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5 Shortcuts to Start Speaking Russian

Updated on: by Emma Brown

Getting a Russian bride means changing your life forever. And that is not only because of the cultural differences that will spice up your relationship and, hence, the lifestyle but because you will have to study and use the Russian language in your life.

Sure enough, you may spend decades looking for a Russian woman who speaks perfect English, but why should you wait instead of learning Russian and bridging the language barrier between you and your potential Russian bride? Here are 5 tips on how to start speaking Russian faster.

1. Learn Basic Grammar

The communicational methodologies are not what will help you to start speaking a foreign language. If you ignore the core principles of a foreign language and start communicating with native speakers on the spot with learned-by-heart-phrases, you will speak, but with lots of mistakes.

And believe us, it will be quite difficult to change your language habits. Apparently, you do not want your Russian bride to giggle every time you say something in her language, do you?

Russian is a peculiar language, so get some online tutorials, watch Russian language channels on YouTube, attend courses or find a tutor. Focus on the alphabet, pronunciation of each sound, tenses, genders, and conjugation of most popular verbs (yes, that’s what makes Russian tough for foreigners!)

2. Focus on Vocabulary Which is Useful For You

Definitely, you will not have to talk with your Russian bride about animals, rockets, and home utilities at first. Therefore, learn only words and phrases you will use. For instance, it will be important for you to tell you Russian woman about your personal traits, daily habits, preferences, and hobbies. You will undoubtedly also need some romantic vocabulary – to express your true feelings right.


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3. Start Speaking No Matter What – With a Native Speaker

Do not wait until the time you pass the upper-intermediate book for Russian. Once you have learned some grammar and phrases – start putting your knowledge to use. If you are shy to approach the Russian girl that you like, go online to find another ‘victim.’

There are Russian people who want to learn speaking English, so why don’t you Skype them or invite for a cup of coffee, so that one day they teach you Russian – another day you let them practice English?

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4. Use Apps

The cutting-edge technologies like mobile apps can also help you brush up your Russian. Note, however, that they will not help you speak but learn new phrases and revise the ones you have already learned.

What is good is that their exercises are based on the repetition, and as Russian teachers love to say – ‘repetition is the mother of learning’ which means practice makes perfect.


5. Talk to Yourself in Russian

This is the weirdest tip, but it is the most effective one. Start thinking in Russian, using the phrases that you have already studied. If you are alone – talk to yourself. Talk to Russian anchors whose faces you can see on your TV. Try to say something simple, and it will help you to get more comfortable and realize what kind of vocabulary you lack.

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