How to Find Russian and Ukrainian Mail-Order Bride While Avoiding Scam

Find beautiful mail-order brides from russia and ukraine

Wish to meet your Ukrainian or Russian sweetheart but are afraid of getting into a scam? Unfortunately, mail-order bride industry receives a lot of negative attention, that’s why we want to challenge the common point that the industry of arranged marriages is full of scam and show you the ways to detect dishonest users.

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First of all, the notorious mail-order bride scam involves email correspondence where fake users pretend to cultivate romantic relationships with men (prevalently) abroad. After establishing the relationships online, a woman begins asking money for different reasons: a visa to arrive in the USA, plane tickets, or money to help her sick relative. However, any trustworthy dating agency will tell you that you should never send money to a woman abroad.

According to Guardian, many men become victims of online dating scam. The common opinion suggests that Russian and Ukrainian women engage in emotional prostitution to solve their financial problems and support their families. Thus, they leave foreign men both with broken hearts and empty pockets.

Because of the media that are drawing public attention to the scam issues, most people forget about success stories that happen in this industry. According to the Huffington Post, most couples that were engaged via dating agencies stayed together for the past five years, with three couples having children within the past two years. Another woman got divorced her husband for the reason of his negative behavior, but not because she simply wanted to stay in the US. That’s why it is important to remember that most of the relationships that have begun through this industry are real.

How to Avoid Mail-Order Bride Scam

So, to find long-lasting and supporting relationships, you need to pay attention to the following rules:

Don’t send her money

Unless you want to attract a gold miner, never send money to a girl. No matter what the reason is - she wants to visit you and asks to buy her a ticket, or she has problems with financing her visa, or you just want to treat her with luxury gifts, don’t succumb to temptation. We understand that you want to win her heart as soon as possible, but you’d better do it in another way.

Pay attention to her profile

If you see a girl that looks like a supermodel, it is probably a fake photo. Luckily you can easily check this information by searching for her profile on social networks or conducting a google search by image.

Make a video call

Scammers usually avoid video chats. If your match refuses to start a video call, then you should move on and find someone else.

Men pretending women

Yes, a lot of men pretend to be women to trick you into telling them your personal information. Although you can be blinded by the stunning woman who wants to start relationships with you, it is always important to pay special attention to what she is asking you.

Never reveal your personal information: credit card, bank account, home address and so on.

Use a trustworthy dating agency

Taking into account that free online dating sites have a weak security, most scammers create their accounts there. On the other hand, subscription-based dating sites have support and security teams that moderate new profiles. By doing so, they immediately check new members and see whether they use unrealistic photos that don’t match the description, thus reducing the number of scammers. That’s why if you want to protect yourself from fraud, join only legitimate dating sites.

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