Mail-Order Brides – A Shopper’s Guide to Foreign Brides

Guide to Foreign Brides
Mail order bride services are gaining popularity rapidly. Finally, men and women understood that their destiny might wait for them far away: your future wife does not necessarily live in the same block and visit the same gym. With the help of the Internet, horizons expand and people do not need to limit themselves anymore. However, new opportunities bring new hazards: you should be cautious when you start your pursuit of love online. Indeed, you are expected to know how to deal with the mail order bride services. The very concept of such services might be misleading: you do not order a bride as you do not pay for her. The only thing you order is a virtual space and tools for communication with ladies. Hence, to find a foreign wife you have to be ready to deal with disappointments and obstacles. A few simple recommendations will help you to save your time and to succeed:
  • Decide on the nationality of the girl you want to meet. As there are numerous websites offering mail order bride services you have to limit the scope of search;
  • Do a research on the market and find a decent website that has a good reputation. Your decision should be based on the reviews of clients and experts. It is advisable to test free subscription options before paying for a membership – you should check if the site is convenient for you, if you like the selection of women, if services provided satisfy you;
  • Fill in your profile in details. If you have a decent profile the matchmaking algorithm would provide you with a better selection of your potential matches;
  • Be attentive when looking through the profiles of the ladies: pay attention to language, to photos, to basic facts. If a girl has some videos posted on her page you should not miss a chance to watch them;
  • Check her photos and messages to make sure they are authentic. Today it is easy to find out if the message is unique and if the photo was not used by somebody else. Unfortunately, some ladies utilize photos that do not depict them and send identical messages to multiple men;
  • Use different means of communication – chat, emails, phone, video calls – in order to make sure you communicate with the same woman all the time. In addition, you will get to know a lady better if you do not just exchange emails once a week;
  • Do not buy tickets for a woman who suggests visiting you. It is better to travel to her hometown and to meet face-to-face there.
These rules are supposed to lead you until you find a girl who conquers your heart. Before it happens you should be critical and suspicious to some extent. You are not asked to be paranoid and to wait when a girl deceives you but you should realize that online dating market is not always fair. Hence, in order to minimize the risks and to build productive relations with a foreign woman you have to pass three steps:
  1. You have to make sure that the woman is real;
  2. You have to make sure she is not trying to fool you, steal your money, etc.;
  3. You have to make sure that she is sincerely interested in you.
If you have any doubts on any of these stages then you should better terminate your relations. But if you see that the lady is faithful and if you can easily imagine your future together then it is time to act! A girl needs to feel your interest and your respect especially if you have serious intentions and want to marry her. Thus, you are expected to:
  • Stay in touch with her all the time and communicate as often as possible;
  • Send her gifts to show your admiration;
  • Visit the girl to get acquainted with her and with her family and friends;
  • Introduce her to your family and friends to show that you are serious;
  • Find out about her country and learn basics of her language to show that you respect her background and want to understand her better.
These hints are pretty easy to follow and they will help you to ensure a woman that you love her and that you want to spend your life with her. Mail order wife services give you a great opportunity to make your life perfect with a perfect woman. But it is exclusively your responsibility to use the chance given properly.
Captain Dave

Captain Dave is a senior associate editor and writer at YourbrideGlobal specializing in international marriages and mail-order bride services. Before joining YourbrideGlobal, Dave Greenberg has been a professional dating coach who stands behind 20+ successful marriages. Being an experienced couple counselor, Dave continues helping singles find their matches all over the world.