Learn About Marrying A Peruvian Woman: Appearance, Traits, Facts Of Peru Brides

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Marrying a Peruvian woman might be the best decision in your life. First, girls from this country have an exceptionally beautiful appearance. Men from all over the world find them very attractive. Second, they have strong family values. The divorce rate in Peru is quite low because locals believe that once you find a partner, you should do everything possible to keep your marriage and live happily together. What else should you know about Peruvian brides? Keep reading to find out.

The most important facts about Peru mail order brides

‌Peru single ladies have lots in common with many Latin women for marriage. What are their characteristics?

  • A mix of many cultures. Indians, Spaniards, Western Europeans, descendants of African slaves, and Asians are all the ancestors of modern Peruvians. That's why their appearance is so exotic and unique. By the way, until recently, most people lived in the countryside. But now, about 80% live in cities. Moreover, there are the Andes mountain communities, and tribes living in the Amazon Rainforest.
  • A mix of languages. There are 3 official languages in the country—Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara. Spanish is, of course, the most spread and spoken by about 80% of locals. But if you go towards the Amazon Jungle direction, you'll find people who can speak over 10 more languages. What about English? It's not so widely spoken all around the country, but common in big cities like Lima or Cusco (places with the biggest number of Peruvian brides). It's still advised to learn some Spanish phrases to communicate with locals if you go to visit your girlfriend in Peru.
  • A mix of cuisines. Peru is considered one of the top foodie destinations in the world. Dating and marrying a Peruvian woman would be a great idea just because she'll cook like a Michelin-star chef. By the way, lots of famous chefs from all around the world travel to Limo to improve their skills and learn something new from locals. Moreover, the country has been named the World's Leading Culinary Destination for over 10 years now!

Why do Peruvian wives look for overseas husbands?

‌The reasons are similar to those Honduras brides or the brides from neighboring countries of Latin America have. Here they are some of them.

Unfaithful husbands

Peruvians, like many other Latin men, are known for being so-called machos. These are men aggressively proud of their masculinity. They think that committed relationships are not for real men, and that having many women is something natural. That's why it's not a rare case to see scandals and arguments within families. Still, women tend to forgive their partners to save families. That's why Peruvian women for marriage want to choose Westerners for husbands because they believe they're much more faithful.


Low quality of life

Statistically, about 20% of the Peruvian population (over 6 million people) live under the poverty line. A person working in Peru typically earns around $500-700 per month. Of course, cognition comes through comparison. That's much more than, for example, in Venezuela or Brazil. Still, that's much less than in America or Western European countries. Girls are looking for partners from more developed regions to have better lives for their families.

Domestic violence

Peruvian wives continue to be at high risk of gender-based violence. And even though about 6 years ago, a Peruvian government passed a law aimed to protect women's rights and punish abusers, it still doesn't work the way it should. Lots of girls suffer from all kinds of abuse—domestic, sexual, financial. A pay gap is also a problem in the country. On average, women in Peru earn only 63% of the income earned by men.

Top misconceptions about Peruvian mail order brides

‌There are many stereotypes about mail order women from Peru. Let's dispel or prove some of them.

Peruvian brides are too emotional

As a rule, all women from Latin America are perceived as too expressive or sentimental. They're also often associated with girls who easily become nervous or even hysterical. Let's see what's true here. First, Peruvian wives never tend to hide their emotions. They prefer to be open and speak the truth. But they don't make scandals just for the sake of scandals. It's not their hobby. If you don't give them a reason to get nervous, they won't make a mountain out of a molehill.

Peru single ladies are rural

There's a misconception that Peru is a rural country. Like people who live in villages, do the farming, and don't know anything about modern civilization. That's a huge stereotype. In fact, almost 80% of the local population currently lives in urban centers. In comparison, there are 83% of Americans living in urban areas today. Another example to dispel the myth—Limo, the capital of Peru, can be compared to Chicago by its size and density. There are other cities with a population of over 1 million people in the country.


Peruvian wives are always late

Well, this one is still very questionable. Like, there's no smoke without fire, right? Many Peruvians indeed consider constant “lateness” as a nice cultural peculiarity that everyone accepts. Like no one wants to fight it. But Peruvian ex-President Alan García doesn't think so. He describes it as a “horrible, dreadful, harmful custom” and even initiated a campaign to fight this chronic lateness. To speak the truth, no meal, wedding, or funeral can start on time in the country. Being an hour late is totally okay. Hopefuly, new rules for “Peruvian time intolerance” can help.

Tips for dating Peruvian women for marriage

‌Finally, here are a few recommendations for those who want to make sure a relationship with Peruvian brides runs smoothly and with pleasure.

  • Learn more about her culture. It's highly likely you haven't heard much about Peru, its people, culture, etiquette rules, taboos. They're surely very different from what you're used to being raised in Western society. So if you don't want to get in an awkward situation when, for example, meeting her parents, eating out, or going to the restaurant, learn more about local traditions.
  • Treat her equally. One of the reasons Peru mail order brides want to marry men from abroad is equality and partnership in relationships. That's why you'd better ask her more about her desires and wishes. Discuss with her important decisions and make sure you show her opinion is valued too. Don't perceive her as a voiceless housewife.

‌One of Peru mail order brides can change your life forever, filling it in with love, support, and care. Don't be afraid of making the first step. Register on a dating site and start communicating with pretty ladies. Just go for it!