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Victoria Hearts

VictoriaHearts Reviews

Latest update: 2020-05-27

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VictoriaHearts Site Overview

Looking for a bride online is almost considered fashionable nowadays, as the number of men who take their chances on the dating sites is quite big. It's understandable because online dating is easy and interesting, and, moreover, it can lead to really important acquaintances.

Some people do find their destiny on the Internet. It is possible, thanks to the new matching algorithms. You can be among those lucky men, all you need to do is to pick the right dating website for your purposes.

Victoria Hearts is among the top dating venues for today, and it can boast of many positive features that make it attractive for the customers. Let's go deeper into its pros and cons in this review to find out if this site is worth your attention.

The general info

Victoria Hearts is a mail-order bride website where you can find yourself a wife who meets your demands. Girls from all around the world can register there, but the main focus of the site is on the beauties from Eastern Europe. Which means that you can know Ukrainian, Russian, Georgian and other ladies there.

The searching tools are modern and well-developed, so you can focus on the particular type of girls or make it general and take a chance on a random lady that you find attractive.

VictoriaHearts has a Tinder-like mobile application where you can «like» a woman and start the conversation with her. By the way, the matching algorithm analyses who you like and gives you a list of women you may find interesting based on your appearance preferences.

Is it easy to use?

As a dating site, Victoria Hearts has to have a simple and nice interface to make the visitors want to stay. This site definitely succeeds with this, as you can navigate around the site intuitively and figure out how to use it in minutes. No need to read any manuals before starting to use VictoriaHearts; everything is understandable, and no guide around the site is required.

The registration won't take long. All you need to do is enter your name and email address and then confirm it. There you go! After these fast and simple actions, you have your page on VictoriaHearts.

You can answer some questions about your personality and the goals you are aimed at, so the matching algorithm can have more data and work properly. It also makes your profile attractive for the female users, as they want to understand who they see in front of them on the computer screen. As you add the pictures or you, your account will have more visitors, for sure.

What is the quality of profiles?

All of the personal accounts on VictoriaHearts are very informative and well-composed. You can get maximum information about the lady and make up your mind if you want to start a chat with her or not. Usually, the pages hold such data as appearance details, age, education, job, hobbies and interests and, of course, marital status. To know more details, you can always send an email to a woman and start the communication.

All of the profiles are carefully checked, as it is an important part of the site's anti-scam policy. You are also welcome to fill in your profile as much as you can because it will raise your ratings and help the female users make their decisions about you. Moreover, such approach to setting up an account increases the quality of the site, so it's for your own good.

If you are looking for a particular kind of woman, — say, you want her to be Russian, or have blue eyes, or work as a lawyer — you have to set up the necessary qualities to the search filter. Hence you make the searching algorithms work efficiently and help you in finding your perfect lady.

The wide variety of female users makes it possible for everyone to find the one they need.

Who are the members?

The number of members of VictoriaHearts increases every day, but there are hundreds of thousands of ladies, for sure. If you are keen on Slavic beauty, you will be happy to find singles from Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Latvia, and Moldova.

New members join the site daily, which talks about its popularity and makes it easier for you to find a girl who can be your perfect match.

Also, to make your presence on VictoriaHearts as productive as possible, the site offers you a list of ladies online. Although you cannot expect all of them to be there for you round the clock, a few hundreds are always active and ready to talk.

What services can you use?

The site's accommodation is very comfortable and reasonable, and the services you can use are helpful in your journey to the married life or any other kind of relationship you would like to get.

First, what's important to mention is that the registration on VictoriaHearts is free. You pay nothing for it, and you can also send women the emails for free as well. For all other services you have to buy a subscription, and you will have to pay for the separate services with the credits you also buy.

If you want a faster communication and don't like to wait for emails of response, you can use instant messaging. It is a regular service for the dating sites, and it is especially comfortable to use in an app.

Skype calls allow you to see the chosen girl and enjoy her voice and behavior while talking. Although the video calls can't fully substitute the pleasure of real-life communication, it is also a nice way to spend an online date.

If you want more real steps, VictoriaHearts can help you with gift or flowers delivery. Such service is also available on the site if you want to surprise your lady and treat her to good things.

You will constantly be offered a list of women you may like, according to your interests and preferences, so you can widen your horizons and take a look at those you could not have found without the site's help.

The support team is always there for you to answer any questions that appear during your presence on the site. If you want to use some of the provided services, you can also contact them, and the support will do that for you in the shortest terms possible.

How does safety and anti-scam policy work?

VictoriaHearts has proved to be quite successful at the anti-scam activity. Of course, it doesn't give you 100% guarantees of safety, but the mechanisms used to protect your data are advanced. Everything is made for the customers' safe using of the site, and the high rate of activity on it shows that the users are satisfied with it.

As for the ladies, they pass very strict checks before finally registering on the site. For example, they have to go to the special dating agencies back in their home countries, while men can simply set up their account at home on a regular laptop.

So, Slavic singles go to the agencies, where their documents are checked to verify their identities. After that, a lady has to pass an interview with the experts. This way the agency's team can judge the lady's intentions and decide if it is safe for men to chat with her. That all is done to protect male users from fraudsters who hunt for their money. Only after those procedures, women are allowed to register their profiles on VictoriaHearts.

The site also holds some articles with the tips on how to recognize a scammer and what to do in case you came over one. Of course, even the most advanced safety system can't be your total shield against fraud, that's why you also have to know what you can do yourself to save your wallet.

To talk about the technical point of the issue, there is a security https protocol and data encryption used for saving your personal information. So, as you can see, the information gets protected on all level in order to get the best results and keep the customers satisfied.

In case you don't like the quality of safety services, or something happens to you, and you suffer from fraudster attacks, you have right to contact customer support service of VictoriaHearts and get a refund.

How much do you pay?

What has to be mentioned first is that the pricing policy of VictoriaHearts is very reasonable. You pay only for those services which you use, and you don't have a full subscription with a huge arsenal of useless tools. As for the exact numbers, we advise that you start with a Premium subscription, which costs $9.99 monthly. It is the best and most beneficial way to use VictoriaHearts, as then you can buy the necessary amount of credits and go on using the services that you need.

The pricing is rather easy to figure out, and, again, if any confusion appears, you can ask your any questions to customers support. VictoriaHearts doesn't attach your credit card to the site, which means your money won't go there automatically. It is comfortable as you can control your expenses and be sure that you pay only for the things you want.

Benefits of VictoriaHearts

Drawbacks of VictoriaHearts

  • not perfect anti-scam policy;
  • some of the services are not included in the subscription.
  • To sum up

    VictoriaHearts is positively different from the rest of mail order bride dating sites. Of course, the list of services it offers is rather regular, and there is nothing so special about the females registered. But its anti-fraud policy is among the best ones, a lot of users join the site every day, and the pricing is very smart.

    If you are looking for the good dating venue that can meet your demands and high expectations,VictoriaHearts has all chances to do that. As the users are carefully checked at the stage of registration, you can be safe with your personal data. Moreover, as you pay only for the things that you use, your expenses get smart and exact.

    Love online is very easy after all, and if you dare to give it a chance, you may be surprised how many positive changes it can bring to your life. Everyone comes to the dating sites with different purposes, but all those people, eventually, are looking for the one who can be their company, love, and support for life. VictoriaHearts makes a good start to «happily ever after», so don't hesitate to try it!