Find New Love After a Divorce

How to Find New Love After a Divorce?

Updated on: by Emma Brown

You may wish your recent divorce was as simple as your third teenage breakup – painful, but bearable. However, it is not possible – you might have spent a lot of time with your ex-spouse, and now you have to deal not only with your feelings but also with old habits.

Divorce changes the life, and it is challenging to experience it. For some years, you have been living and working for the family, trying to raise kids, pay bills, get home on time and get satisfying sex. It was like a vicious circle, but a comfortable and habitual. Now it’s all gone.

You try to remember the first days of your previous broken relationship, and you wonder: “But how come? Everything was going seamlessly at the start?” You might project the negative experience onto your potential relationships: “But what if it doesn’t work out just like it hasn’t done recently?”

It will be difficult for you to accept it, but you should: you won’t be alone if you pul yourself together. Here are some tips for you to get back on track.

Tip #1. Breathe out and…have sex

You need a pause. Take a day-off, leave the kids with the childminder and spend some time as though you’re a loose cannon. Look around. Life still goes on. Do not bare your feelings – cry them out.

And then – enjoy yourself. Get something that you have never experienced before. Just have sex. With a different partner. In different conditions. Try something new.

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As the experience tells, your next partner after the breakup will be an exact opposite of your ex, and this relationship won’t last long. It will be there just to make you feel alive, give you a new view on life and romantic relationships. Before you go on.


Tip #2. Hide in a shell

Once you are done with satisfying your desires and making a mistake of dating another person right after the divorce, start meditating. Think about your past life – where were you and where are you going? You are starting from scratch.

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You have to analyze all the mistakes you committed in your previous relationship so as not to go down the same road again. Do not hurry to sign up to a dating site. Do you want to find new love after divorce? Improve yourself!

Tip #3. Once you are ready, start searching

Those who seek love will find it. So will you. But before you step on your journey, make sure you are ready for that. You should not have anything to hide from yourself, no emotions to numb or thoughts to bury.

When you are ready, start looking for your future love. You can go to public places like cafes, cinemas or restaurants or you can ask your friends for referrals – these are excellent opportunities to start off.

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However, to increase your chances, you should also register on several mail order brides sites . There, you will bump into women who are looking for serious relationships, so there will be a low possibility of failure.

No matter what you try, bear in mind: your previous relationship has nothing to do with the present you. Text the first lady you like and let the show go on!

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