It is not always true that the first date is all nice and pleasant. It's known that sometimes it goes wrong and people get deceived because they couldn't protect themselves well enough.

Unfortunately, no-one can guarantee that a partner you have chosen is a nice person, so it is better to be as attentive as you can and follow the safety rules while dating. Here is a list of things to remember when you meet a person online.

Rules online

From the very first “hello” every member of dating site should be vigilant. If you notice the worrying signs at the first stages, it will be easier later. So, here are the tips on how to keep yourself safe while online.

Stick to the platform

Try not to move to other messengers very quickly and don't rush the meeting. If a person insists on it, that may be suspicious. You have to know your partner better before agreeing on anything. Moreover, the dating site usually has good anti-scam protection, so it is safer to keep the communication there.

Protect your personal information

There are some facts about you on the profile, and it is fine when someone wants to know more about you. But that “more” shouldn't contain things like your contact or bank information, the number of your credit card or social security, home address and information like that.

No money to strangers

If anyone on the dating site starts asking for money, report this person to the support team. It isn't allowed on the dating platforms, and all the payments are connected with the services only. If a customer asks you to send them money, it is a scam.

Offline rules

One fine moment you two decide that you had enough chatting on the site and you want to get real. A good decision, though the first real-life meeting will still make you nervous and excited. Not to let the emotions bleach your mind, follow the rules and save yourself from the possible threats.

Meet and stay in public places

No matter how big the passion is, for the first date you should choose a place where there are other people. When you are in public, you feel safer, and if meet a fraudster, it is harder for them to act. There is a big chance that they won't dare to hurt or offend you. Or, at least, you will have the witnesses.

Keep the phone on

Don't turn off your phone during the date. It is good to have a chance to stay in touch with relatives or friends – someone who can come for you just in case. At any moment you can call and ask to take you away, call the police or anything else you may need.

Control food and beverage

Don't drink a lot and don't try the suspicious food. The unfortunate experience shows that not everyone who tries to feed you has good intentions. Your partner may turn out to be not a very good person, so you better be sober to control things. Again, the public place is a rescue here as well: you know that the bar or restaurant won't try to make you feel sick.

Protect yourself physically

If you decide to make out, don't negotiate the protection. A single condom can save your life and health. By the way, ask your date about their status. It is also a basic step in your relationship.

For further help and support

Don't be scared to call 911 if there's an emergency. Also, we give a list of services you may need.

Rape, Abuse and Incest National Hotline


Planned Parenthood


National Domestic Violence Hotline

1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or 1-800-787-3224