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VictoriaDates Reviews

Latest update: 2020-05-27
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VictoriaDates Site Overview

Everyone needs and deserves love. And such approach to life is fair, reasonable and understandable. We want someone to follow us on our life path and be around during the tough times. It is pleasant to share the happy moments too, so, long story short, finding a decent partner is an important issue.

We can seek for our significant other in real life or online — luckily, now we have such an opportunity, and the market is full of dating sites. They all are different, and for the beginner, it may be hard to sort out the exact venue they need.

To resist the temptation of registering at the very first site your searching engine gives you is really worth it. Firstly, because hence you will be sure that you will choose the most efficient dating site. Secondly, because you won't struggle with some suspicious pricing policy or, what's worse, some strange privacy matters.

VictoriaDates is a bright representative of high-quality dating venues where you can get deeper into the mail order bride system, know more ladies and choose yourself a partner who meets your demands. As any other thing, this site has its advantages and drawbacks, so in this review you can know more about them and figure out if Victoria Dates is suitable for you. We advise to read this article to the end to know the most and hence be objective about this dating site.

Pros and Cons



General information about VictoriaDates

Victoria Dates is a mail order bride dating website which provides you with various services to communicate with the ladies overseas. The site has excellent ratings and nice reputation, so the amount of its users is constantly rising. As you can judge from the facts above, it is trendy among male customers, because VictoriaDates seems to be among the top best dating platforms for today. Let's have a closer look at it and describe every aspect of it in more details.

Why is Victoria Dates special?

There are a few things that make Victoria Dates stand out from the range of other mail order bride websites.

Firstly, there are a lot of female users registered, it's true. Ladies from all over the world set up their account on this site in a search for their perfect man. But VictoriaDates is mainly focused on Slavic beauties. So, if you are fond of Eastern European women and you have always wanted to know them better, VictoriaDates is your choice, as it provides a lot of communication with ladies from Eastern European countries.

Secondly, Victoria Dates is not a simple site that you can visit. For your comfort, the team has developed a Tinder-like mobile app, where you «like» female profiles by pictures and get the opportunity to talk to them. Hence the communication gets easier and more comfortable because mobile app is even more convenient than the mobile version of the site. What's more, it lets you stay in touch with women 24/7 and answer them anytime.

Thirdly, the matching algorithm works very well on Victoria Dates. It will offer you a list of girls you might like, but it won't just be based on your common interests, as it is done on the other sites. Of course, such a function exists as well, but VictoriaDates offers you something more. The algorithm will sort out the female pictures you have liked and make up a list of women who look similar. Hence you can see more attractive faces and get to know those ladies who are your type (if we talk about appearance).


If you wonder who are the users of VictoriaDates, here is the answer. To start with, we have to say that this dating platform counts many thousands of customers, and their number is increasing day by day. It is another proof of the site's good quality, but, first of all, it is your chance to know more women and choose the one who is your special.

As we have already mentioned, the girls from everywhere use Victoria Dates, but the main focus of the female category is on those who come from Eastern Europe. To be more precise, the countries like Ukraine, Russia. Georgia, Latvia, and Moldova. Of course, you can choose the one you like most and only look for the girls from there, but we advise you to not limit yourself to one nationality only. Spread your borders and give yourself a chance to try; take a chance on Georgian beauties, for instance. They are not very well-known as mail-order brides, but, definitely, they are worth being known better.

VictoriaDates is attractive to female users, that's why new profiles appear there daily. The thing is that this dating platform has already recommended itself as a really successful match-making service, so a lot of people consider it worth trying.

A big number of customers guarantees you to have a constant ability to contact anyone. Of course, the whole range of ladies can't be there for you round the clock, but at least a few hundreds are always online so that you can start a conversation.

Quality of profiles

Each of the profiles you see on this dating site is very informative, and the site's team tries to consult the users to make it as comprehensive as possible. The thing is that the more info you add to your account, the more efficient and popular it is. No-one would like to talk to a person with an empty page, so the content of each profile is usually controlled. Here's why you are very unlikely to find some low-quality profiles or account without any photos.

Every personal page on VictoriaDates usually contains information about one's age, appearance, marital status, job and hobbies, habits, and interests. In the «About Me» paragraph ladies usually describe their preferences and expectations, so you can see if you meet her demands and decide on the communication.

Such a big amount of personal information allows you to set up the search by certain qualities. Hence you can find yourself a 20-year-old blonde, or a lady who works as a journalist, etc. Such kind of search engine lets you make your search more or less narrow. Both wide and specific approaches work good, you just need to decide what kind of lady you are looking for. And a little advice: sometimes it is better to not stick to your preferences and let yourself try something new. You never know what you can suddenly like, and this courage of letting something new in your life may appear to be your lucky chance or even destiny.

Ease of use

VictoriaDates is one of those sites where you can get everything intuitively. Navigation is not hard at all, and after a few minutes you already know everything and wander around the site with no fear of clicking on the wrong button. Even if it is your first time on the mail order bride website, Victoria Dates is very easy in use, so you won't have any trouble setting up your profile and communicating with charming Slavic singles.

The registration is very fast and simple, even in comparison with other dating platforms. All you need to mention while setting up your account is your name and email address. After you confirm it, you have a personal page to fill in. It is a good idea to add some photos of you. Otherwise, you won't be very popular among the female users. Ladies like to see who they are talking to, and that demand is quite reasonable. Hence it is the site where you actually judge people by their appearance; it is important to have some pictures and show what you look like.

As for the other data, you are welcome to ask some questions about your personality, as well as about your preferences in girls. Thanks to this the matching algorithm will be able to make up a list of women you may find attractive. As you can see, VictoriaDates gives you two different lists. One of them is based on picture analysis, and the other one matches you to the singles according to what you have in common.

Services and support

VictoriaDates provides various ways of communication, so everyone can find what is suitable for them. Anyway, the list of services is quite standard a for the dating platforms, but it's for sure that the job is very well-done.

Hence, apart from the emails that you can send for free, the other services require some payment.

If you like to be in a real chat, when a person responds fast, and you don't need to wait for hours until they write you a reply letter, your choice is instant messaging. It is especially popular in the App, as it is the most convenient way of communication.

Video calls are for those who want to add a little more real life to their long-distance relationship. And although it can't be a real substitute to live talks, at least you see your partner and hear them speak, not just read the text on the screen.

Flowers and gift delivery are for romantics who like to make surprises and show their women how they matter. It is a lovely way to express the feelings, and VictoriaDates supports men in the desire to show it.

Safety and anti-fraud policy

VictoriaDates has proven to be one of the most efficient platforms in anti-scam activity. You can be sure that your data is protected. As for the technological side of the issue, VictoriaDates uses security https protocol and data encryption. Moreover, your personal information won't be delivered to the third parties without your permission.

As you have to take part in the anti-fraud activity, VictoriaDates provides you with well-written articles, which include tips on how to recognize a scammer and how to behave in that case. It is smart and effective, so you have to learn to protect yourself, and them the anti-scam system will work its best.

All of the female profiles are carefully checked, and ladies pass a serious preparation before even setting up their profiles. Special local agencies check their documents, interview those women to see their intentions, and if a lady passes that test, she is allowed to register her personal page on Victoria Dates.

In case you fall a victim of fraud, and you are not satisfied with the VictoriaDates anti-scam policy, you are welcome to contact customer support service and ask for the refund.


The pricing policy of VictoriaDates is rather smart, as you pay only for the things you use. We advise you to buy a Premium subscription to be able to use all of the needed services. It will cost you $9.99 per month, which isn't a big sum. The other services can be purchased with the credits you buy.

Victoria Dates doesn't attach your credit card to the account to charge you automatically so that you can regulate your own expenses.