What is it Like to Have a Ukrainian Wife

What is it Like to Have a Ukrainian Wife: Reddit Experience

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Ukraine is one of the most popular countries with astonishing mail-order brides . Men desire them due to a lot of positive characteristics and beauty. While some are already on their way of meeting a mail-order brid e or are even married successfuly for some time, others are afraid of frauds and scams of the mail-order bride services and are not sure, if it’s possible at all to create a bonding with the Ukrainian bride.

We gathered three outstanding happy stories of men, who got the luck to marry amazing Ukrainian women . Here is what came out of it.


How I Met A Ukrainian Wife

There are numerous stories of various men who were looking for the love of their lives on mail-order bride websites . A lot of them succeeded and their stories give inspiration to those still seeking love.

User “ inlovewher " wrote briefly about his successful experience in finding a Ukrainian mail-order bride and shared his worries about her safety back in Ukraine during the war. In his touching text, he said:

After visiting sites to find the woman of my dreams I have found my love – a lady from Ukraine. After coming across many scammers I now feel that my honest efforts were worth the search. Most women ESPECIALLY women in Ukraine seek love, honesty, respect, and compatibility like all women do. Now the biggest problem is the war there, and the joining of our lives together. After having finally met her, now I fear to lose her to the tragedies there. I try to keep her spirits high by giving her hope, I pray she will be safe. These women are not mail- order, they are people that want what we want: someone to walk through life with, someone to cherish and to love .

User “ Lonely-old-man ” shared his story of finding a Ukrainian mail-order bride and explained the reasons for doing so. As he was left by his wife and felt deep loneliness due to it, he started looking for a partner and mail-order bride services came in handy. Here is what he says:

(Note: I changed some details for anonymity). I'll probably come off as a creep, but I just did it because I was alone. I had never been good with women, which is why when I met my wife I was so in love. We had a good life, a nice house, 2 cars, a dog and a pool, we were living the dream and everything was good. 4 years ago she left me for another man as it turned out she was having an affair. She divorced me, but didn't ask for anything, because she wanted to make it as fast as possible.

After I found out she was pregnant with his child and it devastated me, I turned to drink. Every night I would sleep alone with no one there. Even though she did what she did, I missed her and just wanted to hold her again. I was tired of living alone so I found one of those Ukrainian bride sites. I met a nice woman and long story short we got married. It feels good to just have someone sleep next to me at night and someone to talk to. She has already told me she loves me and it feels… genuine like she's not faking it. She helped me stop drinking and has really helped me get my life on track.


User Stryk-j shared his lucky story of meeting a young Valentina from Ukraine :

I'm 38 from New Zealand. It took a few goes, but I did find my girlfriend on mail-order bride website :) It is real and there are ladies who really want to find love. Ukraine has 3.5 million more women than men, so for them, overseas partners are the only way they can do it.

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