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Posted on June 08, 2020

Top 10 Most Beautiful Russian Women of December - So Stunning!

In our monthly mail-order bride roundup, we bring you the latest on the most beautiful women on Yourbride . Here are our top 10 stunning mail-order brides of December 2019.

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Alina, 24

”I want to meet a clever, interesting and handsome man who will love me and I will be happy with him. I like kind, responsive, clever and tender men. He will listen to me, and I want him to support me in any situation. I want to go with his hand by hand during all my life. I want to have a man older than me because I think that he has a lot of life experience and he can teach me and share his life with me.”


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Elena, 23

”Next to me I see a man with a good sense of humor, a cheerful and exemplary family man. My perfect man should not deceive and betray me. Sincerely believe that fate brought me to this site for a reason. I believe that there is a man here who is attuned to a serious relationship, who can appreciate me and accept who I am. I need a man with whom I will feel like behind a wall! I want to see a reliable man next to me.”


Karina, 23

”Be ready for active and interesting days as well as for lovely calm evenings with me. Be brave and decisive enough to make me feel safe and confident. Be weak enough to let me show you my support and care. Be yourself for me. Can you?:)”


Angelina, 23

”I am looking for a serious man who will bring joy and happiness to my life! I hope to find a person who will understand me and will love me with all of his heart. I believe that the person of my choice should be loving, loyal and gentle.”


Ekaterina, 23

”I am looking for an honest, serious man who is ready to create a family. I am looking for a kind, caring and attentive man who is not afraid of showing his emotions and feelings. He should be sincere and faithful. I hope to find a man who will have the same goals and who will look to the same side with me.”


Darina, 22

”The only thing I am missing in life is my soul-mate whom I haven’t found yet. That is why I am here at this site! My goal is to build my relationship with real feelings, to be gorgeous for my soulmate. I want him to be in love with me until the end of our days. I want to take care of him and try to give everything the best in return. I would like our love and understanding with my special one to prevail in this world because nobody can exist without these feelings. I am looking for a sincere, caring, cheerful and generous man. The one, who will be able to complete and support me in everything.”


Yulia, 27

”I want to find a person with which I will feel comfortable and safety. We should feel each other on distance. I hope that together we can collapse mountains.”


Tatiana, 19

”I want to meet a man who knows what he wants and is ready to fight for that. I need a strong, brave man who is ready to protect me if needed. I want to feel his power and kindness at the same time.”


Arnella, 21

”I am not looking for somebody just in case or one-night stand, I am looking for a serious man who will become the part of my life forever. No other special requirements. Would love to hear from you soon, my future man!”


Ekaterina, 21

”Age doesn't matter for me. I think that connection and passion between 2 people are more important. I would like my man to be a romantic person, so we both would have many romantic dates and joyful moments. I wish him to be ready for a long-term relationship. I have serious intentions on this site.”

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