The best first date ideas for mail order bride (after meeting online)
Posted on April 09, 2020

Top 7 Romantic Date Ideas for Mail-Order Bride (After Meeting Online)

Chatting and exchanging dozens of emails may seem safer and more comfortable than meeting offline, however sooner or later you will have to meet your match in real life. There is also so much you can learn about your future wife when meeting her.

You can exchange hundreds of messages with different women, but when you meet in person, the date may fall flat. That’s why when you communicate online just enough to discern potential, you’d better arrange to meet.   

No doubt you want to impress your potential wife and to make her feel happy. If you arrange a romantic date for the first time, here are seven ideas how to make it unforgettable.

Top 7 Most Romantic Gestures for a First Date:

1. Go to a Planetarium

The dreamy atmosphere of the planetarium combined with a dark room makes a perfect ambiance for a first date. Instead of a traditional dinner, spend the whole evening gazing the stars and learn about constellations. Moreover, such a romantic atmosphere will make you much closer to each other.

If you are visiting your mail-order bride in her home country, you probably will be excited about spending time in a more informative way. Whether you love art or just want to spend some time with your bride surrounded by masterpieces, this one is a great place for both of you to evaluate each other’s interests. Choose something funny and exciting instead of a sophisticated place if you are anxious about not having enough to talk about.  

3. Go for a Skate

Not all roller skaters were born with balance, but if you want to remove the seriousness from your first date, this is your best choice. You will see that after a few fall you will immediately break the ice and become a lot closer.

4. Head to the Aquarium

No atmosphere is more romantic than a soft-lit aquarium ful of beautiful tropical fish and reef creatures. Stroll through the darkened rooms while you point out your favorite creatures behind the glass.

5. Take a Ferry Ride

30-minute ferry ride can be a perfect date option for people who don’t want to drag things over the dinner. Moreover, it’s a good way to breath some fresh air and to take wonderful views of the city where your future wife lives.

6. Go for a Leisurely Bike Ride

If both of you enjoy riding a bike, plan an active date in the park or in some scenic place where you can chat with your lady while taking a leisurely trip and then even have a picnic.

7. Take a Wine-Tasting Tour

If you are both big fans of exclusive wine, then go on a wine-tasting tour. You can learn all the techniques of tasting while spending a fantastic evening together.

Taylor Thompson
Executive Writer and Dating Coach
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