These Are 6 Russian Brides That Will Stun You
Posted on June 08, 2020

These are the Most Expensive Russian Mail Order Brides

Have you ever seen the most expensive Russian brides ? Usually, they are not ladies who register on dating sites (however, who knows!) but those who marry (or about to marry) wealthy foreign men. Nevertheless, they search for better options in the Western world. Let’s look at these beauties – maybe your future mail order bride will look just like one of them?

1. Natalia Vodianova


Natalia Vodianova, often referred to as Supernova, is a famous Russian woman in modeling. She is in a relationship with a French businessman Antoine Arnault with sons. Interestingly, Vodianova has three more children from a previous marriage with Justin Trevor Berkeley Portman, a British property heir, and a multi-billionaire.

Once the model and entrepreneur unveiled that the reason for her divorce from the first husband was that he was not a diligent father. As she said, in their relationship, she turned into a mother hen. Well, that’s what some men expect from mail order brides too.

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2. Victoria Bonia


This lady is a Russian socialite and a former participant of the Russian reality show “Dom-2”. She started out like a Cinderella – as a provincial waitress in Moscow and grew to the sex-symbol of entire Russia.

Between 2010 and 2017 she was in a relationship with the Irish millionaire’s son Alexander Mihail Smerfit. They met each other in Moscow and in two years their baby-girl saw the world. But now she is a Russian bride again.

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3. Sogdiana Fedorinskaya


This Russian woman is mostly known as Sogdiana – this is her stage name. Sogdiana is an Uzbek and Russian singer of Ukrainian descent. She is also a former participant of the sixth season of the Russian talent show “Fabrika Zvyozd”.

Her first husband reportedly was an Indian millionaire. According to Sogdiana’s words, she met him for the first time when was performing at his event. The man was so persistent that she has to accept his offer to get married. Her second husband wasn’t less initiative. Moreover, he also was a foreigner – allegedly, an Ingushetia-oligarch.

But she divorced him too. In one of the interviews this Russian woman said that she has always wanted to be married.

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4. Irina Shayk


The defile of the Russian brides has not ended. The next Russian superstar is Irina Shayk. She is a notorious Russian model who has become famous while abroad. Irina Shayk is known for her long-lasting relationship with Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

Currently, she is in a relationship with the Hollywood celebrity Bradley Cooper, and although Shayk is still a Russian bride the couple has already welcomed their first daughter.

5. Natasha Poly


The list of the most expensive Russian mail order brides is closed by Natasha Poly – another Russian woman, supermodel. Born Natalia Polevshchikova, this lady spent her childhood in a Russian city Perm. She started out as a model by taking part in the most known model pageants like New Model Toda (once it winner was Charlize Theron).

Natasha Poly married Peter Bakker, a Dutch businessman who is older than her by 22 years.

As you can see, among the most expensive Russian brides and wives are a lot of self-made women – and this is a great cause for reflection.

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