Mail-Order Brides and Single Dads
Posted on June 08, 2020

Mail-Order Brides and Single Dads. Can It Work?

Life is not a simple thing: one day you meet someone, believing that this is your true pure love. You make plans together, you build your family, you dream together, welcome first children, but then something goes wrong.

At one point you realize that you aren’t cut out for each other, you catch your partner on cheating or anything like that and end up divorcing. In another case, the saddest one, you lose the closest person forever and become a widower. The paths vary, but the outcome is often the same: you remain alone, you and your child.

So is it still possible to find happiness? You believe so. Hence, why you try dating some women around, and when it fails, you decide to give a shot to online dating. That’s the point at which you are contemplating the most. Yourself conscious keeps making you doubt: is it possible to bring a mail-order bride to your house and make her a friend of your offspring? The answer is YES. But not always.

Signs Your Mail-Order Bride Won’t Be a Stepmother But a Mom For Your Child

Before you unveil to your mail-order bride that you have a child (if you haven’t mentioned that in the profile questionnaire yet), ask her a set of questions like (better via a webcam to see her gestures):

  • Do you like children?
  • Do you have any?
  • Would you like to date/marry a man with a child? Etc.

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Naturally, such questions can make your new chosen woman get puzzled, but you will see some signs that will prove she can be a friend to your kid. And here they are:

  • She doesn’t get annoyed when hearing about children
  • She says she likes children, but she’s realistic when talking about drawbacks of fostering them
  • She has her own child, and she doesn’t spoil his/her
  • She knows the latest cartoons and animation films
  • She is resistant to children’s crying
  • She is patient
  • She loves animals and is very gentle with her pet
  • She doesn’t only claim she likes children, but she can support her assertions with life-examples
  • She looks forward to adopting children and admires what Angelina Jolie does
  • She can make fun of herself
  • She is a good listener
  • She asks millions of questions about your child

Indeed, if your mail-order bride is a genuine person, you will anyway discover her maternal interest. But that’s not all.

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How to Introduce Your Mail-Order Bride to Your Child?

Perhaps, you are nervous and are shaking like a leaf when thinking about this thrilling moment. Now you are ready to bring your child closer to your woman.

  1. Be sincere. Let both your potential wife from the overseas and your child know about each other’s existence.
  2. Satisfy their curiosity. Tell your bride everything about your child, and let your kid understand why his/her daddy resorted to searching a new mommy abroad.
  3. Let them interact. Instead of spending another evening chatting with your mail-order bride on a dating site or talking via a CamShare, let your child text her or speak with her online. They need to see it’s all real.

After that, you can make them meet offline. Thrilled? It’s worth it! However, bear in mind that it’s all isn’t only about your child, relax and build your private life.

Dave Greenberg
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