Who are Mauritian women?

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Mauritians are people with an exciting mix of races who claim that their ancestors arrived to the beautiful island country called Mauritius from Europe, Africa, and Asia.

However, approximately two-thirds of Mauritians have Indian origins. This is probably why Mauritian Brides are remarkably beautiful.

Mauritius is one of the most beautiful and hospital islands that are off the east coast of the island country in the Indian Ocean called Madagascar. The capital city of this exotic holiday getaway is Port-Louis. This island is admired and loved by the outside world due to its rich, cultural variety.

There is no official language in Mauritius, though most of the population speaks several languages which include French, Cantonese, Creole, and a smattering of English. Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Islands which include Rodrigues – a territory of Mauritius – and Reunion Island.

Features of Mauritian brides

They are beautiful

Mauritian women are exotic with long, straight, jet-black tresses that reach down their backs. There is no doubt that the mix of different races and cultures has added to the overall beauty of this remarkable Mauritian women.

Mauritian brides are simple dressers

Mauritian women like to dress in a humble style, perhaps primarily because of their religion. The most popular religion practiced in Mauritius is Hinduism, followed by Christianity, and then Islam. A very small minority practice Buddhism. Your Mauritian Bride is more likely to be a Christian or a practitioner of Hinduism.

The humility shown by Mauritian women indicates that you will not be burdened with requests to purchase the latest trending dresses, shoes or handbag in town. They enjoy quite humble and decent clothing, still, they manage to look gorgeous all the time. It is the natural beauty that enhances every outfit, making it better.

Mauritian brides are exceptional cooks

Mauritian women are taught from their pre-teen years how to cook tasty meals. The cuisines in Mauritius are greatly influenced by the mix of Creole, Chinese, French, and Indian cultures.

Mauritian food is extraordinary, and your potential Mauritian brides will likely treat you to delicious and fresh seafood – such as sour and sweet shrimps, crayfish, garlic basted octopi, chili crabs, and garlic lobster – all of which are prepared or cooked the Mauritian way.

Also, lush tropical vegetables and fruits along with imported game or venison along with exotic Indian and African spices are blended in a variety of ways to tingle your taste buds.

You can be assured of getting delicious and tasty meals that are much healthier than what you have been used to when you take your Mauritian bride home.


Mauritian brides are hospitable

Mauritians are friendly people by nature, and they always want the best for every foreigner that visits the “rainbow paradise island” - as Mauritius is sometimes called. So, you shouldn’t be too surprised if you notice this affable trait in your Mauritian bride.

They are educated

Thanks to the Constitution – which forbids gender discrimination – Mauritian women have access to quality education, governmental services, and employment. And they use this opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills in various area of science! You can rarely spot a woman of Mauritius that is lazy or uneducated. Local mail order brides like it when they feel confident and smart.

They are home makers

Mauritian women are greatly concerned about their home. They know how to take care of the house and the family, whether its an extended or nuclear family.

Mauritian brides are a “take-home-to-Mamma” women, any time, any day. You will not go wrong with marrying a Mauritian girl as you will be blessed with an intelligent individual whose goal is to be your helper in every sense of the word.