Parents Disapprove Your Russian Mail-Order Bride
Posted on June 08, 2020

When Your Parents Disapprove Your Russian Mail-Order Bride

It happens a lot – you thought you met the Russian love of your life (a person with a different background, of different origin, perhaps, of a different race – though you have so much in common!) but your parents shy away from you.

Moreover, they protest, they tell you it's a bad choice, that they have found another fellow bride for you, they thought you would marry that Mary from your neighborhood, they pledge you won't inherit even a cent from them, that the Russian woman will ruin your life... That she is poor, that she wants to get the green card, that she is using you, that she is a drunker, divorcee and whatever.

What do you do when your parents, as you thought, your closest ones who understand you better than anyone else, disapprove your Russian mail-order bride ? Well, we've got two plans for you.

Plan A. Don't mind them

Seriously, it's the best way for you to avoid any nervousness, anxiousness, and scandals. Just let them know you are a grown person (apparently, you are, but they might not think so as they are your parents) and it is your decision and you will handle it. Tell them you respect their opinion (yes, it is very important) but can still live your life.

Bring your Russian mail-order bride, set up your living, rent a flat, build a house, do whatever you think is important but be persistent and don't let others (even if they are your parents) dictate you what to do.

Sure you may try telling them more about Russian traditions, traits of Russian women but it is no use – they are prejudiced and (unless they want to change something) they will remain such. Later your Russian mail-order bride will still encounter your parents and if they don't accept her anyway, leave it alone.

Plan B. Prevent it

If you still have time before introducing your bride to parents, prepare them for the news. Do not bump into them saying "Hi, mom and dad! I'm going to marry a Russian mail-order bride!"

Sure enough, they will freak out. Better start asking them philosophical questions before you tell them about a Russian girl:

  • What do they think about international relationships?
  • Can they recall any positive stories about international dating?
  • What would they do if they learned about their child dating someone from the overseas, for example, Russia?
  • What do they know about Russian girls?
  • How would they treat them if they knew any?

Then give them some time to think. Remember to always be straightforward and sincere. Once both of them and you are ready, announce your plans concerning a Russian mail-order bride you love.

Answer all their questions, doubt their stereotypes about Russian and Russian culture and after everything is settled, introduce them, perhaps, online at first. Use social media or dating platforms for making a phone/video call and let them communicate.

When it's time, make sure you are well-prepared for the offline meeting. Also, make sure she is ready for the meeting too and that she will have something to tell them when they ask questions meticulously.

After all, if they still do not approve of her, you can always switch to plan A.

Good luck!

Dave Greenberg
Popular Dating Expert, Senior Editor and Writer
Dave Greenberg is a senior associate editor and writer at Yourbride specializing in international marriages and mail-order bride services. Before joining Yourbride, Dave Greenberg has been a professional dating coach who stands behind 20+ successful marriages. Being an experienced couple counselor, Dave continues helping singles find their matches all over the world.