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Lots of Western guys simply don`t realize there are many gorgeous females in Estonia willing to get acquainted and start a romantic affair with a foreigner. Many of them can be compared to supermodels as they have an Eastern European look and femininity. Thanks to their values, like Russian brides they become excellent spouses and mothers, and their sexuality make guys crazy. If you want to marry such a lady, now is the best time for you. Learn more about their cultural differences and daily life to get more chances to melt the heart of your future beloved.

What are Estonian brides like?

These ladies are inclined to be reserved and cautious. You can notice various personality types among Estonians – lively ones and those who prefer not to catch others` attention. But the majority of Estonian girls hide their emotions because laughing out loud or crying in public doesn`t seem to be exactly proper.

These women don`t like empty talks: they speak when they have something important to say. But when single Estonian ladies want to date a foreigner, they try to be interesting and communicative. Also, they value private space. Females live modestly and don`t approve the pretense. Unlike women of other cultures who like to show off to feel more valuable, these girls do exactly the contrary: they criticize themselves more often than inflate own egos. Your Estonian girlfriend doesn`t wear masks and is honest with you from the very beginning.

Special traits of Estonian mail order brides

What features make these ladies so desirable among foreign man? Discover them to find the fast approach.

They have a stunning look

Females in Estonia have impressive appearance. Owing to the mixed genetics, they`re very diverse in their look. In case of having some special preferences, you`ll find the most compatible soulmate here. These females are very active, and that permits them to be seductive. Get acquainted with one of them and get convinced of it!


They`re intelligent

Data shows that Estonians are the third country in the list of adult literacy rates, making up to 99.8% of the literate population. Secondary education is obligatory in Estonia, and each woman there is well-educated. Undoubtedly, your beloved is an interesting interlocutor. In Estonia, English is taught as a second language at school, so you won`t face any difficulties during communication. Local ladies are also hard-working, that doesn`t let them go on dates often, that`s why lots of them search for their husbands online.

These girls are active

Estonian ladies have an active lifestyle, letting them stay healthy and fit. They adore cycling, swimming, and hiking. Girls like to spend the weekend with relatives and friends. They love to travel, visiting new cities and countries. With such a spouse, you can forget about boring weekends and holidays. When it comes to sports games, the most popular here is ice cricket that people play on the country`s frozen lakes. If you visit your mail order bride in winter, you can enjoy skiing and other winter sports popular there.

What do beautiful Estonian women like?

Get to know what things or activities make these ladies happy and bear them in mind. They`ll help you in finding a common ground.

They like folk songs

These females follow their traditions and culture, and the most famous feature there is folk songs. When you arrive in this country, you have to go to the Tallinn Song Festival to listen to with your soulmate the local folk music. The national epic Kalevipoeg is another wonderful example of local folklore. Probably, your girl can tell you the story of a young man who fights against enemies and becomes the king of Estonia. Learn more details about the culture of your foreign soulmate, visiting the Kalevipoeg Museum.

They love their cuisine

When you settle down with one of the Estonian brides, you discover many tasty national dishes, consisting of meat, rye bread, potatoes, and fish. Modern chefs follow German, Russian, and Scandinavian cuisines, so you`ll eat not only local meals. In Estonia, potato salad is one of the most popular ones. It`s served with sausages, meats, and pickles. Also, your spouse can surprise you with seafood. Swarf herring, crayfish, crabs are extremely popular here. Don`t forget about soups, containing meat and vegetables.

They adore caravan tourism

Have you ever dreamed of a mobile home? Lots of Estonian citizens adore traveling in caravans, so you can notice them in summer. This country gives numerous opportunities for camping, so your foreign bride will be happy to spend time camping. Planning your trip, use one of the multiple camping sites that are popular in Western and Northern Estonia. Maybe your beloved will gladly help you with it. Undoubtedly, your romantic adventure will be unforgettable for both of you!

They like sailing

Your foreign bride lives in the area where you can find many yacht marinas, situated across the coastline and islands. Would you like to impress your girl? Reach Estonian ports and marinas from neighboring countries such as Finland and Sweden. Be sure she`ll appreciate your effort!


Estonian brides want to discover unusual places

Beautiful Estonian women adore mysterious places with own history. When you come to this country, visit the Witch`s Well situated in the cozy village of Tuhala. It`s a natural geyser that has been known to flood the entire location after heavy rains. This place is an example of what is known as a “karst spring.” The opening from which the spring issues is located over an underground river, which is usually situated far enough underground that it isn`t a problem. But after heavy rains, the river swells up and issues forth from the well, completely flooding the surrounding location. Your trip to this place will be ful of positive emotions!

They don`t mind religion?

Religion isn`t an important thing in your relationships and family life with an Estonian bride. Estonia belongs to the least religious countries in Europe, so your wife will accept your faith. But don`t push her to follow your religion. Only 14% of the Estonian population belong to religious groups. The vast part of citizens call themselves atheists and don`t care about religion. You can notice several churches in the cities, but probably your soulmate doesn`t go there.

Why do Estonian women look for foreign guys for marriage?

These ladies are searching for men from abroad for multiple reasons. Some of them were too busy with their work and now can`t find a compatible partner. They consider foreign men to be more financially stable,reliable, and capable to provide a comfortable atmosphere for raising kids. Another reason is demographic data. There are more females than males in their country, and often men are so spoiled for choice that many don`t need to settle down with one woman. In this case, you have all the chances to become a husband to one of them.

Where to find an Estonian girl for marriage

You don`t need to move anywhere. Just find a trustworthy dating site with real female profiles, that offers all the necessary perks for making new contacts. You register on it and start looking for an ideal partner, using detailed search filters. You`ll find lots of lonely girls interested in communication and serious romance with foreign men. You haven`t such a big selection of singles from Estonia in a real-life, so it`s your real chance to meet your destiny!

Estonian ladies combine incredible intelligence, seductiveness, and passion for adventures. With such a spouse, you`ll open a new fascinating chapter of your life. If you`re a single man after 35 you have an opportunity to find a 20-25 years old girl online. Use the information from the article and attract the most charming lady to your taste!