly hair, sharp eyes, plump seductive lips, and gorgeous skin color. Due to such a unique appearance, these women have flooded the world modeling industry for years. No doubts, such names as Liya Kebede, Gelia Bekele, Anna Getaneh aren't new to you.

Pure souls

Ethiopian ladies for marriage demonstrate such a rare combination of beauty and morality. They don't chase modern European tendencies in which some females tend to be solely independent with no need for partners at all or look for financial supporters. These girls keep to traditional gender roles sent through centuries. They expect men not to spend money on them but be respectful and caring.

If you're searching for a calm, compliant, and kind-hearted partner, don't neglect ladies from Ethiopia. They meet all these requirements and even more. These girls aren't afraid of hard work or any life difficulties, Instead, they easily cope with everything, becoming stronger and more cheerful.

Why Ethiopian women for marriage chose foreign partners?

It seems that these ladies have everything to be happy in relationships. They possess correct life priorities and make excellent wives. So why do many women become mail order brides and look for gentlemen from abroad to share life with?


Gender discrimination

Most women from Ethiopia experience physical, emotional, or sexual violence. Such cases have become a common thing for society, thus no one would go out of his way to make it better. Here ladies aren't free to do what they want. In their world, males decide everything for them. In childhood, fathers are their puppeteers, then this role is transferred to husbands. Poor girls used to work hard from the early years and get no reward.

Obviously, mail order Ethiopian brides are very strong, as not everyone can endure such a cruel attitude. More excitingly, these girls learned to adapt to it, though it made some impact on their way of thinking. When photographer Sara Melotti visited Ethiopia with her project, she asked local women about their understanding of beauty. The answers amazed her greatly because they differ drastically from what she used to hear. These ladies identify beauty with health and strength which is quite unusual in modern society.

Marriage dissatisfaction

No wonder that sexy Ethiopian girls aren't happy in marriages with locals. They aren't treated well and don't get at least a little bit of love and warmth every female heart requires. Men care for themselves only and don't pay attention to partners` needs and wishes. It concerns various life spheres, and sexual one isn't an exception. According to the statistics, more than a half of the total participants express moderate sexual satisfaction with spouses.

Ethiopian men are authoritarian and selfish. Their wives aren't allowed to express their minds. They're considered to be housekeepers, and that's all.


This problem is widely spread throughout the country. Lots of hot Ethiopian women dream of moving abroad not to be a burden for parents. Sometimes they have to be responsible for the whole family and work hard to maintain it. As it happened to 28 years old Asnake whose father died and she had to take care of her mother and five brothers , which seems to be an unbearable task for a fragile lady. Actually, she sacrifices her own life for her family. Isn't it the highest expression of love?

Women simply don't have an opportunity to study, travel, and achieve career prospects. Everything taken for granted in developed countries is an unattainable dream here. You're able to fulfill these dreams with no effort, but the reward will be immense. Don't miss this chance.

How to make Ethiopian brides get hooked on you?

    • Respect her traditions. If you're genuinely interested in a lady, don't neglect her culture. Something may seem too outdated, silly, or abusive. However, it's a part of her life. Be sure she can change some of her beliefs and habits, but give her some time to adjust to a new life. Your Ethiopian girl online will like you more when you'll show interest in her national customs or take part in traditional celebrations. Just try, it'll be fun!
    • Be polite. Rude, disrespectful attitude is what these women try to escape from. They won't plunge into a new whirlpool of neglection and ungentlemanly behavior. Ladies from Ethiopia will appreciate humble, polite manners with all people. Be soft, help those who are in need, stay attentive and caring, especially to your beloved and her relatives.
    • Make gifts. Such gesture will boost your chances to gain her heart greatly. Single Ethiopian women don't get many presents, still, they surely adore them. You don't need to buy jewelry or expensive cars, as they aren't necessary for these tender beauties. They expect rich foreigners not to buy them but love and respect their personalities under any circumstances. Even some ordinary things, like toys or chocolate that are too trivial for Ethiopian ladies, can make a girl from Ethiopia happy.

Ethiopian brides are wonderful ladies who can't leave you indifferent. Don't hesitate to meet your happiness.