1. How to date Russian women?

The one essential thing you need to know when it comes to dating Russian women is that you have to be a proper gentleman and in turn, treat her like a lady. More specific? Hold the doors for her, when she exits some kind of transport or the car - give her your helping hand. Make sure that you offer her your arm so she can hold on to in when walking on the street together. Pick up the tab when out in a restaurant and pay for the meal. Now is not the time to be a cheapskate. As other women, Russians love small surprises and gifts like chocolates and flowers. They can never have too many. While it is important to be the leader among you two and take control of the situation, make sure to ask for her opinion on things, as this shows that her wishes matter to you.

2. Where do I find Russian women for marriage?

It is hard to stay alone for long periods of time, so when the time comes to find that special someone and you want her to be of Russian nationality, there are a lot of options that need to be examined before a choice is made. With the new trend with mail-order bride sites, you have all you need in order to find yourself a potential wife of Russian origin. Learn about the ins and outs of the various sites that exist for men seeking Russian brides and choose one or multiple that best suits you. If you have trouble choosing one, there are several sites that offer comparison services for finding the best possible site for you, so make sure to check them out and save yourself a lot of time.

3. Can I find a beautiful Russian mail-order bride on free sites?

Obviously, you can, but chances are that day may never come, or if it does, you will be fed up with your previous experience and encounters by that time. When it comes to such an important task as finding yourself a bride, you might as well give the task the respect it deserves and spend a few dollars on the process. Free sites do have some legitimate options that may interest you, but that will be the minority of the cases. They are typically full of scammers, looking to earn some easy money, and fake profiles, that are there either to get some users to join or for some weird people to pretend like they are someone else and enjoy all the attention they are getting. By restricting yourself to paid services you eliminate the cons mentioned above and open yourself up to a world of beautiful Russian women that are genuinely interested in long-term relationships and getting married.

4. How to find Russian women for free?

You can find a Russian woman for free, and perhaps you should even try to at first, but pretty soon you will realize that maybe paying a few extra bucks for a better site is completely worth it. There is a lot less functionality on free sites, both regarding the sites design and available forms of communication. You will find that most of the people on free dating sites do not share the same goals and interests as you do, which will not only lengthen your search process by an unknown amount of time but also become frustrating at some point. If you already decided to take up such a serious task as finding yourself a wife, give it the attention and respect that it deserves and try out some of the premium sites. You will find that they have a much higher success rate when it comes to pairing two people together, and they also offer a bunch of additional services like romance tours, which will skyrocket your relationship with one lucky lady.

5. Are Russian and Ukrainian girls better than westerners?

It all comes down to the type of woman that you want to see beside you. You should know that Russian and Ukrainian women make for some of the best housewives. They are considerably more feminine than their western counterparts and show this side when they are paired with a masculine man. They are trained to be nurturers from their childhood and to take care of those around them, especially their man. They know how to cook, how to clean and do the house chores, and most importantly how to help you relax and chill after a stressful day at work, should there be one. A family is vital to them, and you will find that they will make your happiness one of their highest priorities, if you reciprocate their feelings, of course, and show them some love and take care of them as well.

6. Why do Russian women look for a husband overseas?

Do not confuse their wish to marry a foreigner with them being gold-diggers or simply wanting a lusher life. With more than 144 million people in the country, 12% of the women living there will not even be able to find themselves a companion, seeing how for every 100 women there are 88 men. With no options available, why not do the same as others and take a chance in finding someone from a foreign country. Also, Russian men are not the best examples of what a gentleman is supposed to be like. Many have poor health conditions and boring lifestyles for quite a few reasons, mostly abusive alcohol consumption. This sometimes even leads to them abusing their power in the household. So all these women want is a masculine man that respects women to swipe them off their feet and show them the other side of the coin.

7. Which stereotypes about Russian women are actually true?

There are a lot of stereotypes about Russian women floating around the web, a lot of them are pure myths, but some hold true. Here are a few that you will find to be true with most Russian women that you will encounter in your life. Russian women always have a killer look and make sure to dress to impress. Being flashy is not something they are ashamed of. With a gene pool that favors beautiful women, Russians know how to show their beautiful features to the public. They are also typically quite patriotic, not in a fanatical way, of course, so make sure not to make any offensive comments about her motherland. Last but not least, Russian women make for excellent housewives. Since birth, many young women are taught traditional family values at home, where they learn how to cook, clean, perhaps take care of their little sisters or brothers, and do house chores in general. This makes them excellent nurturers and you can count on them helping you relax after coming home to a delicious dinner after a hard works day.

8. Why do westerners want to date Russian and Ukrainian women?

Russian and Ukrainian women are some of the most beautiful in the world, something men of all nationalities can testify. So what exactly makes them so desired among western men? They always look their best. Most Ukrainian and Russian women are highly feminine inside, allowing the man to truly feel like his masculine self. These women also have low expectations in comparison to their western counterparts. They have no need for their man to drive some kind of luxury sedan, or for him to constantly surprise her with jewelry or trips to exotic locations. Having a stable job, being fun and loyal is all it takes to conquer their heart. Eastern European women are also considerably more family oriented, which is what makes them such excellent housewives. They know their way around the house and how to do various chores, as well as how to meet their tired husband after work and help him relax and keep him fed.

9. When meeting international brides, how do I protect myself from scams?

There are several key points you have to know to stay safe and secure during your communication with other women. Here are some of the red flags you should be looking out for when searching for potential scammers. If someone asks for your financial information, home address or phone number out of the blue, do yourself a favor and leave the conversation. Also, do not even think about sending a woman you met online money, no matter the situation or what she says it is for. If you do, you will find that after the transaction comes through she will have disappeared out of your life for good. There are cases when women will ask that you register on some new, more expensive site to continue chatting by entering your financial information. Do not bother, as they are not only stealing your money but may also try to sell you something.

10. What is the difference between mail-order brides and online dating?

It is quite simple. Online dating sites are there for people looking for new friendships, one night stands, friends with benefits relationships to occur. Some percentage of those people will be looking for a serious relationship, but you cannot know for sure. Mail-order bride sites narrow the list of people down only to those that matter to you - women who are looking for serious long-term commitment. By not having to waste your time filtering through useless profiles and potential scammers, you open yourself to the possibility of spending more time on investing in particular women that share your interests and are open to the possibility of coming together in union.

11. Can you buy a mail-order bride online?

No. What you can do, is buy their time, and if you show them that you are a worthy suitor, then you can count on them becoming your bride. Mail-order bride sites do not function in such a primitive matter where men find women they like and simply buy them like slaves for a specific sum of money. This is essentially a dating site, but for women that are seeking something serious and long-term. They are not here to play any games.

12. Do mail-order bride sites guarantee me finding a wife?

All that the mail-order bride sites do is give you access to a list of amazing and beautiful women to work with through a safe and secure platform. Depending on your profile type, whether it is free or paid, you get different forms of communication to play around with. What you communicate with the woman and which arrangements you come to are entirely up to you, and this involves finding a wife. It is not so easy as finding a woman you like and sending her various gifts through the site and asking her to marry you a few weeks later. With Russian women, traditional values are always at play, so you might have met her in an unconventional manner, but the way you pursue her still matters, so be cool and act like a gentleman.

13. How do I choose the best mail-order bride site?

First things first, you have to decide on what nationality you want your special someone to have. Narrowing down the list will help you immensely by being able to choose specific sites that are host to women of that specific nationality. The next thing you want to do is find one that best suits you by comparing the sites by their search process, the ratings and score that other sites give them, the interface and design, and of course, the quality of the women's profiles themselves. You can also save a lot of time by finding a site that offers comparison services for sites like these and chooses the best one right off the bat.

14. Are mail-order brides truly interested in getting married?

The whole reason they are on that site is that they are looking for someone to commit to and create a family with. They are not here to simply chat and fool around, and they count on you doing the same. If they were here for a different reason, like looking for a friend with benefits or a one night stand, they would stick to alternative online dating sites, seeing how mail-order bride sites are reserved only for those willing to engage in long-term commitment.

15. What if a mail-order bride does not know any English?

These days this should not be an issue. Many eastern European women learn English as their second language. Therefore most will be able to speak freely on their own without the need for any help. If that is not the case, depending on the mail-order bride site that you choose, you will be offered the services of an interpreter to handle your back and forth communication. It is usually an option reserved for users with premium memberships, so keep that in mind. Many sites, to avoid unnecessary hassles, have the women list their level of English knowledge on their profiles, so you can get an idea of whether or not communication will be more complex than usual.

16. Are mail-order bride sites to be trusted or are they a scam?

There are mail-order bride sites out there that are set up with the sole mission of scamming money out of lonely western men in search of love. That is not the case for most sites though. You should have no problem finding a trustworthy site that is legitimate and not aiming to rid you of your money in return for nothing. The sole reason for the existence of such sites is for women that are seeking long-term relationships to find themselves a foreigner with matching interests. These are not women looking for someone to chat with or to spend a one night stand with. These are women looking for serious commitment, and they expect nothing less from your side.

17. What is the regular cost of finding a mail-order bride?

This all depends on the site that you plan on using. With many agencies offering many different opportunities and services, the price tag for finding yourself a bride may range from a few hundred dollars up to tens of thousands. Note, that more does not mean better in any respect, not necessarily. Make sure to analyze the site to find out if the agency is asking for more than they deserve. It happens quite often that men pay ludicrous amounts of money for no particular reason and to chat with a woman that turns out to be so-so and have no common interests at all. See if the site has different membership classes like Platinum, Gold or Premium. These obviously come with their own added benefits, but often the case of the matter is that they are simply not worth the extra money, and you will do fine with standard memberships. In any case, take a peek at the free sites and the paid ones, and see for yourself which one suits you more.

18. How to set up a romance tour?

Romance tours are the way to go if you are serious about taking things further with a particular woman. This is an option that many agencies offer to their clients to escalate the relationship to a new level. By taking care of all the necessities and arranging the trip, the agency leaves all the heavy duty lifting on its shoulders and allows you to spend a relaxing and romantic time with your potential future wife. For the women especially, it is a lot more preferable to fly to a foreign country and meet you there in comparison to having her fly to your country and hope that you are not some maniac. By exploring new places together and doing some exciting activities for the both of you, you are bound to build an increasingly strong connection if the spark is there.

19. If my pen pal is under 21, can she get a VISA?

The short answer is yes. What matters most is that the bride in question is more than 16 years old, then you should expect no problems with the government. If it is anything under 16 - do not even bother, as you have to wait until she is 16 to petition her for becoming your wife so that you may bring her over. Student and tourist visas are available, but if the government knows that you already married her, then the action of wanting to bring her over can be seen as an attempt from her side to migrate. Therefore, the best course of action is to arrange a student or a tourist visa before any formal procedures have taken place.

20. Is it better to visit the mail-order bride on your own or to arrange a romance tour?

It is safe to say that in 99% of the cases, the woman would prefer a romance tour over having you visit her. Taking her on an adventure, somewhere she has not been to yet with a stranger she is highly interested in is a recipe for some love connection to take place. While you are visiting her will be a good way of spending your time together after you have already made your choice in each other, the romance tour is a great way for meeting for the first time and beginning things with a spark, in a way that she will never forget. Besides, the agency makes sure that you have access to everything you may need. This includes romantic evenings, sightseeing tours, daily meals, internet access, hotels, personal transportation, transport from and to the airport, and interpreters if they are needed.