Who are Micronesian women?

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Micronesians are lovely people, and despite the poor lifestyle among the populace, they are some of the most welcoming individuals on earth. They are incredibly hospitable, especially to foreigners, and are willing to share food with you.

In Micronesia, family comes first, and if you are a likable person, you will most likely be treated like family. The English language is spoken widely on this island nation, even though there are more than eight native languages spoken in the nation - Chuukese, Nukuoro, Yapese, Ulithian, Pohnpeian, Kapingamarangi, Woleaian, and Kosraean.

But much more interesting than all the exoticness of Micronesia and genial nature of the people are the gorgeous Micronesian brides.

Features of Micronesian women

Micronesian brides are beautiful

Micronesian women possess this exotic beauty that differentiates them somewhat from natives of Hawaii, despite their brown skin and curly, jet-black hair. The friendly and sweet smiles of Micronesian brides make many foreigners fall in love with them almost instantly.

Micronesian women have an average height and slender figures. They do not need cosmetics to accentuate their natural beauty, and their environment gives them clean and flawless brown skin.

They are hospitable and outgoing

The people of Micronesia are hospitable, so it should be too surprising to find that Micronesian brides are welcoming and friendly

They love to entertain foreigners and will often ask lots of questions about the outside world and where you come from. Although they have access to the internet, they prefer learning about places from people who live there.

So, be ready for a barrage of questions when you eventually meet or fall in love with any of the Micronesian women on the island.


They are modest and respectful

Micronesian brides are incredibly modest and are highly deferential. This is evident by the way they dress which is nearly always in a muumuu and long, brightly-colored clothes. Dressing this way is a form of communicating how Micronesian women respect people. Pants are somewhat frowned upon and considered by many to be too close-fitting.

Although it is relatively common for Micronesian women to put on western apparel in nontraditional settings such as a job site, etc., modesty always comes first.

They are hardworking

More than 26.7% of Micronesian citizens live below the poverty line, and this has made women work tirelessly to assist their homes as much as they can. This is not surprising as the women in the islands generally share power with the men. They not only contribute to the financial improvement of their homes but also participate in the decision-making process.

Micronesian brides take family seriously

As mentioned earlier, Micronesians put their families first in everything, and this is a unique trait that all potential Micronesian brides portray when married. They are smart and intelligent with kids, and often run the home with a firm hand.

Notwithstanding, they are highly submissive as they know and believe that the man is the head and provider of the home in all ramifications.

Having a Micronesian bride is an incredible experience you will surely want to prolong for a lifetime. Consider dating one of the local ladies to make sure that you are meeting the love of your whole life!