Hottest Russian Brides
Posted on June 08, 2020

How to Find the Hottest Russian Brides

When Russian women join international dating sites, they usually pursue one goal - to find the right man and create a family. They feel that it’s time to settle down but cannot find the right partner in their country. That’s why if you are not ready for the serious relationship you’d better look for some other girl. Otherwise, check our tips how to attract and date Russian women. How to Date Russian Women

If you have found a beautiful Russian woman and want to start a conversation with her, remember that she may follow so-called “hunter-prey” dating model. It means that these girls are taught to wait for their men to win their hearts and minds.


Stunning Russian girls usually don’t make any moves or show any interest in men until they see that you are ready for serious relationships. It may sound silly, but sometimes they even wait for several days before answering your message. Just be ready to wait and don’t panic. It is only a part of their winning strategy. When you realize this, your life will become much easier.

Here are our top 10 tips that will make your dating experience with Russian women better:

  • Don’t worry if you have no answered messages. Just wait for a couple of days and send another one.
  • If she says ‘No’ to your proposals, write a nice letter where you can say that you really like her and wonder if she could change her mind. If in the USA such move can be treated as stalking, in Russia your persistence will flatter her. She will be glad that someone truly likes her.
  • Make a lot of compliments to her. You may also say something about her personality, values, and intelligence.
  • Make your communication diverse: send her virtual and real gifts, start video chats and don’t wait too long before meeting in person.
  • Spur her imagination. Women like to draw emotional pictures of how amazing your life will be and how many great things she will experience with you.

There are also several things you should avoid when dating Russian women:

  • Never show her any signs of insecurity about your future life.
  • Don’t ask whether she realizes the age difference between you, or that she will have to relocate. Don’t put doubts in her head.
  • Don’t be rude, selfish, or insensitive. If you did something wrong even unknowingly, apologize for that and make another compliment. It doesn’t matter who is right or who is wrong. Do you prefer to be with her, or do you prefer to be right? It’s your choice.
Taylor Thompson
Executive Writer and Dating Coach
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