Beautiful American Samoa women: Learn Interesting Facts

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Strong yet compassionate American Samoa women have unbreakable energy and an ability to love with all their hearts. Raised to be a reliable wife, an American Samoa woman will become a perfect mother, an impeccable housekeeper and a gorgeous lover for her foreign husband.

And all those features are just the beginning. Find out for yourself why pretty Samoan women are so desirable among non-Samoan males and learn some tips on how to conduct a brilliant date with such exotic ladies.

Who are American Samoa women?

These are down-to-earth ladies with natural beauty. American Samoa is a small place, but it has a warm community and loving people. Most of the babes here are dedicated and lead life by example. American Samoa women want someone who can bring them better things and brighter experiences. They want to be in a happy relationship where both individuals respect each other. This is something they don’t find in their nation.

🇼🇸 Popular Samoa cities with girls:Afega, Afiamalu, Alafua, Alamagoto
🗣 Language:Samoan (Polynesian), English
⌛ Average age of Samoa women:20-24 y.o.
👩 Female population:96 529 persons
🌐 Top sites to meet American Samoa women:LaDate, LoveFort, Latinfeels

Babes from American Samoa also want to get out of their country and explore different cultures and traditions. They desire to start a family in an established community with plenty of amenities and a higher quality of life. These beautiful babes get themselves on the top dating sites where they can seek solid matches.

Things to know about the culture and behavior of American Samoa women


Despite being a small territory, there are some unique things about this place making it special. Here are some interesting facts about American Samoa women.

  • This is a small place, but people here give a lot of importance to their culture and traditions. The majority of the families are well-connected, and it's their mentality that brings them together. So, if you're looking to impress an American Samoa girl, learn about her homeland.
  • Most of the people from this region are warm and kind-hearted. American Samoa girls always talk politely and do everything without an attitude. So, treat them the same way, and you'll receive a lot of love.
  • These babes aren't used to living under limitations. Even in American Samoa, they can do what they like. So, never put any restrictions or rights on these ladies. Let them act as they desire, and you'll never be disappointed.
  • American Samoa ladies live a very open and relaxed life. They like to experience new, different, and thrilling things. So, surprise her every now and then by doing little pleasurable moves.

Why are American Samoa girls good for marriage?

These ladies make really great wives. They bring a lot of positivity to anyone's life. Here are some of the reasons to consider these babes for marriage.

Responsible women

In your ideal life partner, you would expect her to be mature and take proper care of the family. You can rely on an American Samoa woman without a doubt. In fact, a lot of ladies are involved in professional sports. They like to live life by their rules and manage most of the things by themselves.

So, an American Samoa lady will handle the house and the kids really well. Everything will be organized and in the right place.


Subtle beauty

Every guy dreams to have a sexy wife who grabs all the attention whenever you step out. You’ll find the same with American Samoa brides. These ladies are known to be naturally beautiful and maintain themselves. So, don't expect them to apply a lot of makeup but still look gorgeous all the time.

Quality cooks

American Samoa is a small place but the dishes there are delicious. So, your babe will cook tasty meals and make everyone in the house happy. You’ll be surprised on a regular basis.

Tips For Dating American Samoa Women

Simply said, young women in American Samoa are intelligent, intriguing, and appreciative of learning new things. Not to add that they’re interested in their culture and are enthusiastic about their history and values. All that means a man who has in mind to start dating a Samoan woman should be able to impress her, not with his funds, but with his intellect.

Be as open as she is

American Samoa girls are joyful and brave. They will be sharing their life stories with you and also be asking about your background. Try to be open and sincere with her, don't lie or hide anything—Samoan girls won’t forgive such behavior. Nevertheless, if she isn't willing to share everything—don't insist, it may be repulsive for her.


Teach her new things

Pretty Samoan girls eager to learn more about global cultures and traditions. Be a storyteller and share some things (legends, myths, or rules of your country) with her. Samoan lady will appreciate it and will be listening with quiet interest. A significant fact about Samoan girls is that they’re bilingual so there is no need to learn their language (unless you want to impress a Samoan girlfriend with your philological talents).

Be respectful

Don’t try to “buy” her. Beautiful American Samoa women, unlike many other girls on this planet, don’t try to marry a bag of bucks. Treat her as an independent and wise woman and show that your plans for her are serious.

Final verdict

How to find a hot and fun American Samoa woman for a long-lasting relationship without moving a single muscle to visit their country? Take a look at some popular American Samoa dating sites and you’ll be surprised at how many outstanding girls are looking for a foreign husband online! Your task is to just create an account and start picking the most gorgeous and active mail order girlfriend among others.

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